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I must say I am indignant. Now that the New Age community has learned all the spiritual vocabulary, some people think they can throw it around carelessly.

So tweets like:

“May Karma take care of it,” shock me. Really.

Attention warning-k

“Karma is a bitch. She might kick you in the ass instead.” twitter

Name-calling or blaming the Gods of the law of Karma is the worst thing to do: you’re opening a new threat with Karma. It will immediately “fire back.” Moreover, you need to consider if perhaps your own Karma plan is activated. And…

: Ask deeper

Why is this my life?
How did I attract this?
Why did I create it?

You made the call first.

Everything in your life is made by you.

You created it on a level you may have forgotten. Our obliviousness is a blessing and curse.

We are not powerless victims; we are powerful creators of our destiny.
Which we can change in one instant with the right enlightening insight.
One slip into the ocean of the divine is enough to dissolve burdens of our souls.

Look, Karma is the law of reaction.

What we seed, we will harvest.

Once in India I was told a story that made the Law of Karma so transparent for me:

In Tibet they say, “If you walk by a beggar and look at him with pity you risk being a beggar in your next life.”

What is the teaching?

First: Karma is not a punishment.
Karma is the glue that holds the universe together. It creates gravity that holds us on earth and makes sure the sun rises each and every day.

Second: What we think is what we create.
So our thoughts are seeds. twitter
A good dharma is to just follow all your thoughts through the day and ask yourself: Where will you lead me? twitter

Third: Most do not remember their former lives, and they do not understand their implications for today.
We all have a story older than this life.
“There is no saint without a past. There is no sinner without a future.“ – Babaji

So I wonder,
before we curse others with subtle judgment or even cursing Karma…

… we should remember

In the end it is all about how much we are willing to love.
In the end it is all about how much we are willing to grant generosity.
In the end it is all about how much we are in the bliss of gratitude.



In my world, and according to my cosmic understanding and living, there is no waste. To each question, problem or search, there is one solution, answer or remedy. It fits like the right top on the pot and the correct screw into its winding.

You are looking for an A to a burning Q?
You need to optimize your spiritual search machine.

You need to spirit Google.

The secret is the filter
you use to tap into the right level.

Ask yourself first:

: Can I solve it within myself? Level A

: Is the solution in the spiritual world? Level B

: Is another person the keeper of my answer? Level C

: Is mother earth the voice of my search? Level D

: Does nature hold my solution? Level E

Trust your sacred heartbeat: it drums when you hit the Jackpot.
And mark with an OM where applicable following your inner trust of knowing.

If your answer is on Level A:

You will find your solution within.
You need to go deeper; ask which chakra level provides the answer.
Dive inside into the corresponding chakra landscape, and receive. Send your Q out into the color and set it free to flow back to you.
(You do not know what chakras are? I can help. Leave a note below.)

If your answer is on Level B:

You will find your grace in your prayer.
Pray for a soulful insight.

For advanced spiritual questioners:
Identify which spiritual experts are your team:
God, Archangels or Angels, Ascended Masters, Fairies and Devas.
They are all connected, so if you hit the wrong mailbox they will lovingly forward your request to the mavens of what you need to know.

For example
One of my Fengshui Clients prayed to Archangel Michael. One day while watching TV I had a clear image that her house was charged with divorce energy of separation. I hesitated to write her; she is a celebrity. I did it anyway. She answered immediately and asked me to help her. As Archangel Michael got the demand on his desk, he knew I was the expert in this field and I would notice and respond to his request.

If your answer is on Level C:

Ask yourself, who is the expert who can help me find the right answer?
Get help. Pay for value exchange and honor how much the time and money your consultant and expert saved you.

If your answer is on Level D:

Lay yourself down on the soil of our Mother in nature, full body extended. Breathe with her. Let her warm energy weave into your body. Let her heart drum pulse your cells. Fill her with your love and grace and make your request, devoted and respectfully. Then do not be surprised how quickly she responds. Most humans keep her under serious underemployment.

If your answer is on Level E:

Fairies, Devas and nature are full of spirits. They helped manifest plant empires and minerals full of remedies. You were advised to address them? Dare to do it, and give them their due respect. Ask what they want from you. (They love presents and often ask me for black tea and rose petals. A friend of mine is always asked for sugar.) Ask where they want it, where the vortex is. Then ask for your solution. It may come in the form of a plant petal, a healing crystal or energies streaming towards you holding your A. It’s worth trying, my best advice comes from this world of magic.

