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I was a penniless student without any support from home, another surgery in my imminent future, and a broken heart from my first real love marrying another woman.

In a vision I had of one of my inner gurus, he invited me on a pilgrimage to India. I did not have the money for such a trip, but my heart said yes, and the money arrived the next day when I secured a new work project. It was so much money, it was a miracle in itself. Used to traveling in small, spare rooms and scraping by, I suddenly had enough to support me in beautiful comfort as my journey continued.

I arrived in India. I sat on a Five-Star hotel terrace, sipping tea, listening to an elegant Italian woman tell a story about the guru I was about to meet for the first time on that trip.

A very rich lady had decided to turn up in the ashram in a very modest, even poor look, contrary to her usual rich and decorated appearance. The guru invited her to an interview, and in front of all other people in the interview room he asked, “Why does she come to me with her poorest clothes? Does she think I am not worth it? At home she smartens up. But not for me.”
“But Swami, I wanted to be like everyone else here and not stand out with all my clothes and jewelry. I wanted to be a poor pilgrim like others.”

And here was the sentence that changed my life:

“No,” he answered. “You have to live what you are.”

That day and that journey would turn around my whole life.

The pilgrimage opened a new universe for me: (more…)


Thank you
You are reading this right now. I feel you and your heart beat. Connections are the most precious jewels we share. May the Universe bless our encounter and give us both the grace to grow.

I am so happy to announce the birth seeds of “”
We are online!

Whenever we enter a new stage in our life, we die and are reborn at the same time. Finding one’s own sacred voice is another rebirth, one of millions whenever a new era starts. is a rebirth for me. I am alive. I am ready to put myself in the line of fire.

A letter to the tribe

Hello dearest friends, my tribe, strangers, searchers, finders, followers, interested people, curious people, great souls…

It is my life story that brought me here.

The life story of the Female Grail began when I was 24, when in a splash of light, Jesus appeared to me and ignited a revolution of my life and my Self. Twenty years later, the publication of book number two in a three-part series, Walking with Jesus, is forthcoming, and we have begun recording book number three (more on that soon).

Over these years, I have become a revolutionary myself. The deeper I remember my story, the more my life turns into a blissful journey of world-changing visions and a passionate rebellion for the divine.

Some things I know:

Aligning with our own sacred path is salvation.

Life in all aspects is initiation itself. Self-realization turns our life into a walk of real “ fame” when we remember our heaven.

The is a reminder that the future is now and we have a big opportunity to open a new chapter of humanity on earth, choosing freely our self-defined spirituality.

I am not a Christian. I have experienced the abundance of Christ love and I will share it with you. On the Female Grail blog I will write about the teachings of Jesus how I understood them when I walked with him. I thrive on the memory of the thrilling feelings of those days, when divine love was truly alive.

I adore the Internet as the mirror to our consciousness, with all its possibilities. I see social media as paradigm shift for transparent consciousness, inspirational truth, and the voice of people co-creating our life on earth.


4 will offer you my sacred feminine voice inspiring truth, curiosity for new perspectives about how Cosmic Christ love shifts, ideas for change, my insight from universal downloads, creative inspirations, enlightened business and enlightened life style, offerings that inspire me and my story.

I bow. To you and the divine creation.
Love always,