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How to turn your deepest fear into lightness

In your most persistently fearful weakness lies your greatest potential, teaches The Path into Light, an amazing transformational seminar by Agni Eickermann that I also teach from time to time. The teachings say: Your signature strength is where you are chronically burnt.

I will let you in on a spiritual secret. You do not actually fear what you think you fear. You actually fear your own power. The illusion can be tricky and create a lot of drama, but let’s straight go back to the teachings for clarity.

Your negativity is the key to your potential
to motivate others in your field.
Your fear is the key to your potential
to show up and confidently shine.
Your being burnt is the key to your potential
to rise again.
Your dark power is the key to your potential
to lead with love and wisdom.
Your failures are the key to future wins.
Your introversion is the key to becoming a leader
for change.
Your broken heart is the key to your potential to unite.

The secret of winners is simple. They have the courage to go there – even into the dark places and weak spots. They find courage to set up powerful, bright lights that illuminate weakness, escape dead-ends, transform refusal into action. Winners also usually have a strong orange chakra that leads them where they need to go.

The bigger the barrier, the bigger the incentive to shy away from our light and our universal power to create and shine. But the power of light is a muscle that grows stronger with training. The Path into Light says: Resistance encourages growth.

I just did it one day ago. My frustration grew large and looming again, having swooped over my inner lands of my soul. Admittedly, I still hide my spirituality when I’m in intimidatingly-cool, mesmerizing business districts. Then I remembered the secret of the winners’ 2nd chakra, the navel chakra I taught for many years in The Path into Light. I wanted this groovy feeling of powerful, juicy orange light. I wanted to get back to my core!

I blasted my orange light chakra through the velvet and went forward. I landed on Marie Forleo’s very cool B-School Facebook page and said publically, finally, simply:

“Hi. I want to be a bridge between spirituality
and business.”

You want to know what happened?

The universe immediately answers our clear choices. Go to my last blog post and read the first comment. It was there 1 minute after my decision was made. See, clearing the inner space is the platform to begin your manifestation, and then the people who will help you to shine can find you. The method is simple: Boost your light!

Here is the meditation that helped me to shift my frustration into action. It’s my gift to you.

Now close your eyes and take a deep breath.
Join me in my encourage-ing mediation.

Audio meditation
navel chakra meditation

Script: Download the script here.

(By the way you just listened to my encourage-ing coming-out of my language barrier.)

The navel chakra:

(Just in case you need to know)
Location: Your second chakra is located three finger-widths
below your belly button.
Color: Orange
Qualities: Power, courage, movement.
Physical and mental strength, optimism, joy of living, inspiration, creative power, integrations of information, centering, inner tranquility, regeneration, power to show up, social competence. Here you connect to flow within the energetic ethers of the world.

If you enjoyed this encourage-ing meditation please leave your comment below and share what bravery you just put into action or soon will.

• What is the first small step you will take?
• In what way will you transform refusal into action?
• What joyful and powerful new reality will you create with your next steps?

Support for your soulful ambition is on its way!