So now go. Pose your Q.
Mark your level. Let it go. Receive fully.

And then come back and share your results in the comments below.

Wild love forever



Increase a thousand-fold
the joy of working together.

Embracing the goal of happily working together
is the ultimate perfection. The future lies in compassion-fueled cooperation, époque shifts and co-creation.

The era of togetherness is a promising bud of talent for a new world. twitter

And look, teamwork is more fun.

“The happiness issue” is definitely a sensitive subject. But where and when you haven’t reached the ultimate level of happiness in teaming up together, you better start taking action to uplift hearts. We cannot afford to create another generation of unhappy young professionals.

This is the greenhouse for assured happy creation.
For me the magic happens when generation Y meets generation A.

Generation A
The archetypes.
The first-born. The original. The first creation.
Those are called the old Gods. They were there from the beginning and have imprinted powerful codes of feminine and masculine creation power in all worlds.


The story of how my personal assistant Angel (of Generation Y)
improved our time management and co-work 1000%

Look for wisdom in the place that sucks the most. twitter

What to do when generations clash?

This is it: Notice.
Crisis is the best starting ramp.

La Lumiére life:

We were sure. There were to be no more team meetings on Monday mornings.

My assistant and I both ionized a perfect avoidance strategy, but we had to admit that the ritual of Monday morning meetings sucked. Vastly. We prayed to our gods. We had done our “what we are grateful for, blah blah blah” routines, and it still sucked. The moment we sat down to start our weekly team meeting to coordinate our work, the energy was unbearable. The body knew: Please, I want to get out of this.

I tried everything I could try.
I invented better plans, basic affirmation recipes to improve our teamwork and create more happiness.

Now I must admit I am a high-quality fetishist. I give my best, always. We do it great or not at all. Mediocrity sucks.

And I love the tension of the gap between where we are and where we want to be. It creates high-voltage energy for change. But we were deepening the differences between how I flow with greatness and how my team flows with greatness.

The last trick in my hat was to turn to Plan B.

My Plan B:

(Full disclosure: this must have been a channeled and highly-divine intervention that was tired of my Self.)

After years of managing the improvement of it all, I gave up and said:

Ok Parasi, now you work it out. You have 2 days to find a better solution for timing, meetings, and information transfer between us.”

: How we can have so much fun in meetings that it blows our mind?
: How can we have a flow that nourishes self-contained joy?
: How can we build a bridge of transparency between two brains stitched and woven by different kinds of genius?

Here’s what she came up with and what we still do.

: We have a walk in nature for team meetings.
: We have times of uninterrupted work, wherein each of us is responsible for our work.
: Each of us determines her own work flow.
: We have designated ending points of when we want to get our work out to the world.

We still work and improve.
I learn about teaming and togetherness every day.
I want to socialize in my work and business.
For me there are many happy, cozy moments.

And each next time I crash into things that suck?
I honor the wisdom of my team.

I just say to the troublemaker: “Ok, find a new idea and propose a solution.”
The cause of the cause is the solution.
For me and for them.

We want to give birth to a new society. We do it for a generation’s worth of happiness. So we are in charge of making a daily sweep to turn old patterns into new creation.


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We need a new understanding of time and space. Witness personal and collective burnouts, banking crashes, atomic pollution, and environmental imbalance. To turn the ship around, we need to be willing to bravely rebind ourselves to the rhythm of creation. When we realize we are the evolution, we start with our small universe to belly-breathe with the infinite universe.

6 steps to create like
the gods and goddesses

Synchronize your creation with the big creation. Rock your dreams.

We expand constantly. Knowingly or unknowingly, our cells vibrate with the universe and with God. When we remember this truth, we will know what we want to create consciously.

Our time beats loudly.

Once there was silence. One source. OM.

Step one: Innovation

The truly NEW comes from the core of the cosmos. There the inspiration of the divine is born; they have been there since the beginning. Inspiration is ripe to be picked when we are ready.

You are looking for Innovation?

: Slow down. Decelerate your life for a while, until silence surrounds you. Then connect to the core of the cosmos. Feel the silent fire of creation. The best ideas come from God. The new cycles are open. We are in the middle of the new.

