SPIRITUAL FUTURE TREND 2013. | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser


Collaborate with
the spiritual world.
Quit overwhelm.

My daily lessons in Miracles.

“You do not trust us. But you push and control.
You are disconnected and so unproductive.”

My spirit guides were right. For days I had forced myself into deadlines for my Future Book program. My worst day was now my own personal Black Thursday. It was a hustle until the shock of freezing, hitting the dead end for creative fire and joy.

“So what? I have deadlines and the download of creativity is flooding me. Each time it gets more powerful and plentiful than I imagined.”

Aha. I know this pattern too well. I am tired of myself. I want to know how to change my anti-flow, the energy moving against the universal currency of the creation.

“We know your deadline. Who do you think creates and backs you up all the time?”

“You are working on my products, from the higher source?”

“All the time. We inspire the original genius behind all creations.”

“Oops. You mean business. So what is my part?”

“Create art. Perform beauty. Turn both into manifestation.”


“Your task is pleasure. Just take care of every detail. Search for God in there. OM-Joy.”


“Flow with the creation. Wait till ideas are ripe and then pick them.”

Silence. Honestly I was shaken and felt really stupid after all these years of spirit journey. How had I gotten trapped in my old pattern without any consciousness of what was happening? Each time my ambitious business goals come along I block out all my spiritual know-how. Fucking damn bold of me.

A breath. My Universal Sadhana reminder:

Standing stunned by vastness, moved by the immense majesty of the universal beauty. The ongoing activity, exploding creativity that permits even stars into existence.
Out of the stars everything comes forth: dynamic entities, they are born and even they die.
The circle of gravitational power, collapsing and creative, explosions natural and eternal. Atomic power shines and collapses inwards to become a black hole.
Deliver. The active pattern of creation itself is intrinsic. Life blossoms forward naturally. Inevitably. (Free from the Story of the Universe.)

Quitting overwhelm

I swallowed my Super-Detox-Anti-Anxiety-Stress-Relief Remedy.
In the days after listening deeply within, I flew with my intuition. I went back into synchronicity state.
I found Right timing for 2013.
I walked in my own writings (HOW TO HAVE FAITH IN SYNCHRONICITY TIMING).
Grace and miracles aligned and I finished all my work with time to spare.
So when creative flow is emerging, why stand in the way?

There is a big misunderstanding about living our divinity in this body.
And about what God really is.
I had to figure out answers for myself.
I had to make my own journey.

For your business goals: Flow.

We need schedules and plans in times of chaos. The beauty lies in rebirth. We create the new.

“Lay your dream at your feet.” – Agni

Make a list of all the things you need to do, then put it down in front of our Temple (or altar) and give it up to The Higher Source. Pray for it to be handled and cared for. Then take the most important things and fill them with joy and love, and forget the rest. Then flow onward and forward…continue this way. God shines in details.

…and if something decides not to be ready on deadline (what a strange expression!!!!), who cares?

I have practiced it even with my clients: “I’m sorry this is the state I arrived. The rest is in process, and you know what, nothing ever was not ready in ‘the right time.’”

May I introduce you to my personal spiritual team?

BABAJI: known from the AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI. He is the incarnation of Shiva, without boundaries. Last time he lived till 1984 in the Himalayas.
He is a killer of mind ideas and focuses on heart desires. He says karma yoga work is the solution of our age. Let’s rock it.

SAI BABA: He lived in South India and went into Samadhi in 2011. He appeared to me in my room when I was 25 and since then I have seen healings and miracles.
I dive into his aura when I want to be golden. He makes you feels abundant when working.

JESUS: Memoired personally by me in JESUS THE BOOK.
He is Christlove and bliss of fire. He has the best modern ideas, guaranteed.

Each one is a real Avatar, a creator.
This is the difference between them and other guides. These are God realized.
If you want their consulting, a real desire calling is sufficient. When you reach out to their heart, they will contact you.

So now ask yourself: Who are your spiritual guides?
Contact them and see: they really like entrepreneurial business ideas.
Tell them what you are up to. Their answers will come from all directions and the inner voice.

2013. This year start the trend and prove the genius of this collaboration.