DECEMBER 12TH | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser


we love to announce:
“Jesus The forgotten Years”,

the long-awaited sequel to

“Jesus The Book” is online.

Jesus The Book

Download the forgotten love story, either on:

Here is our prayer:

Wherever you arrive shower blessings.
Travel far, the more you will be home.
Reach out.
Walk and pray.
Carry your love to the streets.

A preface, a love story, and a promise.

A preface is usually married to a book. But this one is different. This preface is wild like me and decided to fly free and unbound.

Jesus The Forgotten Years

Dedicated to all our readers: those who follow our steps with Jesus with so much passion, those who revel in momentary connections with us, those who are already so close and those whom we will meet in the future.

We all walk the same road. May we be Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Pagans or Buddhists… Jesus story was not about religion. It was about passion for the existence of this life.

When I walked with him, I prayed steadily: “May this wonderful life this never end, I want to die in this beauty.” We were drunk on love until we woke up in a foreign country after the crucifixion.

My personal forgotten years.

You left me speechless.
You stole my tongue.
I had to pray you down to our presence
in voicelessness with many tears.

Let’s make it short:

This book is a love story.

It’s my love story about forgiveness. Witnessing his crucifixion, I had an inner Skype connection with Jesus. He cured me of my most unbearable pain by begging and insisting: “Forgive them. They cannot see me.” He finally brought me to my knees when in a holy moment I forgave the ones who burnt all I ever loved and lived for in the pyres of Montsegur.

When I opened the first chapter I found myself facing memories of death. I was so petrified that it took me month to go back into the readings of my memories.

This book is a love story.

It is the story of women who raised the grief of the lost history in sacredness. It is the story of Mary Magdalena, who chased the Son of God and forced him to incorporate his full love with her burning devotion. It is the story of Mary Magdalene and me, a love story of women praying for each other in difficult times. It is the story of turning earth and pain into eternal heaven. It is the love story of Jesus’ forgotten long life after the Crucifixion.

This book is a love story with all our people.

I will be honest with you. After all the pain this book took me through in the first chapters I thought, “Nobody wants to read this sad story of loss and death and revelations.” I healed when a dear friend of mine, the husband of one of my best friends, cried for days when he lost himself in reading. Then he did not speak for days. Then he opened to me: “Now I know what Christ love is. I have lived it.”

I cried for hours too, and for the first time my speechlessness was washed away. It was the first time I could read my own book and my own story. God had kept his promise. “Trust me,” he had said, “this book will heal the broken hearts.”

It is a love story.

I tremble in awe. Forgive me for being so dramatic. I am still drunk on divine love.


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