WINTER SOLSTICE | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser


Withdraw and receive.
Choose both.
Willpower is limited.
Sovereignty is gold.
Stare holes into the dark night sky.

Wait and see.
Destiny unveils itself.
Skin sensations of a life-wave shower.

Let your soul swing freely.
Learn to see in the dark.
Enlarge your glass.
The bigger, the more reality you can see.
Grow the authentic.
Turn willingness into a sacred fire.

Expect miracles.


December 21, 2011 · · most popular, visions & prayers

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Blanca Iris says:

Ive been having such awful days lately. Its 6am Az time…. I couldn’t sleep all night. I was having bad dreams that were making me cry. I heard my phone beeping and saw this message…. I feel like you just spoke to me. Its amazing how can lift someones spirit. This message couldnt have came at a better time. Thank you for sharing such amazing words.