THE FABRIC OF FEMININE SUCCESS | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser


If you could untie your wings 

and free soul of jealousy

you and everyone around
would fly up like Doves .~Rumi

In the past, old patterns of women’s absence and exclusion from power created a system of insufficiency. But there is a world beyond obsessions of competition, separation and inequality.
So why not create the antidote now! Success is a fire we burn for. Let’s start with a change of perspective.

First, kick the “not enough” mantra to the curb. It’s poison!

Success is a path of enlightenment.
It is the final fulfillment of the dream
we were born with.
Dream with me;
let’s comfort our souls together.

I believe in powerful tribal visions dreaming of change.
Our collective dreams are old and sacred, and it’s time they be revived.
We are due the long-missing female element of fulfillment that fully completes the pattern of enlightened success.
And dreaming of success together can spread the light of change all through our society much more effectively than any one could individually.

My healing vision

Universe is abundance. We each carry a pattern inside of what we want to fulfill. Each of us is born with a star inside that knows its own time to rise and shine, and is woven into a whole universe of dreams. Each star is unique: no design-pattern is like another. We sometimes more easily recognize the star inside others around us. But among our respective stars, there’s never an element of competition or overreaching, just witnessing and sustaining.

Today many women are born with a collective dream. We want to play big and be an active part in the change. For example, today more than ever we have female presidents all over the world. Women’s stars are rising and shining!

The fabric of feminine success is in our roots. Knowing that each one has her time to come, we come back into the knowing our right time to rise.

Now remember the fabric of creation!

We know when the star of our sister is about to rise; it’s a sacred birth. Instead of the subtle patterns of envy or competition, we remember:

We never did it alone. We will never rise at the same time, because the fabric of creation is wise: it provides the support of sisters when one star rises, carrying the burden when one sister is in holy times of transit, providing support when the climax fire of success burns bright.

is not rented. It is an eternal pattern of climax and withdraw, of birth and death. It’s nature in her sacred rhythm. It’s a natural flow. Remember, we all live in a network of our visions, our actions, our loves. It is a collage of impressions, feelings, memories, all small pieces of life. And deep within us lives a pattern of universal abundance. Supporting one another while following our own individual paths is illuminating and will open a space for all of us having big and small explosions of success, celebration and fulfillment.

We know we will not shine at the same time, but always shine together.

While writing this in a hotel in Carmel awaiting my book winning proposal with Linda Siversten, this song suddenly filled the lobby where I am writing.
And the magic is connected!



Dr Shasma Karch says:

I totally agree! Thank you for your words, dear Durga, and this grate song! It fits perfect!

sam yun says:

dear durga, that the song is sung by a male artist reminds me of women being supported, protected and loved by men, husbands, friends, partners to grow, to shine – these men do exist.