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Because the real one makes all the difference.

You know I am obsessed with visions. Everything begins with a great vision. The earth needs them and we need them to build our world consciously. We need new solutions for the re-balance of society, earth and money.

But is there a difference between visions and visions?

Yes, there is.

Our visions and God realization

We are all born free; we are all divine.
God lives within us, waiting for us, keen to shine like crazy on who we really are.

We are also born with free will.
And mostly we are born to forget who we are.

Visions are there lead us to our God realization.
And to remember who we are.

There are two types of visions.


SELF-MADE IDEAS: The Plan B of Creation
We are able to create many things. We certainly can create visions and lay them on top of our relationship with God. But let me promise you, this is a limited venture. Self-made ideas are not visions; they are made by mind. The hunger will never end, because mind-ideas do not feed what you really crave, just like eating food that does not nourish you.

Self-made ideas have an expiration date. Too many mind-ideas created devastating pollution, the world money crisis, poverty and a particularly human kind of destructive distraction.


IDEAS FROM GOD: The Plan A of Creation
I once heard Donna Karan speaking about how her URBAN ZEN center in New York got started. At her turning point, after her beloved husband died of cancer, she was all alone with his atelier (who was an artist) in their home. The idea suddenly came to her, and was an “idea of God,” as she called it. “You know these kind of ideas!” she said.

This is an example of what I call the real visions. They are born in the heart of God and fallen from heaven. These visions belong to us and God is their promised keeper. The real visions serve you, the universe and humanity from the deepest desire.

Each moment of your life turns into a passion of love and fulfillment. Once you have felt it you know the particular satisfaction: you vibrate, you align, you know. Real visions carry you and you are carried. This is when we become a vessel of God, a channel for the divine.

These real visions will create a new world; in them you find your place and what you are really made for. We need many of them for healing, balance and new solutions.

You are entitled.
You owe it to yourself.
You were born with a vision.
You are desired.

We live in collective dream.

…time to remember.



Ask yourself:
How will I make a difference?

My visions of a new spirituality.
The Future trends of the golden Yuga.

I have something important to show you.
It is important to understand the evolution we live in right now. You need to understand it to recognize its symptoms and its effect on our lives. When we are able to read it and wield it, we can co-create with the heart of the cosmos.

The critical evolution is happening now and affects our everyday lives. When we identify the layers of understanding, it’s easier to open our hearts to a more meaningful expansion of imagination and words.

This involves crucial hope, new models, the significance of remembering, the Shiva-Shakti immersion, the Christ Consciousness grids. Yes, this is big. Our future matters.

And you find it in yourself.

Why now
We are the ones, and we have been waiting for this time. We as humanity have walked together through past evolutions. At one time the old seats of tradition gave us all the knowledge we needed to live within the laws of the Universe, the dharma and the earth’s resources.

But now we are the ones who must hold a conversation between earth creation and the creation of the universe. We were born with the knowledge that only when we bring the two together, the earth-creation and the universe-creation, can we live in harmony and bring to life all that we wish: thriving communities, fruitful environments and sustainable lifestyles.

Ask yourself: How can we work with the earth and Universe so it does not stream against us?

Our time is both a blessing and a challenge.
Everything is popping up at the velocity of our time. It’s a bloom of new visions and rapid shifts amid destructive, outdated systems that we ourselves created.

What is so special about our time?
It’s about everybody. Not as Buddha came, Krishna came or Jesus came, as individuals to shift our minds. We are about to shift humanity with the collective. Everybody will be a leader in their way to create new collaborative communities. We need these in every part of our lives: our partnerships, our society, our ecological systems, how we farm, how we give meaning to money, how we grow as people.

Gratitude is the new religion.
When we surrender fighting the status quo, we can disconnect from the noisy world and enter a moment between the dimensions where everything is right. We will build on that soil, all the while inquiring: “What do we need to heal? What do we need to support that brings forward the life of Universe and Earth together?”

My bigger vision witnesses what is going on in the cosmos:
I am seeing big changes.

: Everybody is rising

Ideas that will not shift the collective will die.
Leaders have to listen and knit together the old seats of tradition and power with new meaning.

: Shiva-Shakti Immersion

Our society has too long ignored the Shiva-Shakti balance. Shiva is the masculine power of creation; Shakti is the feminine power of creation. When Shiva-Shakti do not kiss in eternal union they dance disconnected and fall in succession into self-destruction.

Our world is overpatterned with the masculine. We are in charge of raising up the feminine and re-understanding Shakti from an initiated female leadership. Only then are we are able to uncover truth from deep within.

