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Synchronicity is always there. It is effortless. It is always available if you know how to plug in. Synchronicity is the ultimate business timing planner and a source of one-to-one inspiration. It’s a devoted collaboration with the infinite.

The universe is perfectly organized and always knows when to follow up. Our Universe is a whole pulsating network of connected encounters, intuition and mysterious guidance. It’s divine presence in the joint emergence of miraculous events. It’s a beautiful fabric of sacred stories.

Synchronicity is contrary to complicated.
Synchronicity is the opposite of clutter.
Synchronicity is the other side of controlling and overpowering.

Synchronicity is the knowledge that everything you need arrives just at the right time. All information is omnipresent. When you shift your head into a pool of surrender, you will learn how to plug into the right network of geniuses. All you need already exists and is available; you simply make the right decisions and create organization for it to emerge.

I use Synchronicity for my business.

I had an amazing business experience some weeks ago. Part of my one-to-one work is to find my clients’ “FUTURE BOOK.” In other words, I link the right visions with the right people. (more soon) When I do this I naturally weave myself in the universal web and surrender. I ask, I listen, I stay without any expectations. My aim in these sessions is to give my clients a strategy, to bring the light-pattern into successful manifestation.

So the day of my visions session arrived and I still had only had a blurred picture of the topic. I knew my client’s mission was to build up something for businesswomen, while evolving her own dormant femininity.

My client works very successfully as a marketing consultant for an insurance company. “More feminine,” said my voice, over and over. At the same time, I always saw an image of her little baby daughter layered over everything else. “Creativity” was the next word. Ok. I was really confident that within the sessions, when I could feel her energy closer and I just trusted, my visions would become more clear.

About one hour before the session I found my new ELLE magazine delivered on the kitchen table. My assistant put it there for me. The edition of this week was stuffed with programs for parents and children on the Internet. There it was! My creative thunder did the rest; within 15 minutes I had the whole concept and 2 hours later a very happy client who is still thrilled.

Synchronicity timing had done a perfect job. Thank you Universe.

I am a real fan of Synchronicity timing.
There are signs for everything; it can be a new addiction. It is sacred when it happens.

In fact it’s a multiple-step program.
Trust that all steps are connected.

Believe blindly in synchronicity. Why? Because I say so.

See your goal, tell the universe your goal and then set it free.
Now you just need to care for your own relaxed attitude.

Trust that everything will be delivered in its right time.
Stay open for help, voices and advice. They may come from many unexpected sources like the Internet, Facebook (an amazing synchronicity timing tool for me). They may come from friends, books or background conversations not even concerning you.

Stay with a vivid attention and curiosity.
Do not narrow down ideas: keep them spacious, wide and open.

Go with the flow, and stay busy.
Organize what can be organized.
And trust the open ends will fill up at the right time.

Empty yourself
and your working space regularly.
Feng Shui decluttering helps new ideas to find a space.
Remember that emptiness is receiving.

Believe in simplicity, elegance, nobility and generosity.

Surrender, trust and go with the inklings (the universe knocks at your door).

Intuition is swimming in a vast river of synchronicity.
Instinct is our navigation.
Follow your subtle impulses.
Locate shallowness and dumpiness and brighten them up.

Believe in a higher destination of all, also of your projects and business.
Shift your consciousness.

Make a to-do list and dedicate it to a higher source.
Believe me, the universe will take care of it.

Give up insomnia around all deadlines and pressure.

Trust in synchronicity of your collaborators.

When they don’t work out as you expect, it is because the time is not right.

Fill the whole process with as much joy and love as possible.
This will attract positive vibes.

Some things may not be done by deadline, but when the process is organic they will find a renaissance in their own time. We know every state of ripening is needed and will be accomplished at the right moment.

Do not force anything, go with the ease, go with the flow.

If tension rises, do not worry. It is normal. We are just humans. Get out in nature. Take a walk. Nature is naturally synchronic, just let her inspire you.

Melt your daily routine into
A healing
A praise of wonder
A gratitude
A prayer wheel

The infinite unfolds in miracles.

In my experience the whole of Synchronicity timing is based on surrender and faith. It is openness to the process itself and a deep trust in the positive future. And honestly, the more I ignore deadlines, the more I deliver sparks just in time.


November 14, 2011 · · enlightened business, most popular


Dr Shasma Karch says:

Thank you, Durga! This is exactly what I experience right now! It is so much easier and much more fun!


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