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The Best of
the first #Soulgathering at La Lumière

Let me share with you:
We launched the premiere event of Durga’s Soul Series. (More will be coming.)

The Soul Series signature:
It’s all about people.

The sacred landscape of South France is an active participant in the event.
The light of the land inspires higher visions.
The magic of La Lumière makes it happen.

The script for a Soul Series event is written by the soul:
what’s unspoken and spontaneous leads us to the next thing.
Normally we move faster, with no time to digest, holding onto the march of time.

But realize how quiet it gets in a moment.
In the silence, we create the connection to wholeness.

During conversation from my sacred heart to your scared heart creation takes curious shapes. We go back to the core and weave again. We come from different directions.

: dramatic pauses
: intention stories about our sacred pilgrimage to life
: remembering that it all exists between the lines

This is a world where anything can happen.
We trust that miracles are natural.

It all started with a few brave ideas.

Small gatherings are powerful.
We need to inspire a new Future with what we do.
We need to make it real.
I want to collect Visionaries at my table and mutually, permanently change one another.

Each Soulgathering will consider a piece of life that is organic, sustainable and futuristic.

For example,
this time we inspired and were inspired by:

An organic vegetarian celebrity food chef.
The organic food movement has always been an inspiration to me, and also how to support its emergence as a lifestyle with staying power.

We talked about
: Organic food as a healer for our environment
: Seasonal food as a healer for our bodies
: Organic local farming as a future solution
: Light food as a super food

Why organic?
When we buy organic food we stimulate the market for its demand.
You see, we have the power to change the market.
And in so doing we support mother earth and the devas.

A view on Zeitgeist. Future trends.
We inspire the Future.

Epic Gratitude

This is my belief in the future and in communion. We had a great time, and there are more to come. You must join us next time.

Reserve the dates:
June 7 – 11, 2014
September 6 – 10, 2014


100 % Organic and mmmmm


Star Chef Recipes : Michael Spiridon


Nature Spa


All recipes are collected. We are cooking a cookbook.
Coming soon. Stay tuned.



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