SHIFT IT! | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser


part one: Why now

: that world financial markets crash
: that earthquakes tremble our minds
: that corruption and fraud shine through transparency
: that tsunamis flood our emotions
: that Fukushima exploded in our minds
: that wiki shows the leaks in our society
: that new revolutions are staged by masses in the streets
: that egos are in mega crisis

: that social media is out of control
: that indigenous create sacred prophecies
: that new technologies astound
: that consciousness shifts
: that the universe shows its black hole
: that grassroots grow between the toes of giants
: that an apple changes our ways of communicating
: that healing is a promise on a rising horizon
: that 3 women share the Nobel Peace Prize
: that Jesus the Book wished to be born?

Today’s big brokers’ comforting dream during the night is about recession. They pray for a big crash, knowing that they can make their greatest opportunities – making money – from a fallen market, but only for those who know how to capitalize on it.

It’s time to dare to strike out to new dimensions.

What we really need is to be spiritual power brokers. With the right set-up we can co-create a great shift in these times.

We need divine visions: to be prepared to make opportunities, to fill them with sacred stories and trends that change your world and our world. We need to learn how to make new opportunities and passionate love marks from a downward market.

Knowing what to do right now is currency.
Let us make our real dreams into liquid assets.
The brokers of God will rock. I promise.
The stock price for love was never better….

SHIFT IT! part two

The future is now.

Things fall apart in front of our eyes. Crises are shaking this world. Cracks in the structures paint new ornaments on surfaces of life and consciousness that had previously become too rigid and fundamental to nourish anything. But now the old wants to die giving creation to something new.

My vision is not a desperate one. To the contrary, we have been waiting for it for a long time. We have a big opportunity to open a new chapter of humanity on earth, choosing freely how we really want to live in a global community.

“There is a crack in everything, that’s were the light comes in,” the enlightening Leonard Cohen has already indelibly sung into our minds.

The cracks are open to receive the future.
It’s time to connect with our visions, missions and dreams. We are all creators of the future. Our sacred dream is not a goal: it is a seed planting our mission.

What we really wish to do, what we dream of in our heart, is the pathway to re-unite us with the creation. This a change for unfolding truth. Healing is a new dawn.

Our sacred dreams are one with God. They are God’s seeds in us. So we must remember that with the creator in us, we can do whatever is necessary to make them real.

Gala Darling, the self love empress announced:
“Really, one of the most important things we can do in this lifetime, I believe, is to work out what our gifts, talents & skills are. To find out what it is we love to do — the stuff we’d do for free, the stuff we already do for fun, the kind of thing that makes us feel blissful & delighted & excited about life. So now, here’s the trick. Once you know what that thing is — & you might know what it is immediately, or it could take a month to come to you — DON’T TAKE IT SO LITERALLY.” (here is the link:

Doing something that’s exceptional and authentically yours increases the chances of you being more successful. It also plants anew cultural seeds of happy, enlightened society.

Get prepared

Savings vanish.

Power of the now is our business and the tension of our times is a chance to create.

Feeling friction?

The friction is that of a working motor, not a brake. Do not concentrate on a world falling apart.


Here is the moment to begin. Get a visionary, a creative coach, a friend who listens, a Guru, a prayer. We are not alone. Accepting help is our resource, part of a new economy based on offering and receiving.

“Another reason that a bad economy is a good time to start a business is that everything is cheap. During boom times in New York you would have had to have been a millionaire if you wanted to open up a store… it was just brutal. Whereas now rents & everything are being reduced, you can hire really talented people to work for you for not that much money, supplies are cheap, tickets are cheap… I’m flying to Berlin for $400 in a few weeks. So, you don’t need to have as much capital as you did before to strike out on your own.” Molly Crabapple

I believe it.
I know: There is always a higher purpose.

It is our future chance.



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