Step two: Dynamic cycles

Our role models are the stars. Stars are dynamic beings: they are born, they evolve, they die. Stars explode out of clouds of material under immense pressure like a firework and they collapse with dramatic energy. Their dynamic is our inspiration.

You want to be a creative rock star?

: What star-cycle are you in right now?

Giving birth: What wants to be born? What wants to expand? Hold the pressure.

Evolve: Care, nurture, improve, love, trust, believe, flow, build the bliss of each moment.

The climax of fulfillment: the beautiful end
And collect.
Ask yourself what in your life and business has given itself up to serve and is now completed. Like a star sinks her nuclear power into the invisible when she shines the brightest. She knows when to prepare to be reborn.

What in your life has exhausted its fuel? What has no fire anymore, and wants to be released? What do you try to artificially keep alive in your work life, your relationships, your memories, your productions, your livelihood, your home?

Step three: The cosmic rhythm

The cosmos maintain herself with elegant balance. When she grows just slightly too quickly, just a calculation away, she can explode with vast destruction. When she grows too slowly, she runs a risk of imploding.

You want to swing with the song of Shiva Shakti?

: Feel the pulse of the heart of the creation, God’s heart. Feel the rhythm. OM. Recognize the source, the sacred dance. Artificial speed is destruction; deliberate hesitation means collapse.

Recognize the rhythm of your soulplan’s blooming and the soulplan of each project you create. The sacred heart will always offer you recognition of the right moments to bring our life and structures forward.

Remember how you were created: therein lies your creation rhythm.

Step four: Infinite expansion

The law ruling this universe, the one that lives in all her interactions, is freedom.
The freedom of accidents and coincidences. The cosmos creates with childish playfulness and savors the freedom of possibilities. Yet it all still makes sense. The greatness of a star lies in his destiny. The planets need coherence and the elegant beauty of complexity. The universe lets herself be surprised by evolution and never loses her divine law.

You want to shy away from your light?

: Our duty is to give meaning to life. Life comes into existence when we tune into evolution. Turn the radio on. Listen. Create. Develop. Reinvent yourself at each new level of your evolution. Dive into the nakedness of being and be willing to rebirth yourself forever.

Who is your spiritual family?
What qualities and characteristics describe the stardust you derive from?
Dive into it and describe it. Bring them down to the earth. Your resurrection awaits you on a daily basis.

Step five: Destruction

The meaning of death is woven into the heart of the universe. We have to revive a new meaning of transformation.

You want to create?

: Ask yourself, “What do I have to destroy?” Go deeper and dare.
Recognize yourself as co-creator and ask, “What has to die to give birth to the new?”

Innovation grows at the edges.
Chaos is the beginning.
You own the power of change.

Step six: Vision

We witness an era of endings as the familiar vanishes in front of our eyes. A new creation is rearing up in front of us. Many people are clueless in the light of the groundless. Our resources are exhausted.

Want to gain new energy?

: You play an essential role in the history of this universe and this earth.
They do not teach the universe in universities. You are entitled to own your sacred space.

In the times of new beginning, chaos reigns and many things run together.

It all begins with a vision.

The universe was born as one.
We began this journey with a dream.

What is your vision for the new Age?
What is your place in the new Age?

The one only you can be.


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Thank you, love.


You are my loyal reader. I think of you with every thought I pour into my writing.

When I started out on a journey with the thefemalegrail.com I was full of ideas about feminine Christianity, Jesus The Book and new visions. I was naive and full of “let’s do it” energy.

What I have begun changed my life. So silently it took over me and required two years to understand. These thought have grown and become more adult.

We need to try on our thoughts from time to time to see
if they still fit.


Three nights ago I woke up suddenly and my inner wolf woman lay by my bedside guarding me. She slipped into my body and I wore my fur with pride. My inner vision turned 360 degrees.

I woke knowing that things want to change.

New beginnings are why we breathe.

I love “cul de sacs” and impassable passages. When you find yourself in a dead-end street you have to go back to the road that leads to your goal.

I sink my feet even deeper into the ground and feel that the NOW is my highest teacher. I decide to walk blindly into my world till new visions arise. Everything I meet here is a challenge for growth.

