MY GOSPEL OF FEMININE LEADERSHIP / Part 2 | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser


continued (If you have missed part 1, here is the link.)

In India people say the divine mother has 108 names through which she expresses her wildness and abundance. A Japamala is a prayer chain that flows over the fingers when reciting mantras to shift body, mind and soul. It has 108 pearls for each beautiful, eternal aspect of the divine, plus one for the Guru, symbolizing the oneness of everything.

As my Gospel of feminine leadership continues, it forms itself into 108 steps honoring the sacred numbers and rhythms.

I have tried it out, now it’s your turn: just recite the steps as loud as you like, or mix them up, or just pick one as an affirmation. My flow organized these into their current alignment. Create your own flow. Be in-spirit!

The prayer chain continues, just as our generation will succeed by moving forward. We are the change we have been waiting for.

36 more steps

For the balance of the feminine.

  1. Read the signs.
  2. Business is a dance. Are you a passionate tango lead or a graceful ballerina? A drummer or softly flowing leader? Each of us has her/his own rhythm of succeeding and flowing with the universe. We continue to work on new forms of work and flow with each other. The universe is our dance teacher through the evolution.
  3. Effortless is surrender.
  4. Hunting for authenticity, not for celebrities. Knowing that hidden among our shadows lives the light that we shy away from (and thus our embedded power), we challenge our weakness to polish our potential and our envy to love our own genius.
  5. God is our best business advisor.
  6. Learn to read the inner map. Remember we were all born with a perfect master plan, our celestial mission. We have engraved knowledge about it in our inner map. We remember the decoder. We trust the miracle to … Flash!!!!
  7. Travel your inner landscape. Open new rooms. Integrate. All life form starts within. It will never be perfect, but will always be whole.
  8. Curiosity. Never stop learning. I always say the day I end my curiosity to master what I Iove, I will die. Not physically, but in my passion. Not learning is dying.
  9. Right timing: Sense timing like temperature. Our skin knows. Time freezes, warms up, gets hot when the time is right. We can sense it in our ovaries, its flow, all based in synchronicity. (synchronicity timing)
  10. Emotional leadership is continuously hooked into the source of all power. Within its reaches, we trust (rather than doubt) and our impulses are welcomed as essential tools of the progress.
  11. R-evolution.
  12. Generosity is gold.
  13. We are connected. Connected to collective knowledge is a pool. A divine master plan enrolls itself. Step by step. Trust each step.
  14. You do not know the ending. Just know the next step with excitement. The universal master plan is always fortuned and favored.
  15. Experiment is investment. Risk failure and success.
  16. Follow the process, not the result.
  17. The path is the joy. This moment is the fulfillment.
  18. Forgiving is our daily ritual. We are humans and we will make mistakes again and again.
  19. Knitting teaches us how to create meaning. Weaving teaches us how to connect.
  20. Be brutally honest. Honor the other one with respect and truth.
  21. We are mothers of business. We give birth to ideas. We grow them inside first. Then we deliver them, nourish and protect them. We have no goals or wishes of our own; we know that divine seeds grow organically into perfection. We are just the gardeners and fairies. We stay open to receive. Openness is our highest resource.
  22. Tolerance is our dignity. The future we belong to investigates the creation of new life forms beyond dogma and fanaticism. All religions are extensions rather than limitations.
  23. Divine laws of creation: We break rules. We do not make them.
  24. Qualities: We allow our genius to shine, our divine gifts to be shared, and our resources to be nourished and connected.
  25. We share proudly the state of continued growth, not the end result.
  26. Beauty is the essence of our purpose.
  27. Abundance for everybody. The universe knows better than we do.
  28. You have a magic sword. Use it!
  29. Say no when self-love demands it. Even to the divine.
  30. When ego wants to interfere, we need to break through love’s barriers even more gently.
  31. We live in seasons. We know them and feel their energies. Transitions are passages that allow us to let go of what’s dying. We give birth to the new in the midst of the breakdown of the old.
  32. Devotion is fuel. Give without asking.
  33. Ritualize: Your work space is your temple. Your heart is an Altar.
  34. The soft and the tough attitudes unite the contradictions. Whatever is needed, we have learned enough to know when to dissolve in surrendering softness and when to rally with pointed toughness.
  35. Reaching out for the stars! A fresh take on ambition.
  36. A culture of independent, self-determined entrepreneurs. Building up independent cultures, greenhouses of creativity, uniqueness, authenticity and just being who we are.

As a mantra prayer is continued,

the Gospel will be accomplished too…

In wild Love