(*also for men who are ready to live life to its all.)


I finally found her after searching for the crème on top of feminine leadership. I met her in the wild mountains of Santa Fe. She said: “I am your forgotten Empress. I do not rule this wider world, but I do rule your world.” She completes my Gospel of feminine leadership, continued (If you have missed part 1 or 2, here are the links.)

Dedicated to the forgotten empress

  1. You are a sovereign empress of your kind. You know your empire: it is an impermeable empire of authenticity. You have the power to say no and to invite. You safeguard your boundaries and borders. You powerfully protect your tribe and promote their self-realization. In your empire every soul finds its own place of bliss.
  2. You are a creative new breed. You build empires and show others to do the same. Empires of fresh content and uniquely inspired ideas, desires, glamours, magnetism. Wishcraft reigns. You harness white magic powers.
  3. You are creating a new world. Your vision: A better future our children can be proud of. Creation. Value. Innovation. You show up and shine. You are a revolutionary, life-changing force. You are the dawn of all and you know how to experience, relax and receive. No reproduction, always creation.
  4. You are a wild sister of God. You were born with a prophecy. You awaken. You become aware. You grant presence. You are clear on the purpose of your prophecy: to hold a lifelong, shameless conversation with God.
  5. Your empire’s stars shine bright and inspire others to create a better life. You are your own teacher. You know all the answers; the answers are in you. If not, you know who carries them and can find them. All happenings are part of your teachings.
  6. Embodied bliss: You embrace sensation and sensuality. You nourish the five senses. You are a mother of fiestas and pleasures.
  7. You are the maverick of evolution. Your power is divine, transforming fear and an impulse to control. Whenever you enter a new stage in your life, you simultaneously die and are reborn. Aligning with your own sacred path is salvation. Your life in all aspects is initiation.
  8. You are life: epiphany and incubation, illumination without words.
  9. You are medicine for the world. With humility you know you heal only a small wounded part of life. You grew the medicine in your soul garden and your potions are distilled from experience. Your healing comes at the beginning of each project, not the end.
  10. You are the sovereign ruler of your inside world. Wherever you walk, inside you remain untouched. From this steady space, your outward love commands respect. You embrace all you are, were and will be, and are forever rooted in light guidance. Your vulnerability is your strength. You listen carefully. It’s your secret.
  11. Grounded in your faith, you just know. In that knowing, you are connected to the source and knowing what to do *right now* is your currency. When you doubt your instincts, you know you are not snapped into your pivot point of faith.
  12. You create your own religion. Your life is your initiation path. You make your recipe: Christianity in its purest sugar with some Hindu spices and Buddhist medicine. You are a visionary, shamelessly. You take what an Empress needs. You know the sources of power. You do not reveal all your secrets. You do not deal in conventions.
  13. You plant your ideas and cultivate gardens of unmatched splendor. God is a genius and had no talent at all for repetition. Uniqueness is your authenticity. You are proud of your individuality, as it will show you who you are. When you do what you love it creates an abundant harvest. Success naturally follows.
  14. You create space for growing and thriving. You contribute love-filled spaces to others’ empires, wiping out falsity, destruction, illusion. Others look to you to create the right environment.
  15. Centered. Whispering silence. You oscillate gently in peaceful waves, receiving calm insights into the heart of the matter. Your greatest resource: listing deeply.
  16. You only leave your empire when the balance of earth and universe is in danger, and even then reluctantly. While you’re gone you crave a return to your own environment. When you walk too far away you feel in danger of getting lost, ultimately forgetting your true purpose. To do so would be like a death; you have to return to your spiritual home to be nourished to health by your tribe.
  17. You fearlessly go into the war zones: Inspiration. Artistry. Information activism.
  18. You are generous, knowing that to give yourself is to give a gift of God. Your generosity comes from your greatness. You give away love, light, community, fun, knowledge, motivation, courage, mystic, depth, focus. An Empress gives away acknowledgement, the feeling of being wanted, needed and loved.
  19. Your mission: to develop a concept in the service of enlightenment and good feelings. In this world money tastes like honey and business feels like worship. You turn real dreams into liquid assets. Doing something exceptional & authentically yours plants a small seed for a happy, enlightened society.
  20. You know that the size of your empire is not what’s important. It’s about YOU having the big picture in mind.
  21. You have faith in divine timing. You do things only when you want to do them, when the time is right. You know that the ripest, juiciest movement happens at the right time. So you expand time; you wait.
  22. She who cares less wins. You are relaxed. You find refuge in faith, trust, and confidence.
  23. You come together with the right people. You foster new collective leadership. You invent and innovate your industry together. Connections are the most precious jewels we share. You pray: May the Universe bless our encounter and give us both the grace to grow.
  24. To you competition is irrelevant. Your origin is your inner space, where there is no competition. You grow with and through others in your tribe.
  25. When others doubt you, you know you will change their minds. They will fall in love with you. You create vast blue oceans. You improve life for others. You are wild, you are highly respected. And your divine visions are needed. So be prepared to make opportunities, to fill them with sacred stories and trends that will change the world.
  26. Your leadership style is based on intimate, peaceful conversation. Associating. Creating acquaintance. You heal the conversation that once stopped.
  27. A master of complexity, you pick the right answer at the moment, and the solution is yours. The next moment may be the contradiction, you know this. Wholeness may be discovered in an instant, so you look to the future, not the past. And you find simplicity in every complexity.
  28. You discover new continents everywhere from your bathroom to your desk, the shopping mall, your friend’s eyes, the clothing you slip into each morning, the smile you wear.
  29. You are blessed with such expansiveness that it is no surprise the limitless number of talents and outlets through which you express it. You do not want to tame it. Harness it into a single voice or message. Meet your wildness with your purpose. Help them fall in love and work together. Create a channel in your life like the Grand Canyon to contain their force, and grant access to the sacredness, beauty, and monument of your messages.
  30. You weave your soul’s dress. Honest, truthful, ethical. Live long and remain curious. You maintain your stainless ethical core inside and love the wider world passionately. Bow to birth and death in every single moment.
  31. You acknowledge the sacred in the ordinary. You can see the connecting force between all living things, and ordinary rituals take on great meaning. Simply sharing the ordinary wonder of daily existence, taking time to experience life becomes your second nature.
  32. You find spirituality everywhere and in everything: in a scent, a touch or a sphere, in a color as much as in a journey. You make the spiritual in everyday life visible and tangible. You touch on the rare, suspended moments of bliss in which we know why we are alive and celebrate our own existence.
  33. Your future is moldable. You rest in a cradle of opportunities. An eternal dream activator, you fiercely protect your sacred inception times. You embrace the magic of the moment and the fluid currency of bliss.
  34. You write the script for your life’s movie. You are the actor, not the re-actor. Enjoy the costume, the scenery, the sensory explosion. Give in to seductive enjoyments. Everything you learn you turns into wisdom when you are a conscious participant.
  35. You trust that the universe works for you and you reciprocate with forgiveness. At the end of every single day, you come back to human kindness. You can have it all, but you will never own it. Life’s passion for love dictates the economics.
  36. You are a universal dreamer. Success is a your path of enlightenment. It is the final fulfillment of the dream we were born with. The Universe is abundance. We each carry a pattern inside of what we want to fulfill. You make the ordinary extraordinary.

Om namah shivaya. Endlessly.