I have become a writer. But my life was not a writer’s life till now.
I need to change my habit of creativity and timing.
I love to walk in the dark and remember to trust my instinct.
I believe in clarity of intentions and goals.
New space grows there.


Thefemalegrail.com will be on hiatus for a while.

Whenever we enter a new stage in our life, we die and are reborn at the same time. Finding one’s own sacred voice is another rebirth, one of millions whenever a new era starts.

Thefemalegrail.com is another rebirth for me.

As promised I will always come back. See you there.

Love always


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How to know which vision to go for.

Right now we get the craziest ideas just before falling asleep or just upon waking. The veils are thinner since we called for new visions for this earth. The web of life is knitting a lot of yarn. We are exposed to a vision shower. Ideas pop down from heaven like comets of grace. It’s a universe overdose.

My brain feels like a blackjack jackpot. My visions are sketched out in a two-year plan that lives an Evernote folder called “New Visions.” I will focus on writing “Write Your Future Book” for three months and translate it into English, launch it in October while planning “Write Your Future Book Live” (days of high-voltage creation in May 2014) and a women’s conference in 2015: SHE EXPLODES HER UNIVERSE. I decided I want it all.

However, some of our ideas take years to come true, even longer than the lifetime of our desires. Without obligation to lifelines (my word for deadlines), they can take ages to mature, like grapes on a good vine. And some never come to fruition and burn down like shooting stars.

See, ideas are manifest creation and flow freely. Ideas can fly as free agents, but some visions have destinies that are bound inextricably to our own. Heavenly ideas are made with purpose: their goal is realization.

Cool your smoking brain.
Let me show you how to systematize soulfully and identify ideas for hot pursuit.

Your Status Quo Manifestation Map

Here’s a piece of business advice for your idea. Start by picking the right one at the right time. Put the others into a waiting line.

You need:
: blank paper
: a pen
: a space open to you and your soul
: 20 minutes for you and your pleasure

Where is your idea right now? This exercise helps to locate where a vision is in the Universe and follow its destiny.

The process:

: Get clear on which idea you want to locate. Take it one at a time. Give it a symbol, a name or initials. For example, for YOUR FUTURE BOOK, I use #YFB.

: Draw a circle to symbolize mother Earth in the center of the paper.
Make it as round as she is.

: At the top of the sheet, draw a symbol for heaven, God, the throne of God, the Universe, the higher source. I like to use a crown as my symbol. Leave enough space for your visions in between heaven and mother Earth.

: Bring your idea into your mind. Now move your awareness to your belly. Check the feeling and instinctively put the pen on the sheet where the idea is right now. Draw your idea there.

: Where is the idea? It might still be up in the Universe, down on earth, or somewhere in between. The degree of its closeness to earth will give you information about whether it is wise to:

: wait
: get it going, or
: address what is there to do before you can start making it real.

(When I first did this while finding a publisher for Jesus The Book & The Series it opened my eyes. The book was right in the middle between heaven and earth. I was able to understand: You must wait, the seeds are still sprouting in mother Universe.)

:: Ask: who supports this idea? Who helps you?
: Draw your spiritual guides on the sheet. You will feel their support.
: Draw the people who support this idea on the sheet. Where are they?
: Feel the energy of how they support you and write it on the sheet.

There is nothing to manipulate or change.
Ideas grow naturally.
Observing the status quo is eavesdropping on the sounds of growth.

(I see spiritual support for my books. Some first followers and helpers for Jesus The Book & The Series are in North America. My best business advice was to expand my love across continents. This is the beginning. New York twinkles.)

: Now write, draw or paint whatever else comes to your mind that is important to know. Analyze the insight. Receive.

You can do a Status Quo Manifestation Map for each idea. It will show you if an idea is growing nearby or off in the distance. You can also ask about time and note it on your sheet. When will this idea start to manifest? When is the time to plan, concretize and ship it?

I wish you a lot of fun with this; it is a really effective method.
Just in case, some images to help spark your imagination.

My Status Quo Manifestation Map for the #YFB



The fall of to-do lists.

My garden is my master of time. She is in an eternal state, shifting blooms from tension to rigidity, from breaking forms to beauty.

I asked her: “How do you understand time?”
“In cycles of obeisance: from suppleness to realization.” She sings.

We have to revolutionize our relationship with time. There is never quite enough time. We have no time, not enough time, all the time. Time and space define our life. But have we defined them?