The rise of the Shiva power in us is actually disoriented, because what we thought was a masculine role has lost potency. So the masculine reaches out with softness. The feminine is too fierce and the masculine too soft.

When we consider how balance is created, we can see that it is first provoked by extremes. But this time we will not experience the feminine becoming so fierce that it becomes self destructive; we will not experience the masculine falling apart.

Instead, we are all part of a bigger evolution. We are rebalancing Shiva-Shakti with new ideas to unify with the universal.

Bringing soft masculine and hard feminine into balance.
A New Masculinism. A New Feminism.

Ask yourself:
How can I balance my Shakti?
How can I balance my Shiva?

Christ consciousness

We are done with healing, transformation, forgiveness. The teachings are connecting us with wholeness now. The love that created the universe and actually holds it together will change our society. Earth herself is rocking the Christ-light from the inside out. This love and the Shakti that was suppressed will change our approach and understanding of ourselves, our business and work, everything.

We have dreamed this cosmic dream together.
We as soul society have dreamt that universe. We mediated in unison on this powerful new dream of a new earth that we have never seen before.

You are part of this collective dream.

The story of the Universe continues
The cosmologists know our universe has a story of beginning when in one moment of eternity all was created from one singular source. A fire expanded into the whole universe filled with all that ever was and ever will be. Peaceful beauty was the source of everything. The cosmos had her secret of spacing time and timing space. It is woven into the universe and is always there.

I tapped into something when my friend and courageous-thought sparring partner Mary Garvey Horst created a live recording of me as my mystic vision opened. I saw into the heart of the universe.

We are now connecting with the beginnings of all times. The moment of God; the beginning of all. From there all our stored data from our past changes, and we remember.

Do you think we are walking backwards?
We are actually fusing together.

We were born in this magnificent glory. Luminous and golden.

We are connecting with the genetic origin of times to create a new evolution. We are walking backwards into our knowledge. We will carry it forward into an update for our age. We are about to reinterpret the creation on our own terms. We will apply it to our daily lives and take it from ashrams into our businesses, and from monasteries into daily life.

Everybody is in the game.
We are doing it together. Everybody is responsible for his and her part.

Reconnect with your soul vision.
Silence is our souls’ refuge these days.
We are healing the data of our past and transforming it into pure light.

We are about to create the data for a future
that we do not know.
We know less than we ever did.
The promise: It will be wonderful.

When we remember who we really are, we automatically quit our destructiveness.
We are complete divine beings who can shift a disconnected society toward mutual support, leaving behind exclusion and competition.

Acknowledge what has always been there.
Acknowledge your soul.
Acknowledge mother earth.

We have a lot to do.
Start with yourself.

I love you.



The backstage story

Some weeks ago I tapped deeply into the big Question: “What am I here for, and why was I was meant to be born? I am ready.”

The process simultaneously activated a countermovement of feelings. Instead of standing up to grasp the big vision of my soul, the opposite happened: I withdrew, back on my couch positioned like a cat, frozen. My body stiffened and I felt incapable of making the next move.

As an energy seer, I untangle my cover stories quickly. Sitting on my sofa I could see my emotional light body around me crystal clear. I myself found trapped in a paralyzed state of mind and my emotional light body stood still, paralyzed too. An arctic palace around me reflected emotions of the Ice Queen when I asked, “how do I want to feel?”

Completely fascinated by my own visible aura, I reached out and touched the light body with my fingertips and felt a membrane structure of patterns there, in textures and knots like another skin about 50 centimeters (20 inches or so) from my physical body. I know about the emotional body, and now I was in the middle of an interactive movie, seeing it. Eckhart Tolle calls it the pain body. This body is making us feel. But it is more. It vibrates with the resonance and information that comes into our space, and it gives us feedback about what is near. This light body also swings into action when cosmic light information is coming in for us.

When left unconscious the emotional body is like a garage filled with memories, neutral and flavorless, simply potential. Good things and bad things are stored up in boxes ready to vibrate when a similar energy comes around. It can evoke fear when we step into bravery or freeze when old traumas are resurfaced in our memory, even if those experiences are long past.

That day my pain body was activated with the data of old memories.
It shut me down.

We all have it. Emotional body pain, or fear stored in our pain body, affects our lives and can render us unable to move or act.

But there’s good news.

Fear is shifted by love twitter

We have a deep longing for fearless living. We aim for the higher self.
Change your past-embracing memories into future-building energy.

