While financial markets crash around the world, those with powerful visions of a new way forward are taking part in amazing events. What these explosive gatherings of world-changing visions have in common: brave individuals making big decisions. And commitment to those bold visions turns impulses into reality.

One of these events just took place in NY and is still glowing. Rich, hot and happy turned some bright lights on in this world. Not by solving anything, but igniting soulful enlightened business. (If you want to walk through the event, here is the photo stream on Flickr)

In simultaneity of grace, parallel coexisting worlds are developing. I really do believe a parallel world is already open; it is now up to us to plug in to it. It’s just a change of perspective to see into a golden network offering divine invitations.

While the heads of heads of state are smoking, apparently finding solutions for a self-created disaster (that is my opinion), rising stars are initiating a parallel Universe and co-creating the Future. I choose to be among them.

You will find us on the Red Carpets of mavens.

We are deeply rooted in our own life’s values. We are compassionate revolutionaries, graceful rebels, crusaders of the unconventional and protectors of sacred Mother Earth.

Spiritually and business find a new collision in the alchemy of our rising role models.
We need new inspiring stars to shine. And they are among us already:

Marie Forleo

 “Luck or talent doesn’t = success – the ability to make a decision does”

Kris Carr “Be the holistic CEO of YOU. Don’t buy into the system – become a self-care revolutionary.”

Julie Cottineau, (former VP Brand for Virgin) “Your brand is not your name or logo. It is a story well told.”

Danielle LaPorte

 “Infuse your insecurities with courage and tell fear to F*** the hell right off.”

Russell Simmons “Work with the Universe and stay in your hustle. Don’t give up.”

And here is my prayer: More of this! Please! I want to be part of these light bombs that virally infuse this world with enthusiasm and passion. Change makers rock!

Make your decisions now:
Plug into the coexisting parallel universe.
Explore the open dimensions of possibilities of grace.
Millions of angels hold the space.
Thousands of masters offer guidance.
Jesus gives mentorship.
Agni the Lord of fire opens the gates of new creations.

Get on board with a leap into a higher dimension and link yourself with an already-existing parallel universe. God’s empire is based on its success.

The universe is waiting for you to take your place.



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