“I need to cross items off my lists,” I say to my garden.
She just daydreams and creates anyway; she does not even take me seriously.
“Oh yes, oh yes,” she says. “I will ask the flowers. They may know.”

Turning my productivity into creation.

Each morning I am thrilled by the universal flow. Shivers in showers.
So many great ideas fall into my imagination every day. Too many, too much.
I want to know which is the right idea to pursue.

Here is a recipe that guides me in flowing through with my day with relaxation.


(To start my day and not spoil it from the beginning.)

In the morning I sing the Subrabatham chant. This song awakens God within. Sanskrit makes ma souls swing. I am there.


I flow. A golden and peaceful river of perfection.
There I dream in accomplishment of my day’s tasks.
POPS of joy. Fulfilled.

I ask: What wants to be fulfilled today?

I make a soft structure. Little anchors of the day.
Feel what wants to be done at what time of the day.
Become a river. You will reach the destinations.

I start my day. Flow. Listen for ways to add innovation and creativity. Charge up my resources. Think: wholeness, relaxation, expansion, and clarity in lifelines. Time expands. I pray with the moments; the details are my meditations now.

Not more than 3 in a day. I celebrate each one.
Flow into them until they’re filled up. I want POPs of JAYs. More.

When I fall out, am stressed, overwhelmed, disorganized, I go back to my garden, saying: “We have to start from the beginning. Be patient with me. I promise I am a devoted disciple.”

She offers me a flower.
To me flowers symbolize enlightenment, revolution, regeneration and global thriving.

By naming flowers as tools for time management, I push forward this conversation.

May my secret awaken your secret means of lifting your projects into full potential, to flow divinely every day.

Let us flow.



I will be speaking about “realizing you.”
22, 23 February 2013

Women Shaping the Future of India
A Woman’s Leadership Event

Meet you in India. We’ll be rocking the future.
For more details click here.


My dear. I still fear disappointing you. Stay with me.

Close to the heartbeat of Zeitgeist, we break through the machinery of production. Many stars cracked open already, and we have decided to rise beyond convention. We need to stay with our values to create the essence of something new. We have to stop producing and start creating.

Moreover, I refuse to create for the sake of pleasing. When we pretend we will lose every time. I will stay tight, lean, focused. The aliveness hurts so good.

I will never resign my seemingly-paradoxical work of marrying Jesus the Book & The Series with business life. I can never bridge the paradox of being an addicted specialist – a mystic visionary – and being fractured by the hustle of online business.

I work from heaven down to earth. Following the circle of creation is a bold choice not to please for pleasure. I still do not believe in broadcasting mechanically, only with trustworthiness and reliability.

Come out when you are ready.
Be unpersuasive and vulnerable.
Keep the space open.

Our book proposal is now our love proposal for this world. After month of sweet holy asceticism, I am home and it’s completed. Jesus The Book & The Series’ #bookplan left me with bliss. I was writing daily, guided by Your Big Beautiful Book Plan a la Linda Sivertsen and Danielle LaPorte.

In the span on one month I have passed through each circle of devoted inspiration, humility, avidity, mastery and disillusion. My head is still a vacant place. My spirit is open, filled with a new space of creation. I have never felt so good. I am a #desire map.

Try it. Dedicate yourself to one thing for one month. Celebrate liberation.

Writing down my vulnerability
(finally, a foreword for the books)

Forword for Jesus The Book

There is a chapter of love where the ink never dries.
– STING, The Book Of My Life

I do not believe in you, Jesus,” was my first reaction when he appeared to me in a splash of light at the age of 24. I had turned into a non-believer after many heartbreaking disappointments in the church’s fraud and dogma. My spirit was revolting for freedom and aliveness. But he had already turned my life upside down. Twenty years later I hear myself saying: “I remember precisely my first encounter with him…” It was the beginning of my story of walking with Jesus 2,000 years ago.

When everything – or the truth of how it really was – is lost, someone has to walk through time and space to remember the real story. As Jesus once did, I am here to start a revolution.

I was born with a rebellious head and a raw heart that stores the memories of thousands of years. For years my favorite fairy tale was the Children’s Bible my Great-Grandmother used to read me, holding the fire of her own images. I was there. I longed to know what it felt like to “be live on” the times of Jesus and feel how he really was.

