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fired up & inspired by Danielle LaPorte

I want my day to feel like just shaken bottle of rose Champagne inside sparkling love bubbles.

I want kissing to feel like St. Emilion red wine melting on my lips.

I want my next success to feel like Ghandi when he won his nonviolent revolution.

I want my body to feel like immanent power flow in the yoga warrior positions.

I want smiling to feel like exhaling rose scent.

I want my friendships to feel like dusting flower pollen tickling in the nose, honey, sacred heart in flames, a summer night fiesta in south france.
I want my nervous system to feel like warm golden sacred oil flooding my skin.

I want my gigs to feel like dancing in the center of a vortex, the eye of a tiger, shaking hands with everyone, with the mesmerizing love of Jesus.
I want my neighborhood to feel like a juicy ashram life.

I want my integrity to feel like grace.

I want my money-making to feel like a river that finds his sea.
I want my word to feel like a sword forged of love.

I want my laughter to feel like a belly tickled by sunshine.

I want the end of the day to feel like mother earth when she rests in the arm of the stars.

I want being of service to feel like a cornucopia.
I want my philanthropy to feel like the dancing Durga showering peaceful Shakti.
I want my challenges to feel like my greatest opportunities.
I want my love to feel like a daily honoring each other.
I want my writing to feel like a kiss of the muse, forgetting my self, surfing on stardust.
I want my ideas to feel like being irresistible.

Danielle LaPorte’s firestarter sessions was my initial start for
“I just think it’s fucking hot.” …
I did not need more to kindle the sacred fire.

Her Q’s are shaping the diamond and brings the YES I WANT & YES I KNOW HOW to the surface.
The burning Q’s are essential. I did them. I recommend them to all my friends & clients.



we are healing inside.
heaven & earth are melting within.

give birth to your soul.

chaos outside. 
transformers wait.
resting inside.

everything will make perfect sense.

give yourself room.
pray. heal. take each other home.
trusting the beauty.

Photo: Georgia O’Keefe

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2012 is destined to turn our dreams into luxury. Designed to enrich the happiness project: another earth.

A devotional letter to my tribe.

Holy mother!!! The universe means us! Yes you! Let us start now!

My personal 2012 started with what I call my personal Fukushima. My inner fire withdrew me from currency. All of the sudden I was standing there in my full light and all my left behind most ugly shadows showed up disguised as inner and outer saboteurs. I became awfully sick and my heart decided to stand still one night, until I wished to receive recognition. I took refuge to my inner knowledge and lighted fires in the dark nights and prayed. I devoted my tears to the Divine Mother of all.

Soul space clearing and visions



Withdraw and receive.
Choose both.
Willpower is limited.
Sovereignty is gold.
Stare holes into the dark night sky.

Wait and see.
Destiny unveils itself.
Skin sensations of a life-wave shower.

Let your soul swing freely.
Learn to see in the dark.
Enlarge your glass.
The bigger, the more reality you can see.
Grow the authentic.
Turn willingness into a sacred fire.

Expect miracles.


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Blast your future free.
(whenever something does not run the way it really should)

I was recently in Carmel, California with three other heroines. Together with Linda Sivertsen we dreamed into existence our winning book deals. They were four effervescent retreat days with embodied muses, wonderful stories and my “book shaman” Linda.

Of course I dream of Jesus the Book and the rest of the series landing a great book deal and becoming a bestseller. Every author does, just as a mother always thinks her child is the most beautiful and talented. I do.

The morning we left I woke up and before SHE could steal away unseen in the invisible world again, I sneaked a peak of her vanishing out of twilight. The shadow of her flowing robes had my immediate attention and I followed her traces deep into my inner worlds.

Voices from the secret chamber started to kindle.

“Nobody wants to read this book; no soul is interested in the real story of Jesus.
In fact, Jesus is not fancy enough for this world.
You will never find a big audience who loves what you burn to love.
Your heart-piece will never be as juicy and cool in the eyes of today’s world as it is for you.
You were always persecuted for your beliefs. What could possibly make today any different?”

I had secretly followed the “Goddess of Negativity” into her empire.
She is a goddess of illusion, seducing us to complain about our life circumstances. (more…)


While financial markets crash around the world, those with powerful visions of a new way forward are taking part in amazing events. What these explosive gatherings of world-changing visions have in common: brave individuals making big decisions. And commitment to those bold visions turns impulses into reality.

