HOW DO VISIONS GROW FROM HEAVEN DOWN TO EARTH? | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser


What if deadlines and “to-do-lists” are just the fossils of competition and strategic maps actually distort our control of the future?

Don’t get me wrong. Challenge is still our growth. Ambition is a fertile ground of passion. Our drive for improvement is current.

But what if the universe has a different steam of evolution?
When we try to force it, the universe usually comes up with something different. Yep.

What if daydreams, rather than deadlines, grow divine seeds?
Breeding ideas in stillness, dreaming from the infinite down to realization. What if staring senselessly into a hole in the trees and losing ourselves in the sky’s ocean of blue heavenly strategies is the source of creativity. Look, big ideas grow at the edges. When we stop wanting it all, it all begins. Vision takes shape in wild silence.

I tried it the other way. I perfected my planning tools and ran my agendas and appointments with rigorous discipline. I was on a superhero’s goal schedule. I ran this way for a month until I had to admit that I’d hit a dead end. I had nearly extinguished my creative fire. I had been more effective and immensely more productive before, when I was in the power of now and flowing with the universe.

Constant improvement exhausts our creativity. Get out of the way, I reminded myself. Better to make it even better than it needs to be.

Spaciousness is far more nourishing than “all.” Spaciousness is my soul’s currency. It’s the place where all art is born. “All” is cumbersome. KRIS CARR

For highest results,
slow precision.

Breath. Surrender means ‘to trust.’

To connect with something greater,
create something greater for yourself.

What if we choose to move with synchronicity? To stretch beyond the imaginable, to the wonder.


Your antennas have grown sensitive. You have learned to sense the signals.

What is difficult is to decrypt the message. Perhaps synchronicity timing could guide us to meaning.

Seasoning the rhythm. Current.

Maybe ideas think themselves when they’re set free, only to come back to us as completed, coherent thoughts. We just need to grasp them and read them upon return. This is thinking without thinking. The voice without voice speaking to us in our dreams. The inspiration. Waiting for the right time.

Answers will come. Always. Promised. When ripe, the answers admit the stars.

Quality timing. For quality.

What if we don’t need to post endlessly on Facebook and Twitter, but go online precisely when the fate of real connection is also online. At a synchronized moment of great encounters, divinely-appointed timing that creates a whole world of possibility.

What if we do not have to pitch millions of times, but just once, at just the right time? The one pitch that is real and meant to be. We simply wait until our time has come, and then act and enter the greater space of meaningful manifestation of big dreams and making business with friends.

What if we already know how to create and prepare in sync with the universal energy flow? We wait quietly while ideas gestate in silence. We do not deliver before quality arrives. And we know our tribe waits too, patiently. Beyond rush. For the surprise of wonder you are followed, while your tribe awaits your prophesy.

What if we learn to coordinate our business strategic plan with the cosmic flow? The unshakable peace inside, a river knowing the ocean will never refuse her.

What if we wait for the right moment of revelation? Unripe action is wasted preparation.

What if we have patience for the ideas being thought by the spirits and accept that when the time comes, we will know? Then we will express great ideas in grace and gratitude. Easily.
Then we will win over cheap and worthless. We create meaning and a rhythm for quality success.

You get what you want: If not now, later.

I challenge myself to get better, great.
But no hustle, no thank you.
Swim against the stream.

Knowing my time will come.
Knowing our time will come.

The choice is as always yours.



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