I was raised Catholic but I rebelled from religious education at 14 when it slipped out of my mouth: “Mary was everything, but no Virgin.”

Filled with pride, my wild hot truth was saturated. My music teacher found me silently sitting in the church. Alone. She asked me: “What are you doing here?” I told her, “When the noisy thoughts of the people are gone, I can hear him talking.” I was 15.

Saints are for the church. But we are on the trail for an intimate and vivid relationship with Jesus Christ. He was a feminist, a revolutionary against the establishment and fraudulent political order, and an inspired spiritual activist. He was love and when one was on his radar it was impossible to resist his charm. His presence transformed us all.

This book had to be written. I was privileged to be the first person on this planet to read it. But before all that, I had to follow my own prophecy and re-meet Agni, the man I was married to by Jesus himself. He is my master and reminded me of all I know. He believed I could read the Akasha and threw me in the deep end. I was re-reading my own sacred chronicles.

You have to trust me. If you do, I can take you with me into my vulnerable story. I had to walk the unbelievable. I deliver the miracles I have lived. When I opened the first chapter I was reading the intimate and still new. Reading my story from the Akasha unshackled my memory. I desired it: the tastes, the textures and the moods. Now I remember it all. How it was.

Jesus The Book is my personal memories of Jesus’ real stories. Let me lend you my senses and feelings to read and watch Jesus The Book in 3D. Experience Jesus close up as never before. This book is my personal heart’s treasure. My prayers are out: May your personal Jesus rise.

And more…

Forword for Jesus the forgotten Years

In the silence she appears through the dark blue mists. Close up to her face. She is peaceful and serious. Unaffected she walks. Her eyes are lowered in prayers. The camera pans out a wider view. More than two hundreds people walk down the steeped hill. Their faces are frozen, some cry, some utter their benediction. The camera is still with her. She comes nearer a dark knight: She searches his eyes enquiring, but he stares into the pyres burning and waiting. His face is marked with disgust. She stops in front of him and before he can prevail she falls on to her knees before him. Her people’s voice rises to praise the Lord. The roar of the lion was heard trough their tender light of purity when she murmured: “I forgive you, my worst enemy,“ before she ascended the fire herself.

When I opened the first page in the Akasha to read the sequel to Jesus The Book, I froze. I found myself in the year 1244 in South France during the final days of the Cathars. The popularity of their teaching was a thorn in the flesh of the church and the King of France. A dark crusade moved out to literally extinguish the roots of the pure believers. The last surviving Cathars fled the blood-letting to Montsegur where they finally were burnt after starving and refusing to renounce their faith. Mysteries were woven about their manuscripts and treasures, which were never found.

Dan Brown often mentions that the Cathars preserved the secret of the marriage of Jesus to Mary Magdalene.

Landing in the thick of this darkness shackled my emotions and cut my voice. For three months I refused to go back to the readings, from which our books are first recorded. I lacked not forgiveness but understanding. My beloved and heartfelt truth was reviled in those days and the life roots I planted in those soils was to be extinguished. I had to feel the hate leveled against me. I desired and suffered from my core, reliving this life in South France.

Death and suffering are woven into the very heart of this Universe. Dying as an act of living service to a greater community is an act of passion. The power to refuse to pass on suffering is our legacy from Jesus himself. We have to make big decisions. Today.

In spite of the wave of doubt in my heart I heard my name. I needed to know that this book would glue together the forgotten sacred history without letting it fall apart once again. That it would offer connection and comfort to our entrusted reader. We have the power of participation in this life on earth. Each of us has the power to make difference. The day I decided to “walk the pain” was the day I went back to our readings.

Even so, feeling alone is a suffering stigma on our immaculate heart. It teaches me to cross the boundaries and break the walls of my loss. Each page I was reading from heaven down to earth shredded my heart. I took the risk. I chose aliveness.

From 1244 in the last days of the Cathars, the legacy of Jesus The Forgotten Years was to build the bridge in a fading world of desperation. The teachings of Jesus and his God are still blooming in secret lands hidden away from the church. I read for the need of healing.

I walked through my memories of Mary Magdalene and me left alone in this land after Jesus’ crucifixion. We had to fight with a normal life, facing problems that women have still today. Mary Magdalene was pregnant. Jesus had survived and traveled to India. Mary Magdalene had to walk through her sadness. As women do for each other, I walked with her. Other women of the sacred circles came to join us. We supported each other there, trying to remember how to raise the light in a desperate world.

