YOU WANT TO FLOW WITH THE UNIVERSE. SO ORGANIZE IT. | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser


We want to flow. We want to be like liquid moving in our daily, hustling life. And we can sense when instead we merely trickle into our work, our projects, our lives. It’s in the painful resistance when writing down a new concept, the tension of pressure that contradicts self-love, the day when everything collapses, the printer goes on strike while you’re trying to deliver on lifelines (ahem, my new word for deadlines) and unhealthy finances that continue to break down the world’s economy.

Let’s talk cosmically. The universe is a pattern of life-organized dynamics, a prevailing and self-organized flow. It’s intrinsic blossoming. The rhythm lives within. Every other person owes her/his rhythm, their every idea, every project, every motion to it. Everything has roots in a universal flow. Everything.

New think-in demands new habits.
Life has learned to learn and adapt with the flow. So must we.

Float on.

The universal flow is mysteriously formed. It came Before. The silence of the blank, waiting alone and without expectation. Ever so present. The mother of all creations. Let’s call it life.

Knowing her greatness she flows. Far. Always coming home. The Mother of all Mothers returned.

The greatness is her secret of sharing. We go after fulfillment on Earth. Earth strives for the fulfillment of Heaven. Heaven strives for the fulfillment of life. Life goes for what is natural.

Ideas flow openly.
Embody the rhythm.

The outflow of God is his will manifested in our expressed qualities.

New think-in about tension
(because ideas come from God):

The law of generosity says: tension is part of the natural flow of creation. When liquid assets from Heaven flow into us, they rub against our body and blood. This friction cocktail is needed to inspire communication with our bodies. First it flows through our bloodline and veins and awakens us. Before we go into motion, we first have to embody the prophesy. Flow is manifestation, naturally.

Ideas + blood flow = circulated greatness.

New think-in about pain (because fire comes from God):

The law of vastness says: pain is a vision from God of lost horizons. Ideas are fire. Daydreams are creative flow, causing us to embark upon the endless sky. We burn until we set our pain free to return to the source.

So pain is life’s recovery under fire. Pain is the movement of our soul against stingy timidity, bigotry, narrow-mindedness. We roast till we are free to flow with the divine.

fire + vision = awakened greatness.

New think-in about leadership
(because guidance comes from God):

The law of bliss says: all rivers end in the ocean. The river implicitly knows his destination. I learn the freedom of leadership from the river. I understand mutual leadership in leading and being lead. In one way the river need not think about his destination. The ocean cares for it (i.e., the Law of Attraction). The river cares only for the current, its currency.

Freedom is knowing when to give up to a higher source and when to lead. The nature of pain is freedom and liberation, the sweet pain of the mercy of surrender, the bondage of devotion, the dependence of happiness, being injured by love, abused by grace.

receive + share = enlightened leadership.

“We are seeds of the endless devotional flow buried into Earth to grow and awaken as lovers without boundaries.” – Agni

Now let’s flow.


The liquid teacher

Put your hands on your heart, palms facing inwards and feel the rhythm of your heart. Feel the rhythm of the parts where you want more flow. Feel the existing flow there. Do not measure or change it. It may feel fluid or stuck. That is your status quo.

Check in with:

Your private life.
Your biz life.
Your body life.
The life of your current project.

Now have a look on the list below and find the medicine words that will unplug the flow.
Then add one or more of the words to each bullet below. Trust your first choice.

Listen to the story it wants to tell you. Honor the words’ advice.

Your private life: __________________
Your biz life: __________________
You body life: __________________
The life of your current project: __________________

The list of medicine words*:

*(This is my personal check-in list when I ask a dammed flow to release. The word itself teaches me what will heal the flow.)

dive in
flow, awakened
move when necessary
concentrate: build essence
invest in reflecting the detail
settle down: ideas, yourself
fill up: powerful
slow down
stand still
give up; entrust leadership to another source
wait: open to patience
burst forward
let go
clear up
collect: contact the collective
flexible: adjust
change rhythm or dynamics
contemplate, reflect
breathe, just breathe
give up
start anew

you can add your own healing words too…

For a moment go back to the original pain. Release it.

1. Feel into the new word.
2. Let it flow: Escape into an open horizon of freedom.
3. Feel the escaping emotion. This is the sensation of your pain set free.
4. Dive into the open horizon of possibility. Its rivers run like the promise of an endless blue sky.