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How to know which vision to go for.

Right now we get the craziest ideas just before falling asleep or just upon waking. The veils are thinner since we called for new visions for this earth. The web of life is knitting a lot of yarn. We are exposed to a vision shower. Ideas pop down from heaven like comets of grace. It’s a universe overdose.

My brain feels like a blackjack jackpot. My visions are sketched out in a two-year plan that lives an Evernote folder called “New Visions.” I will focus on writing “Write Your Future Book” for three months and translate it into English, launch it in October while planning “Write Your Future Book Live” (days of high-voltage creation in May 2014) and a women’s conference in 2015: SHE EXPLODES HER UNIVERSE. I decided I want it all.

However, some of our ideas take years to come true, even longer than the lifetime of our desires. Without obligation to lifelines (my word for deadlines), they can take ages to mature, like grapes on a good vine. And some never come to fruition and burn down like shooting stars.

See, ideas are manifest creation and flow freely. Ideas can fly as free agents, but some visions have destinies that are bound inextricably to our own. Heavenly ideas are made with purpose: their goal is realization.

Cool your smoking brain.
Let me show you how to systematize soulfully and identify ideas for hot pursuit.

Your Status Quo Manifestation Map

Here’s a piece of business advice for your idea. Start by picking the right one at the right time. Put the others into a waiting line.

You need:
: blank paper
: a pen
: a space open to you and your soul
: 20 minutes for you and your pleasure

Where is your idea right now? This exercise helps to locate where a vision is in the Universe and follow its destiny.

The process:

: Get clear on which idea you want to locate. Take it one at a time. Give it a symbol, a name or initials. For example, for YOUR FUTURE BOOK, I use #YFB.

: Draw a circle to symbolize mother Earth in the center of the paper.
Make it as round as she is.

: At the top of the sheet, draw a symbol for heaven, God, the throne of God, the Universe, the higher source. I like to use a crown as my symbol. Leave enough space for your visions in between heaven and mother Earth.

: Bring your idea into your mind. Now move your awareness to your belly. Check the feeling and instinctively put the pen on the sheet where the idea is right now. Draw your idea there.

: Where is the idea? It might still be up in the Universe, down on earth, or somewhere in between. The degree of its closeness to earth will give you information about whether it is wise to:

: wait
: get it going, or
: address what is there to do before you can start making it real.

(When I first did this while finding a publisher for Jesus The Book & The Series it opened my eyes. The book was right in the middle between heaven and earth. I was able to understand: You must wait, the seeds are still sprouting in mother Universe.)

:: Ask: who supports this idea? Who helps you?
: Draw your spiritual guides on the sheet. You will feel their support.
: Draw the people who support this idea on the sheet. Where are they?
: Feel the energy of how they support you and write it on the sheet.

There is nothing to manipulate or change.
Ideas grow naturally.
Observing the status quo is eavesdropping on the sounds of growth.

(I see spiritual support for my books. Some first followers and helpers for Jesus The Book & The Series are in North America. My best business advice was to expand my love across continents. This is the beginning. New York twinkles.)

: Now write, draw or paint whatever else comes to your mind that is important to know. Analyze the insight. Receive.

You can do a Status Quo Manifestation Map for each idea. It will show you if an idea is growing nearby or off in the distance. You can also ask about time and note it on your sheet. When will this idea start to manifest? When is the time to plan, concretize and ship it?

I wish you a lot of fun with this; it is a really effective method.
Just in case, some images to help spark your imagination.

My Status Quo Manifestation Map for the #YFB


June 2, 2013 · · enlightened business, most popular