I had to walk this book. We have to stop to reserving our stories for special occasions. We rob others’ grace when hiding the art of pain. Big visions grow at the edges. When we stop wanting it all, it all begins. Love takes shape in the wild silence of destructive beauty.

One real reader is enough to affirm why you do what you do. Thank you Althea Treakle-Provost for offering me salvation when you posted this on Facebook:

“I grow tired of reading books the repeat the saga between the light and dark, and how the light must yield so the darkness may continue its power play. Even a short sentence that hints of such saga is enough for me to close the book and offer the symbolic yawn.

Today, I began to read your book on a Nook, a gift from Tim. Double blessings. Aleka, my daughter back from Costa Rica came into room, crawled into bed and unbeknownst to me was silently reading along. The page, just so happened to read in Oneness. Aleka offered her heart felt agreement. My heart felt the full measure of your words, as they mirror the depth within my heart. Thank you. A gift indeed.”

We have to trust each other. I need to be honest with you.

Wild love



(*also for men who are ready to live life to its all.)


I finally found her after searching for the crème on top of feminine leadership. I met her in the wild mountains of Santa Fe. She said: “I am your forgotten Empress. I do not rule this wider world, but I do rule your world.” She completes my Gospel of feminine leadership, continued (If you have missed part 1 or 2, here are the links.)

