THE MISSING PIECE: | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser



I am passionately visioning these days. I flirt with ideas from the streaming golden light of a new world. The spark from heaven in my core was caressed by a rough blowing wind and is inflamed. I have fired up evocations and pray. I conjure God, the creator, within me to guide me, in eternity.

I miss the feminine leadership values. I remember inklings and something deep unknown and long forgotten. Nothing fits any more. My wayfinder (I sing aboriginal songs—loud—inside while I walk) is linked to the world of souls.

Facing the lion, being the lion.
The world situation room.

We have created a society of unbalanced bigness of masculine power and feminine smallness. The masculine overdoses are “breaking apart” (for me a masculine semeiotic). The sacred feminine, on the contrary, knows about the wounded rhythm of sparking, distinguishing and relighting of ideas, projects, businesses, dogmas. She witnesses with a broken heart. The feminine is awakening, rubbing eyes from a thousand years in sleeping beauty. She just slept, she was never gone.

Elizabeth Gilbert talks about the first generation. Us. I think she is right on topic. We women are at the beginning of a re-realizing sacred dreaming project. We have a mission here. We know this and therefore we are willing to abandon the comfort zone and dare. We are willing to try and experiment. We know that we had a complete blackout.

Truth, love and a honest conversation about the invitation is our compass. Trust. Your inner voice never died, she was just silent in the middle of a noisy chaos.

Time to re-write the history of womanpower.

History of women on the stage of this world must be told anew. It wants to be. We want to express what is sacred, we want to be mavens and we want to be in sacred circles of our own beliefs. Buzz-buzz truth and living on our own terms.

Dive and unveil. Out of healing the new is created. Out of healing new patterns are woven. Innovation is the sister of visions. I dream to bring forgotten stories of sacred feminine back into light. Love, forgive, heal, become whole. A new chapter of the history of sacred feminine is being created by many women who are master artists of this creation.

What I know for now what feminine leadership power is not.
The next step is to re-define what we want it to be and tune in with universe. Then grow what we believe in. That is what we always do, we grow things, we give birth, we nourish.

The Missing Piece Meets the Big O will tell you how it works. (Just move and grow who you are: ☺)

And me?

With the personal signature of Christ love and the power of archetypes that are pulsating new role model patterns I will surrender and believe in my visions, inspiration, feminine instinct and continue the journey seeking for answers for the rebirth of a feminine leadership. The world needs it.

I think our task is to dive deep and remember. Women heal women. First comes the wholeness of our own story, and then we are open to source the soft approach and a new conversation with the masculine. Yin and yang in balanced artistry. What a fiesta!

“Feminine leadership begins within,” says the lovely Julie Daley. On the other hand charming Drew Dudley’s voice says: “Leadership as the everyday act of improving each other’s lives.”

I think we all know what I’m talking about.
I am a woman. I know what I have to do.
The invitations are out.
We are so ready to love.

Meanwhile I have filled 3 Moleskins with my visions of feminine leadership. I know myself. First I am ripening inside, and then present myself when my thoughts are complete. I hope you believe in right timing and that everything will now fulfill at the real cosmic timing, as I do. I do my best to let you know more soon about my evolutionary streams… Meanwhile, tell me about yours!