2012: THE REAL DEAL | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser


In the middle of 2012, I consciously pause for a deep inhale. Yes, the world is still alive. Ours is a rapidly-changing world, but the end has not come.

Amid chaos it is wise to stand still and make room. Take no action. Do nothing. Find stillness. Sometimes stopping the perpetual machine of time to do nothing but focus stimulates more evolution than relentless action could.

These days I’m taking a moment to stand still after a period of rapid action. In the first half of this year, I said YES and the world answered. This October I will enter the stage and talk about SPIRITUALITY AND BUSINESS at the WIN conference in Rome. Earlier in 2012 I gave birth to a program called WRITE YOUR FUTURE BOOK and had 18 enthusiastic souls join me in dreaming a heavenly book down to earth without losing sight of the new meaning of money or the powerful OM Namah Shivay (meaning “I create one with God”).

I know it is time to find a center in our heart where the streams of the universe meet our personal knowing. There our hearts awaken and remind us that all answers live within. 2012 presents the challenge to break the old and open new space for the new.


I remember times when my soul found food in the Bhagavad-Gita. I recently started rereading the teachings of Krishna. The inner discipline of serenity is the true art of performance. Let’s allow old wisdom to inspire our times and transits.

How Krishna taught Arjuna how to attain the serenity
of mind to see clearly through the Self.

“But the man who is self controlled,
who meets the object of senses
with neither craving nor aversion,
will attain serenity at last.

In serenity, all his sorrows
disappear at once, forever;
when his heart has become serene,
his understanding is steadfast.

The undisciplined has no wisdom,
no one-pointed concentration;
with no concentration, no peace;
with no peace no joy can be.”

Bhagavad-Gita, translated by Stephen Mitchell

Take a deep breath right now and stop time. Dare to wait and expand your inner world. It is wise right now to slow down; the motion will come back soon, I promise. This moment is ripe for receiving, rather than doing, before the next wave of shifting energy crests.

With wild love,


July 6, 2012 · · illuminated lifestyle, most popular