WHAT IS THE CRAZIEST IDEA YOU DREAM OF? | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser


Sound the alarm:
the stars are in position.

HOW TO FULFILL YOUR DESTINY? asks Oprah. She has a 30-day plan for finding your true purpose.

Here is my version.

In my work with visions I have seen that the best business and life-fulfilling ideas are born in the universe. After reading the Akasha for years, I now follow the footprints of great ideas backwards. We dream in heaven, and bring our inspiration down to Earth. Great masters tap their heavenly resources: Steve Jobs was highly connected, Einstein received his solution in a dream. Great and inspired books, fashion and music are all insights powered by the divine genius. When the big and small AHA moments occur, we feel connected to something greater. We are excited and our soul knows: the sacred fire jams. We are living on purpose and we are on track to our purpose.

When you are aligned with your vision from heaven, powers are with your soul.
You follow the universal bigger picture and it comes easily. When your creative fire burns, you feel soulful: powerful, passionate, free, incredibly useful, excited, inspired, one with God and the Universe. Love in action. Your favorite song keeps you going.

Vision your dream now.
Dream big. Dream bigger.
NO. Even bigger. Go. Stretch.
Dream authentic wholeness into your life.
Dream like you dreamed in heaven
before you came to earth.
Dream uninhibited and unchecked.
Dream without frontiers.
Heaven is online. When you blast through the ceiling
you are on soul level.


The stars are favorable. It’s a good time.
Start to think in new dimensions. Imagine a parallel world where everything is possible.
Silke Schäfer interprets the movement of the stars and their influence on our life. Let her newsletter inspire you and create real waves. The future you want to belong to is possible when you take full responsibility for your purpose.

“Pure creativity and obvious self-responsibility! In particular with a view to the year 2013 this is a remarkable time!

Turbulences, visions and miracles.

It already started wonderfully! Concurrent with the sun’s entrance into Scorpio on October 23, she activated the beautiful Neptune/Chiron-conjunction between October 23 and 28, meeting Saturn on the 25th and continuing on to Pluto until November 1. There are incredibly powerful awareness processes at work, and artistic-creative, intuitive endeavors or visions can become more frequent.

All projects that are supported by a strong desire (Neptune) can come true now. This particular stable constellation can realise (Saturn) dreams and visions (Neptune)! The two activated water signs Pisces and Scorpio allow with absolute certainty that pure potentiality is manifested. There are unprecedented opportunities in the air, making it possible to create paradises, if we have not previously given up!

Do something you’ve never done before! (Uranus in Aries) No matter if local, national or global. In the next 2.5 years it is specifically about finding our very own authenticity (Pluto in Capricorn) and leaving behind everything that we do not need for this new liveliness (Lunar Node / Saturn in Scorpio). Take full responsibility for your own talents – NOW. Then the letting becomes a dance. “… whirling, resting in my centre, I am joyfully a vibrant part of the whole …. and everything that is not centered flies away….” Now up to 2015, it is the biggest wake-up call of all time: The biggest wake-up call ever!

All previous rotten compromises can be dissolved when one acts decisively and crystal clearly. You should address your life goals NOW! And a lot of feminine energy is involved, which is supposed to be steered into a clear direction, so that healing takes place. Stop and be 100% determined. Then new doors will open.”

You can find Silke Schäfer’s monthly star news here.


I am mesmerized by this bible of new business, ever since the first read. I am have now read it 3 times. This was written in heaven, amid alluring creation.

Imagine a business world wherein competition is irrelevant and you own the market because you created it. You navigate upon open waters of businesses success. You cross beyond market boundaries and look to new opportunities, to places of no competition for evolutionary growth. You look for other industries, products and services that do not even exist yet.

You’re painting your imagination, the craziest ideas you can dream, onto creative canvas, a place where business goals are all experimental and crafted with wide strokes. You’re creating great content and love marks, living organisms comprised of mutually beneficial relationships, and you don’t worry about how many followers you have. Reaching behind existing demand is creation. It’s the common vision.

This is the way forward. Head-to-head ruthlessness is out. We’re looking for growth and new economics is the future fuel.
Bombs for a New Age revolution.
Green grass growing between the toes of the giants.

I am about to develop meditations on how to blue strategize? Interest when it will be ripe?

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Your Vision is your guiding star.
Focus on the big picture.

30 days or not. Eternity or one day. This is not what matters.
The universe thrives on fulfillment. You flow with your joy. Your vision will carry you.
You will come back and understand why you do what you do. It’s not the result of being famous or being a millionaire, but the assignment of love. The path to wholeness is bliss.

Born in heaven, she invites your genius to shine. She’s the one you wake up with and cannot wait to start the day. Yes, there are times when we have to navigate resistance, procrastination, blowbacks, obstacles and challenges.

Your vision is your GPS through the jungle of thoughts and emotions that hold you back. Your vision and your bliss will be your strength handbook when you are close to abandoning your dream. She will be the goddess who raises you up when you fail.

Reframe. Distill the essences.

Re-adjust. Improve. Let die. Redesign.
Even when you cannot know the great calling and see the big picture of success, flow with the calling of the instant. It’s enough to know only the next essential steps; the universe will carry the bigger picture. The universe is your business partner amid the joy of manifesting something greater.

Your visions will take you home.
Your soul’s dream is sacred.
The power is with you.

Write your future book now, and join me as I create mine alongside you. We’ll take the voyage across oceans together.