WHAT IS LIGHT? MORE TRANSPARENCY, PLEASE. | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser


I will not stop writing until you understand that you are Light.

The truth in you remains as
Radiant as a star,
As pure as light,
As innocent as love itself.

A Course in Miracles

Talking about Light is different than experiencing it. I was 24 when the Light exploded in the middle of “the” and “my” darkness. The Light spoke to me and left behind an impeccable feeling. The Light had personality. Instantly I knew who it was, and still do: Jesus was Light. For two weeks the Light pollution left me with the feeling of a spinning, bubbling pink champagne. Since I am addicted: I want to drink that moment and have this feeling every single day.

Liquid Light is love.

With a smile on my face I had to confront whether I had gone crazy or admit that it was true. I decided to drop the former and believe the latter. It changed my life dramatically. I moved from misery to luxury (more inside than outside). Kisses blown into my body ignited the desire: for me it was not enough to experience Light, I wanted everybody else to have it too.

Everyone deserves the euphoric feeling of being loved for no reason.

Each suffering deserves to be held tight with heavy passion.
Each loss must be embraced by this warm innocence.
To be loved is to be at home.

I signed up for an eternal subscription and started to search and learn. I went to India and met the masters, tapped into miracles and answered the call to become a spiritual teacher. I now teach others how to feel this Light. It lives inside waiting to bloom.

In so doing, I transformed my life for the better, layer by layer. I am a better and happier person. I know now: Light will change you into the loving person you want to be.

Light brought me to love; now I want to live before I die. When the high-Light was gone, I was hungry for life.

“My favorite journey is anywhere I haven’t been,” says Donna Karan. I agree.

Have you seen my conversation with Danielle LaPorte? I asked her: “How does Light taste? How does it sound, what is the texture?” I do this often. For myself.

What is your Light like?

The sensual illumination game.

Play with me.

My soullight sound is a drumming of sacred shamans humming in ecstasy.
My soullight sight is the golden honey Durga, currents and streams of abundance.
My soullight smell is bewitching amber and rose. Mmm.
My soullight touch is the shivering of joy.
My soullight taste is fresh summer raspberries and vanilla.

Copy it. Create a post on your blog or website and tell your people where it come from. I want to kindle a sea of Light. Our Lights.

Then copy it and post it below.
We want to smell, see, touch, taste your soul. Let yourself be spontaneous. Joyful.

Sing it loud. Your Light is you.