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Let us introduce ourselves.

Shomani’s Vision: Body Healing Arts

Shomani Elimger lives and works in Freiburg. She is the mother of 3 wonderful children and a holistic clinic. She loves the life of a wisdom loving shaman, enchanted herb witch, truth warrior and meditating Buddha being when the children cause havoc.

My life in the world of herbs

Herbs and healing plants exist quite unremarkably by the wayside. Silent. Embedded in nature. You recognise them only when you sink into a different world. A world of concentration, silence, listening to nature. Suddenly you see them and they talk to you.

Being seen

For 5 years we lived next to a small plum tree that kept its fruits to itself. One day I walked through the grass, looked inward and examined the tree closer: “What a beautiful tree you are” and I smiled at it. A gentle breath of wind caressed us. Suddenly I saw a violet shimmer under the leaves. I came closer and saw that the tree carried beautiful, ripe fruit. My little son and me were allowed to harvest them. They were given to us in love. They were the best plums we have ever eaten.

I spoke with the neighbours who had lived there for 20 years. No one ever saw the fruit and so they fell to the ground year after year. In silence, in contact with the small tree, it showed itself with its nourishing, healing power. That was a big lesson for me.

When we lovingly turn towards the secret world, new unexpected gates open up leading to a world of love, of pleasure and healing. A mythical world with dwarfs, fairies and water beings that protect the plants.

Nature and me

These days it is my greatest pleasure to dive into these worlds and create delicious wild herb menus, bath salts, lotions and healing oils. One day I chat to a water nymph, the other a dwarf chases me away. All in unity with nature. We want to return to nature and feel this world, as archaic as it might be, with all our senses.

Another aspect of nature, which we incorporate in the Nature Spa, is the power to express your being. When I walk through the forest, I continue to be surprised by how artistic nature really is. Dew drops on the flower of a nestle, leaves in the wind. Branches that look they were painted.

There I sit in a clearing. Around me bright green fern. I lie down and above me the beech leaves dance in the sun light. I breathe in deeply and feel embraced by the beauty and art of creation. Art is part of creation, nature continues to show us.

It is indispensable that you express your being. We want to give space to our soul. We don’t feel comfortable when we are viewed as functional only. We want to be seen in our beauty. In our creative being as goddesses.

Body healing arts connects our soul with the expression in the outside world. We paint something in connection with our soul power and living art is created that expresses our inner self. This is wonderful. Nothing has to be hidden in dark corners. There is nothing that cannot find expression. Love or anger or joy or frustration. Through art, we discharge emotions. We heal ourselves by allowing everything that cannot be expressed through language a way out in other ways. This is deep healing. Like in nature. Nature heals itself, every day. Mother Earth continuously shows us her artistic expression of emotion. Here a thunderstorm, there a breathtaking sea of flowers. Here an earthquake, there a dolphin that playfully circles a boat.

This is expression. This is nature. We are nature.
That’s why we open a holy space for women.
A space for creativity that wants to be filled
with your art.
The art of the goddess in you!

Me for you. The Nature Spa.
Return into your body.
Here is your temple.

Close your eyes and feel healed, feel wild, feel free, feel beautiful! No conventions, no rigid images. You are a goddess, created from God. You are allowed to be. You are whole! You are heaven! You are earth! You are an angel and you are a devil – it doesn’t matter because you are FREE.

The Nature Spa opens up a new old world that allows us to feel secure. That is my greatest wish. That’s why I live spirituality because it leads us back to ourselves and opens up a different world. That’s why I love the Nature Spa because it connects the beauty of woman, the artist and the goddess with nature!

In healing love,

15 to 20 September 2012

Book your place: only 10 women can join us for this extraordinary experience in autumn. Until 30 June,
you can be an Early Bird.

The Nature Spa

Healing of the feminine soul in the hands of nature and creativity

for women by women

or book your place per mail


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