Dedicated to the forgotten empress

  1. You are a sovereign empress of your kind. You know your empire: it is an impermeable empire of authenticity. You have the power to say no and to invite. You safeguard your boundaries and borders. You powerfully protect your tribe and promote their self-realization. In your empire every soul finds its own place of bliss.
  2. You are a creative new breed. You build empires and show others to do the same. Empires of fresh content and uniquely inspired ideas, desires, glamours, magnetism. Wishcraft reigns. You harness white magic powers.
  3. You are creating a new world. Your vision: A better future our children can be proud of. Creation. Value. Innovation. You show up and shine. You are a revolutionary, life-changing force. You are the dawn of all and you know how to experience, relax and receive. No reproduction, always creation.
  4. You are a wild sister of God. You were born with a prophecy. You awaken. You become aware. You grant presence. You are clear on the purpose of your prophecy: to hold a lifelong, shameless conversation with God.
  5. Your empire’s stars shine bright and inspire others to create a better life. You are your own teacher. You know all the answers; the answers are in you. If not, you know who carries them and can find them. All happenings are part of your teachings.
  6. Embodied bliss: You embrace sensation and sensuality. You nourish the five senses. You are a mother of fiestas and pleasures.
  7. You are the maverick of evolution. Your power is divine, transforming fear and an impulse to control. Whenever you enter a new stage in your life, you simultaneously die and are reborn. Aligning with your own sacred path is salvation. Your life in all aspects is initiation.
  8. You are life: epiphany and incubation, illumination without words.
  9. You are medicine for the world. With humility you know you heal only a small wounded part of life. You grew the medicine in your soul garden and your potions are distilled from experience. Your healing comes at the beginning of each project, not the end.
  10. You are the sovereign ruler of your inside world. Wherever you walk, inside you remain untouched. From this steady space, your outward love commands respect. You embrace all you are, were and will be, and are forever rooted in light guidance. Your vulnerability is your strength. You listen carefully. It’s your secret.
  11. Grounded in your faith, you just know. In that knowing, you are connected to the source and knowing what to do *right now* is your currency. When you doubt your instincts, you know you are not snapped into your pivot point of faith.
  12. You create your own religion. Your life is your initiation path. You make your recipe: Christianity in its purest sugar with some Hindu spices and Buddhist medicine. You are a visionary, shamelessly. You take what an Empress needs. You know the sources of power. You do not reveal all your secrets. You do not deal in conventions.
  13. You plant your ideas and cultivate gardens of unmatched splendor. God is a genius and had no talent at all for repetition. Uniqueness is your authenticity. You are proud of your individuality, as it will show you who you are. When you do what you love it creates an abundant harvest. Success naturally follows.
  14. You create space for growing and thriving. You contribute love-filled spaces to others’ empires, wiping out falsity, destruction, illusion. Others look to you to create the right environment.
  15. Centered. Whispering silence. You oscillate gently in peaceful waves, receiving calm insights into the heart of the matter. Your greatest resource: listing deeply.
  16. You only leave your empire when the balance of earth and universe is in danger, and even then reluctantly. While you’re gone you crave a return to your own environment. When you walk too far away you feel in danger of getting lost, ultimately forgetting your true purpose. To do so would be like a death; you have to return to your spiritual home to be nourished to health by your tribe.
  17. You fearlessly go into the war zones: Inspiration. Artistry. Information activism.
  18. You are generous, knowing that to give yourself is to give a gift of God. Your generosity comes from your greatness. You give away love, light, community, fun, knowledge, motivation, courage, mystic, depth, focus. An Empress gives away acknowledgement, the feeling of being wanted, needed and loved.
  19. Your mission: to develop a concept in the service of enlightenment and good feelings. In this world money tastes like honey and business feels like worship. You turn real dreams into liquid assets. Doing something exceptional & authentically yours plants a small seed for a happy, enlightened society.
  20. You know that the size of your empire is not what’s important. It’s about YOU having the big picture in mind.
  21. You have faith in divine timing. You do things only when you want to do them, when the time is right. You know that the ripest, juiciest movement happens at the right time. So you expand time; you wait.
  22. She who cares less wins. You are relaxed. You find refuge in faith, trust, and confidence.
  23. You come together with the right people. You foster new collective leadership. You invent and innovate your industry together. Connections are the most precious jewels we share. You pray: May the Universe bless our encounter and give us both the grace to grow.
  24. To you competition is irrelevant. Your origin is your inner space, where there is no competition. You grow with and through others in your tribe.
  25. When others doubt you, you know you will change their minds. They will fall in love with you. You create vast blue oceans. You improve life for others. You are wild, you are highly respected. And your divine visions are needed. So be prepared to make opportunities, to fill them with sacred stories and trends that will change the world.
  26. Your leadership style is based on intimate, peaceful conversation. Associating. Creating acquaintance. You heal the conversation that once stopped.
  27. A master of complexity, you pick the right answer at the moment, and the solution is yours. The next moment may be the contradiction, you know this. Wholeness may be discovered in an instant, so you look to the future, not the past. And you find simplicity in every complexity.
  28. You discover new continents everywhere from your bathroom to your desk, the shopping mall, your friend’s eyes, the clothing you slip into each morning, the smile you wear.
  29. You are blessed with such expansiveness that it is no surprise the limitless number of talents and outlets through which you express it. You do not want to tame it. Harness it into a single voice or message. Meet your wildness with your purpose. Help them fall in love and work together. Create a channel in your life like the Grand Canyon to contain their force, and grant access to the sacredness, beauty, and monument of your messages.
  30. You weave your soul’s dress. Honest, truthful, ethical. Live long and remain curious. You maintain your stainless ethical core inside and love the wider world passionately. Bow to birth and death in every single moment.
  31. You acknowledge the sacred in the ordinary. You can see the connecting force between all living things, and ordinary rituals take on great meaning. Simply sharing the ordinary wonder of daily existence, taking time to experience life becomes your second nature.
  32. You find spirituality everywhere and in everything: in a scent, a touch or a sphere, in a color as much as in a journey. You make the spiritual in everyday life visible and tangible. You touch on the rare, suspended moments of bliss in which we know why we are alive and celebrate our own existence.
  33. Your future is moldable. You rest in a cradle of opportunities. An eternal dream activator, you fiercely protect your sacred inception times. You embrace the magic of the moment and the fluid currency of bliss.
  34. You write the script for your life’s movie. You are the actor, not the re-actor. Enjoy the costume, the scenery, the sensory explosion. Give in to seductive enjoyments. Everything you learn you turns into wisdom when you are a conscious participant.
  35. You trust that the universe works for you and you reciprocate with forgiveness. At the end of every single day, you come back to human kindness. You can have it all, but you will never own it. Life’s passion for love dictates the economics.
  36. You are a universal dreamer. Success is a your path of enlightenment. It is the final fulfillment of the dream we were born with. The Universe is abundance. We each carry a pattern inside of what we want to fulfill. You make the ordinary extraordinary.

Om namah shivaya. Endlessly.