HOW DO YOU WANT IT ALL TO FEEL? | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser


fired up & inspired by Danielle LaPorte

I want my day to feel like just shaken bottle of rose Champagne inside sparkling love bubbles.

I want kissing to feel like St. Emilion red wine melting on my lips.

I want my next success to feel like Ghandi when he won his nonviolent revolution.

I want my body to feel like immanent power flow in the yoga warrior positions.

I want smiling to feel like exhaling rose scent.

I want my friendships to feel like dusting flower pollen tickling in the nose, honey, sacred heart in flames, a summer night fiesta in south france.
I want my nervous system to feel like warm golden sacred oil flooding my skin.

I want my gigs to feel like dancing in the center of a vortex, the eye of a tiger, shaking hands with everyone, with the mesmerizing love of Jesus.
I want my neighborhood to feel like a juicy ashram life.

I want my integrity to feel like grace.

I want my money-making to feel like a river that finds his sea.
I want my word to feel like a sword forged of love.

I want my laughter to feel like a belly tickled by sunshine.

I want the end of the day to feel like mother earth when she rests in the arm of the stars.

I want being of service to feel like a cornucopia.
I want my philanthropy to feel like the dancing Durga showering peaceful Shakti.
I want my challenges to feel like my greatest opportunities.
I want my love to feel like a daily honoring each other.
I want my writing to feel like a kiss of the muse, forgetting my self, surfing on stardust.
I want my ideas to feel like being irresistible.

Danielle LaPorte’s firestarter sessions was my initial start for
“I just think it’s fucking hot.” …
I did not need more to kindle the sacred fire.

Her Q’s are shaping the diamond and brings the YES I WANT & YES I KNOW HOW to the surface.
The burning Q’s are essential. I did them. I recommend them to all my friends & clients.



Shasma says:

Your ideas do sound great and irresistible, dear Durga! I try to order the book. To kindle the sacred fire must be exciting and even more to feel all your ideas!!! How you already said: “I just think it`s fucking hot”… Then, let`s get it on…(-:

Lura Martens says:

I want my power to be unimpressed by external shakings
I want the structure to do any time what has to be done
I want my job-related regulatory selling-excuses to change towards dedication
I want the fragrance of winged written words to fly over the world
I want my presence-desire to glimpse future blessings
I want the ecstasy of polarity to expand
I want to teach the language of bodies, want to dive into the language of hearts
I want my love to be a frequent pulsation
I want my money returns to become a blister floating the beach
I want the moon to teach us spiritual wisdom
I want my goals and wishes to take roots
I want to feel the magical time of beginnings