HOW TO KNOW YOUR VALUE. | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser


The sweet spot for money.

In our world what we do is paid with money. You crave money. And money craves you. In nature there is a natural attraction of magnetic enchantments. The power of money’s attraction is its many smells and tastes: sweetness, sealed dark roads or dirty secrets, perfumed elegance, diffuse phantasms or diamonds, lust or poverty, real fun or joy.

But straight from its source, money has no flavor. The taste comes with experience, that later turns into presumptions. And when it comes to the money talk, many languages of love end.

Exploding our universes and provoking new experiences of spirituality, we often end up in a dead end. I still believe that some have far too much money and are overdosed on acquisition and consumerism. Meanwhile, unacceptable circumstances in our world create masses of people who have not enough to eat or starve.

Money is often mixed up with value. My teacher Agni once said: “Nothing is cheaper than the things you can buy with money,” and the wisdom went straight underneath my skin. With life as our greatest master teacher, we embrace every moment of our experience and richen our unsatisfied souls.

This new world asks for balance and creates a new sphere of influence. Success on our own terms is the new path and will open new gates for enlightenment. Our business is our spiritual path, leaving behind old dynasties of ascetics’ monastic vows and religious labyrinths of poverty in the name of God’s realization.

But before you ask for money, make sure you walk the inner dangerous landscapes of your own lightness and darkness of value.

What is your relation with self-value?

How to peel off your (lizard) skin: radiate your worthiness with every cell of your individual value. Know that it will be found in self-love.

  1. Close your eyes and feel rich, no matter how filled your purse is. (I always feel amazingly rich, even with no money at all.) It is lifestyle shift that isn’t dependent upon “reality.” How does it feel?
  2. Feel your own worth. Underneath your skin and bones. It’s a strong one. It has nothing to do what your parents or anyone else has ever said about you. Pulsate that feeling and jam with it.
  3. Redefine your value and abolish self-built borders.
  4. Pricing is a feeling. Feel it inside your body. Does the number make you strong? Go ahead. Or weak? Then change it up and play! Offer priceless love. And ask: Who will pay this?
  5. The only passionate way to burn for what we do is to give it all. That includes not asking for a limited or partial exchange, but for the whole rich feeling of satisfied hunger.
  6. Share the gift of your individuality. Life offers endless opportunities to share your unique talents and gifts. We all have them, and the only reason we choose to not use them is because we have a little person in our head that says: ”You aren’t good enough. You don’t know what you’re doing.” Delete.
  7. Feel the price that it is worth: Increase your prices with your cajones and ovaries (original stolen words from Marie Forleo). Last week I had revival business with one of my best Feng Shui clients. His business expanded globally since I last worked with him. Sitting in front of him for the update to my work. I had a vision of a price that was more than 3 times what I usually asked. His lovely wife swallowed and he said; “You know it is strange, but this is the price and I am happy to pay you this money.” Great feeling! Amazing self-worth!
  8. Ask for your price without expectations. I did it not because I was greedy, but from the hunger of wanting to give it my all. I was keen to give my best and in this moment my whole body knew that for less I could only give less. That’s an ugly feeling. Asking for the right price attracts AHA moments and great feelings of value.
  9. Be ready to let it go. Underselling yourself is hard to recover from. Let the opportunity go if it would you require you to do so.
  10. Vanity is overvalued. I had a consultation with a true SEO genius. She insisted on charging $25 an hour so that she could be accessible to everyone. She met honor with honor. My persuasion could not melt her. Her self-pride defined her line of luxury.
  11. Too cheap is too expensive. My last workshop did not run. I wanted to make it affordable and priced it accordingly, but the contrary occurred. It fell into the lake. People said it was too cheap to fly all the way to South France for. My lesson learned.
  12. Delete this thought: “It is greedy to ask for too much.” Self-judgment is a killer. Remember: “You are worth it.”
  13. True and accurate self-estimation is killed by self-judgment. Stay earthly and grounded. You have nothing to lose except your own deception, because your dignity is untouchable.
  14. Taboos need to be broken. So do monastic and dogmatic self-beliefs. Vows of poverty only create belief in a bad guy. Release it all to the wind.
  15. Defining the true value of what you provide may cost you the growing pains of greatness. It’s worth it. Focus on creating more happiness, more health, more money, more and more.
  16. Generosity: Give what feels good. Give more if it feels better.
  17. Enough: Again and again. It’s your mantra to wholeness.
  18. Meditate on the power of giving and receiving.
  19. Radiate the rich feeling. Attraction is on its way. Tap into the fun factor on the spot. Otherwise it’s no fun!
  20. Money is alive. Feel the sensuous texture of business and money. It has its own perfume, its own style, own mood, own light and sound and taste. Caress money when it comes. Bless the donor and the money.
  21. Embrace collective value as a world’s citizen. Collective value is founded on renouncement and a culture of real luxury. Renounce buying a cheap toaster, for the sake of true value creation. Purchase handmade goods that have the value of duration. (I love 100-year guarantees.)
  22. And Love. What else?