One of these events just took place in NY and is still glowing. Rich, hot and happy turned some bright lights on in this world. Not by solving anything, but igniting soulful enlightened business. (If you want to walk through the event, here is the photo stream on Flickr)

In simultaneity of grace, parallel coexisting worlds are developing. I really do believe a parallel world is already open; it is now up to us to plug in to it. It’s just a change of perspective to see into a golden network offering divine invitations.

While the heads of heads of state are smoking, apparently finding solutions for a self-created disaster (that is my opinion), rising stars are initiating a parallel Universe and co-creating the Future. I choose to be among them.

You will find us on the Red Carpets of mavens.

We are deeply rooted in our own life’s values. We are compassionate revolutionaries, graceful rebels, crusaders of the unconventional and protectors of sacred Mother Earth.

Spiritually and business find a new collision in the alchemy of our rising role models.
We need new inspiring stars to shine. And they are among us already:

Marie Forleo

 “Luck or talent doesn’t = success – the ability to make a decision does”

Kris Carr “Be the holistic CEO of YOU. Don’t buy into the system – become a self-care revolutionary.”

Julie Cottineau, (former VP Brand for Virgin) “Your brand is not your name or logo. It is a story well told.”

Danielle LaPorte

 “Infuse your insecurities with courage and tell fear to F*** the hell right off.”

Russell Simmons “Work with the Universe and stay in your hustle. Don’t give up.”

And here is my prayer: More of this! Please! I want to be part of these light bombs that virally infuse this world with enthusiasm and passion. Change makers rock!

Make your decisions now:
Plug into the coexisting parallel universe.
Explore the open dimensions of possibilities of grace.
Millions of angels hold the space.
Thousands of masters offer guidance.
Jesus gives mentorship.
Agni the Lord of fire opens the gates of new creations.

Get on board with a leap into a higher dimension and link yourself with an already-existing parallel universe. God’s empire is based on its success.

The universe is waiting for you to take your place.



Dear Lord,

Would it possible
for one moment
to hold the breath of the world?

Then these maniacs have to gasp for breath
and pause for an instant.

Those who have inklings would have breathing room.

The kids could breathe a sigh of relief.

And you would have the opportunity
to refill the quiet openings with beauty.


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Thank you
You are reading this right now. I feel you and your heart beat. Connections are the most precious jewels we share. May the Universe bless our encounter and give us both the grace to grow.

I am so happy to announce the birth seeds of “”
We are online!

Whenever we enter a new stage in our life, we die and are reborn at the same time. Finding one’s own sacred voice is another rebirth, one of millions whenever a new era starts. is a rebirth for me. I am alive. I am ready to put myself in the line of fire.

A letter to the tribe

Hello dearest friends, my tribe, strangers, searchers, finders, followers, interested people, curious people, great souls…

It is my life story that brought me here.

The life story of the Female Grail began when I was 24, when in a splash of light, Jesus appeared to me and ignited a revolution of my life and my Self. Twenty years later, the publication of book number two in a three-part series, Walking with Jesus, is forthcoming, and we have begun recording book number three (more on that soon).

Over these years, I have become a revolutionary myself. The deeper I remember my story, the more my life turns into a blissful journey of world-changing visions and a passionate rebellion for the divine.

Some things I know:

Aligning with our own sacred path is salvation.

Life in all aspects is initiation itself. Self-realization turns our life into a walk of real “ fame” when we remember our heaven.

The is a reminder that the future is now and we have a big opportunity to open a new chapter of humanity on earth, choosing freely our self-defined spirituality.

I am not a Christian. I have experienced the abundance of Christ love and I will share it with you. On the Female Grail blog I will write about the teachings of Jesus how I understood them when I walked with him. I thrive on the memory of the thrilling feelings of those days, when divine love was truly alive.

I adore the Internet as the mirror to our consciousness, with all its possibilities. I see social media as paradigm shift for transparent consciousness, inspirational truth, and the voice of people co-creating our life on earth.


4 will offer you my sacred feminine voice inspiring truth, curiosity for new perspectives about how Cosmic Christ love shifts, ideas for change, my insight from universal downloads, creative inspirations, enlightened business and enlightened life style, offerings that inspire me and my story.

I bow. To you and the divine creation.
Love always,



Instinct and inklings.

A vision of enlightened
feminine Christianity.

A dream of healing conversations
and endless creativity.

When one trembles, you have stolen.
When one melts, you have touched.

Here I begin with a prayer


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