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As we witness the uproar and troubled burning spots in our world, our desire to stay open to the existence awakens.

I live in both worlds: the dying and the eternal one. Do not measure me with limits; I cannot respond to them. Instead, I long to unite the worlds.

A precious message of eternity reaches our souls: the Patina of God.

It’s a reminder that life is present in the darkest days to sustain us through seasons of change. What’s considered ephemeral is sparkled with golden glitter, covering the aura of our oblivion.

I crave spiritual gold. Gold is my survival blanket, my ray of light that helps me resurrect memories to serve a bigger aim.

Eden sank so deep.
We need to dig deepest.
They say nothing gold can stay.
I do not believe so.
The glow of The Mother will never be extinguished.
Recurring rituals are an approval of life.
And behind beauty is always survival.

Reflecting on my own personal ethics, sustainability and my role in today’s world, I think we have to remember the traditional seats of wisdom. To open up to the Golden Age, we need the old-culture insights from all tribes to crossroad with multicultural disciplines.

Golden ideas include

: intentionally collecting ideas from an ancient tradition
: full-scale integration of recycling
: fostering organically grown material
: rescuing endangered know-how from extinction
: restoring imaginative skills
: cultivating communities
: growing ecosystems in every life area
: constructing bridges between cultures
: exploring new design ideas for the world community
: creating new markets

Gold is the color of the future.

In a chaotic age that still cannot find its way it can appear there is only one way forward: to take one single direction in one way or another. No. We have to merge the opposites and erase contrasts to embrace the idea of gold.

We’re crossing the threshold of a revised vision of universality and gold is our map into the future. It is not enough to recover past golden days. In the grounding of our intuition we reach the expansion of our mission.

We are modern Alchemists. And the future is dignified by fingers respectfully mending the broken pledges of care and commitment all around this world.

Be careful here: alchemists can be overly attached to the outcome. The attainment of gold is not important. Rather, the process is our point of power – understanding our part in co-creating our lives from inside out.

So listen to a flower, a butterfly, a fallen star. These are glimpses of the divine that mark the way forward.

Your golden blanket is the fabric of humanity with your stories embroidered on it.

Think Gold

: the paradox of future
: perennial nature of ideas
: high-value creativity
: a statement of your own rights
: value that endures
: rarity in abundance
: perseverance

Gold dye is sourced from Kobunsgasa, a Japanese grass.
To wit: Gold is the profit of GREEN.

For an initiation to the feeling, build a Pinterest board with the irrational instinctive aim of feeling total gold, Heaven online. Here’s mine:
After you have done this, will you share your board with me in the comments below?

Create golden projects.
I am infected. Gold forever.
YOUR FUTURE BOOK© is growing in my laboratory, and it sparkles.

Fanfarlo “Shiny Things”

Thank you to @katcsengo for inspiring my adventurous thoughts to think this.


June 21, 2013 · · most popular, visions & prayers