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Let us introduce ourselves.

Aliana Devi’s Vision:
The art of soul healing

: Currently Aliana Devi Schafferer lives in Brixen, Italy and is in the process of starting a new life in Vienna. She is mother to a wonderful daughter and, together with her soul mate, she has an eventful life. She is architect, Feng Shui consultant, decorates spaces with colours and ignites creative processes with passionate support.

Childhood memories

Fragrant flowers, the first touch of the grass with naked feet, the smell of warm earth, wild and gentle bird song, humming bees, playing children, bustling gardeners, soughing trees, rain after a warm summer’s day, a light evening breeze, the delicate scent of elderflowers when it tickles one’s nose for the first time…

Isn’t it wonderful, this conscious perception of the awakening and powerfully growing world of nature? Creator and creation in full expression.

Every year memories of one’s own childhood rise with the scent, which might carry one into a beautiful garden where one felt comfortable and was one with nature. Where one played, created phantasy worlds and gave oneself fully to Mother Nature.

Our creativity didn’t know boundaries in those free spaces, and even indoors did we, as children, create small, individual oases of comfort and spaces of security. This is the art of expressing one’s soul.

Due to these experiences I developed a passion for spaces and my desire to become an architect. After years of studying, professional experience and development that were quite male oriented and focused on the spaces outside of oneself, I gave birth to my daughter and found back to my original passion and quality: to create space on this in- and outside and fill them with love.

My Passion

After many years of Feng Shui training and consulting I understood the interconnection between human and nature, the elements, the nature beings, the planets and the whole universe. It became clearer and clearer that we are all part of this divine cycle. The beauty of nature shows us the perfection of this earth and it shows us our own perfection. The “I am perfect! I AM.

Feel the rhythm of the Earth, the original sound of the trees, the flowers, stones, fairies, dwarfs, feel the elements. Feel your own rhythm and find the beat in which you flow as part of the whole and pulse with ease. Feel the connection between body, mind and soul and express it individually. Nature is our best teacher when expressing our inner self artistically.

Nature is art in completion!

I support people in the process of creatively expressing their most inner space and I do this with great passion and a lot of love. I delight in creating mood boards to convey a feeling for the spaces that are about to develop. Personal mood boards are created by visiting the hidden spaces of your soul through my loving guidance. These collages, images, drafts will open up new pathways. The artist is in you! The creative process frees from redundant soul burdens, your own potential has room to unfold. Just as we cleanse our temple, our apartment, our house, so can we experience inner cleansing in the Nature Spa. We purify, honour and care for our body, our own, holy temple and our soul!

Do you love, like me, …
the art of nature, her wholeness and beauty and digging through earth with your hands?
massages and expressing your body and soul?
to eat with body and soul and passionate creativity?

Then you are one of us – I’m looking forward to meeting you!

In creative love,
Aliana Devi

15 to 20 September 2012

Book your place: only 10 women can join us for this extraordinary experience in autumn.

The Nature Spa

Healing of the feminine soul in the hands of nature and creativity

for women by women

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