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100 % organic. For body, mind and soul.

I am so proud of me and us and what we created in short time,” said Shomani. All the guests have left and the air breathes still ecstatic. JAY. We needed this. Women! We still do.

We know that this would not be possible without women entrusting us with their body, mind and souls.

And The Nature Spa team rocked it. We surprised ourselves. Super-happy women gave us rave reviews, exceeding all expectations.

Wonderful women.

We bow to you. You were our gift at The Nature Spa. Together you will spread the magic we created. Your raves and suggestions are medicine for us and will allow The Nature Spa to bloom again.

We re-invented it all anew.

A spa in nature. No walls. A new atmospheric concept articulated by Aliana Devi. A new vision of living food seasoned with erotic taste explosions crafted by our brand-new seasonal team member Eleonore and Ranasa. A spa program composed of the alchemy of nature, earth, herbs, all handmade by Shomani and Parasi. And “the” secret facial anti-age treatment made by Durga. A magic ambience of light courtesy of La Lumière.

100% organic: the food, the cosmetics, the garden in South France. For the sake of Mother Earth.

A circle of mavens. Women healing women.

And me: An artist amid the fantasy of women’s sensual soul gardens.

My vision is born and was wildly expressed by my power team. It is the story of a lost tribe. We have learned so much in these days about how we can create from heaven down to earth. We fight to stay tuned to the source and our inner leadership. We bring new ideas to grow into greatness. We express ourselves in what we do. We stay tightly bound to truth even when it hurts. But we remember that we are all humans, and at the end of the day all emotional bursts are forgiven.

We have given birth.
Drops of decency dry on us like gentle rain and inform the way we hold space together. Overpowering others is out. Leadership and responsibility is our state of grace. Do it the way you would do it for yourself; give it all. We are heavenly exhausted. Our heart is so full of primal love.

Love declarations. Mmm.

First glimpses.
The magic lives.
You have to come.

Activating morning drinks a la Elenore.

Kjersti Borud: There is no place in the world I would rather be right now than here in The Nature Spa.

Soul garden awakening.

Dorothee Wetzel: Azure skies, sun-drenched crown of tress, joyful birds twittering and among brilliant white tents, a grandiose lounge landscape and cozy hammocks. Just the setting is a dream. Plus a variety of excellent treatments, the phenomenal food and the enriching conversations. The Nature Spa surpassed all my expectations! Thank you so much for all this!
Photography Freiburg

Nomadic luxe

Nina Dreyer Hensley: I had 3 amazing, fantastic days at The Nature Spa. Being in this beautiful nature and garden gave me so much energy, inspiration and magic moments – being grounded to nature, together with 10 other women felt like being “home,” it was so relaxing and a natural setting, a place to totally be me. dreyerhensley.com

Womanhood and Feminine community

Regina Antje Haagen: A new light. Natural. Paradise. Alive. Filled with a majestic pamper program composed specially for my needs.

“This is food orgasm. I know how to make it. ” – the gorgeous Eleonore, The Nature Spa’s chef fairy. (It’s true. She knows how to make it.)

Nina Dreyer Hensley: I loved the great chef, she put so much love into the food, and I loved the way she presented the food.

Ulrike Müller: All combinations divine. Excellent!

Dorothee Wetzel: I loved absolutely everything about the food. No exception.

Wildness in vastness

Nina Dreyer Hensley:
How do you feel at La Lumiere? The third day I felt so “at home.” I felt I belong to the community.


Parvari Stoll: An exhausted star needed deep recreation. Under the magic hands of Aliana Devi and The Nature Spa team I was allowed to recollect power, love and energy to shine again. A wonderful experience underneath trees, I immersed into mother earth. The wild Durga live and all this made this Spa unique worldwide. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Nina Dreyer Hensley:
Body massage: 10 points. The best 10 of 10 massage and consultants I ever had.
Anti-Age facial: Fantastic. Very pleasant, healing and effectual. Best facial for me, ever.

Kjersti Borud:
Body massage: Just fantastic in every way. Best ever.
Anti-Age facial: 10/10! wow!

Creative temple; the sacred heart circle

Kjersti Borud: I really enjoyed this. Everything well prepared and made possible to dive into it even for a non-artist. I enjoyed it and it is beauty.

Nina Dreyer Hensley:
Women’s temple: I liked the ritual. Gave me ideas for how to canalize anger.

Garden of paradise forecast:
For next year.

For women
September 15 – 19

For men
September 22 – 26

Do not miss this. It’s beyond.

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