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You had a fabulous master plan
before you were born into this life.
You had a detailed sketch. A vision. An awakened dream.
A great strategy prayed down from awe.
You wanted to be born, you see.
You craved for nothing less than being alive.

You jammed and planned in heaven,
You were tremendously conscious of the secret of it all:
About the secret of you.

You dreamed the landscape of your heavenly Hollywood movie in 3D. Your life’s soul-book had already been blissfully composed; you then sketched it out into what would become your movie. Your life, then, would turn that film into your personal vocation, both as a divine call to God’s service and as your soul’s work laid out before you…

And then… complete power outage… you came to earth, and you forgot it all.

A fascinating world beyond.

“Memory is the diary that we carry about with us.”
– Oscar Wilde

I read Akashic records for others. Together with my spouse Agni, we have held numberless readings for souls all over the globe. It is truly a team’s work. In seconds his guidance brings me back to the universal Hall of All Existing Knowledge. And I read and I recount the stories I see there. My whole self walks in other dimensions, while consciously still being me here on earth. As the awareness of my SELF switches off, I know we can totally rely on each other, walking in the dimensional texture of time and space where everything is stored. The past and the future exist here, timeless and unforgotten. From this place Agni and I have downloaded personal soul readings, entire workshops, new healing methods and all of our books.

: they say…

: that the Akasha describes the Book of Life – a Universal library encoded in a non-physical plane of existence. These records contain all knowledge of the history of the cosmos, including earth. It’s the “universal supercomputer” and the “Mind of God.”

: Your soul book is also recorded there. All you ever were, and all you ever will be is recorded there in multi-dimensional languages, in endless holistic myriads. It hard to imagine that all exists elsewhere before it exists in our world, but the dimension where the Akasha lives is just out of our knowable space.

“A soul gift, treasure, a sacred key to future… thank you Agni and Durga!” – Agnes Fehlau, Radio Host, CEO and founder of Wellness & Beyond


All from my personal collection of experiences


In my Akashic soul readings I have seen Buddhas walking forgotten in sadness, Gods and Goddesses without a glimpse of an idea of their lost power, Angels disguised. I have met sinners and saints, servants and emperors/esses travelling the same road. I met Judas and had to realize he still walks on earth, praying for revelation, pilgrimaging, always reciting the peace of mantra.
I made expeditions to many star galaxies with ambassadors and high priestesses and learned about their cosmic cultures with a feeling of devotional awe.
I have Star Children emanating high vibes; golden, indigo or crystal souls from the futures and other star systems I have visited, I’ve encountered powerful warriors and eternally-serving devas.

On this level of AK-A-SA the power of origin is without compare: everyone has his place in the divine order and each soul has a mission of power and love.

In our readings we started to collect knowledge about soul groups and cosmic ancestors. We re-initiate our memories each time we read in the Akasha. Each soul who asks for a reading completes more and more of the lost memories.


After all these years as a humble reader and translator of a foreign language (which I have obviously learned in past lives) and as one who keeps the secret code to enter the Akashic Hall I will share this with you:

Almost all the people on earth do not remember the heaven they descended from. I cried my heart out many times after understanding this, until I realized that that is my unique gift. For me it is the other way around, you see: I already knew how to walk in heaven and I had to learn how to walk on earth. Many things were very difficult for me to understand and I had to learn to be different. (My fruitful era started when the Internet exploded the collective consciousness. The intuitive feminine Apple world and interface helped me to understand my approach of learning and comprehension.)

Because of my unique gift, I know implicitly that living without our personal heaven turns our earthly experience into a painful and senseless drama. Turning from heaven toward the experience of earth is also painful, because we can lose sight of our visionary successful livelihood and we’re left back in the “real world” with unfulfilled dreams.

We are the ones
wherein the cosmos can feel itself
and perceive itself.

Earth matters
And heaven is essence.

When we read the Askasha I walk into your forgotten heaven with a prayer. I fall into a plush carpet of devotion and love, so much love. Yes, I do.
Then I see you. I see your shining light and beauty, your dignity and innocence; I bow to your forgotten dream about yourself. I start to narrate where you were born, which life you had, where you remembered yourself and where you lost yourself, where you were enlightened, where you gained power and where you burned. With every word I dedicate to you I simultaneously invoke passionate persuasion: You are only love. You are on your way home. You have already arrived. I cry with you, I laugh with you.

Our memory is our heaven.
The last secret only you and God know.

And here is our pre-announcement:

In celebration of the upcoming launch of “Jesus The forgotten Years,” the sequel to “Jesus The Book,” we are offering to give away one free Akashic reading when the book is launched. Here you find more information about how to enter to be chosen for this life-changing gift.


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Miriam Collingwood says:


Lorraine Bruce says:

I’d love to have a soul reading

Rose Claiden says:

Wonderful to hear of the launch of your new book, very exciting and I await the re-remembering and revelations. May the reading go to who it can benefit most for the good of all beings.

Ann says:

It’s almost 4am here in South Africa and I spent the night tossing and turning. Been feeling lost and out of sync lately. Couldn’t sleep because I feel a sadness I can’t explain so I ended up on facebook where a dear friend shared the link to your new book. I started crying as I read through your site. I lost contact with you and many others over the past months but I’m grateful to have found you again Durga. Thanks for reminding me that I AM LOVE. (Ann Wild-Child)

Jenn Poniatowski says:

I received my Akashic reading on my 38th Birthday, an indescribeable gift. There was a healing in the listening to your voice, the love and compassion expressed so beautifully. The story I received tied together so many threads of my life, and enhanced what I know of myself. A blessing beyond words, and the details truly showed you were connected to my Soul’s energy, thank you so much, Durga & Agni, from the bottom of my heart.


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