Let me tell you the truth.
When you tap into the powerful dream of your soul, it will frighten you to death because right then you are at the core of your own prophesy.

This is where some people start their personal fires. And many stop there, and leave the work behind.

But we are now willing to remember our dream in heaven, knowing it will change our lives.
 Maybe when we were 6 years old we knew it; when we were 16 we thought everything was possible.

And maybe the world around us became so loud then that we disconnected from it. Now we need to go back to the time before we stopped knowing.

It’s your time to call out your soul. Here’s what I did when I was frozen in my pain body.

The Shifting Visualization

I sat there and focused on my heart.
The heart chakra is the source of liquid love.

I let this liquid love pour out of my heart and take on the color and quality it wanted.

I expanded the light love so it covered all my emotional body from inside.
(Imagine it is all around your body)

I melted the frozen parts with love.
I steamed over the patterns and structures and watched them dissolve.

I kept on going until my emotional body was free, flexible and expansive like the open sky.
My emotional body became a soft liquid membrane made of a porous material for traveling light.

I want to show you how to turn the frozen state into fluid emotions.

Try this.
Easily wipe fear away.

Unplug from fear.

Reach out your fingers and feel the texture around you.
Feel the patterns with landscapes of your soul’s memories filled with sound, color and scents.

Scan this body. Feel whether it’s fluid or frozen.

Let your heart pour out the most compelling fluid of persuasive love.
It will spread over the emotional body and melt it into wholeness.
It may have any color and light tone, even beyond our color palate. Celestial.

Take time for this.
It may take days or weeks to melt down.
You will feel how it comes back to fluidity.
And you will come to a new state of mind.

Connect to your reality.
The feelings of the past and the old data do not need to affect you.

We are always free to love.

Love is presence. Not future. Not past. @agni

Fear is with us all the time.
We confuse fear with reality. But this is an illusion.

We are now ready to understand that we are made of stardust; we are made of energy and light. When we are unplugged from the noise of fear, it’s easier to face this reality:

We always have the truth to be our authentic self.



When I started to wonder about the visibility of what we think and feel, I began to see – but mostly smell – myself and others (this is sometimes how I perceive energies). Though invisible to most, I saw thoughts coming out like bubbles from the solar plexus, or cloudy blue impregnable castles around the front chakra, or golden peaceful streams of Buddha-like emanations.

I became curious and playful.

What if…

What if I start to follow my thoughts and spy on what they look like?

Thoughts can be golden honey running down your body like an orgasm.
Thoughts can be sharp knives, cutting and puncturing.
Thoughts can go retrograde and push us around like thunderbirds.
Or thoughts can pull down energies till everything just sucks.

What we think has sound; the waves reach beyond distance.
What we think is perfumed with soul. The scent of thoughts can be like fresh heaven, fertile earth or the stink of disconnection.

What we think colors our orientation.
What we think creates thought-fabrics with patterns and shapes, like a second skin in our astral aura ornamented with personal tattoos. These are powerful symbols.

Thoughts are powerful vibrations we send out into this world. twitter

What if…

What if we use thoughts as potions?

We send thoughts out into the world like an armed dragon, riding upon the waves of chaos and through color explosions amid the greyish collective clouds of sad energies.

How to turn your thoughts into beautiful blossoms.
Make potions for a better life.

Find yourself in a delirium of soul-awakening scents, pulling them down. Let their color orient your life. Sniff around for the fragrance of the way you want your thoughts to make you feel.

for the
What is the perfume and the color? Dive into the fairyland of hibiscus summer nights, heavy oriental Indian summer evenings, fresh drizzling grassland and ask the kingdom of beyond for a Remedy that make you feel good, successful, abundant.

Feel around for the sensuously pervasive experience of conjuring up the burning, earthy, airy and liquid thoughts leading to a great creation. Choose thoughts that roll with your desired state for goal setting.

Start the movement with me.

My money thoughts smell like pollen tickling my nose, freshly fallen from the fragranced sari of Lakshmi. twitter

My money thoughts smell like roses and amber. Breathe in, break the barriers. Go free. twitter

My spiritual thoughts smell like premium red Bordeaux wine, filled with red obsession. twitter

My perseverance thoughts smell like pineapple and cinnamon: warm, exotic and exquisite. twitter

My spiritual normcore (normal + hardcore) thoughts smell like woods, roots, rinds and fresh pine needles. My toes sink into the texture. twitter

My enlightening thoughts smell like uplifting citrus and euphoric clary sage. twitter

My loving thoughts smell like a clove + cinnamon + cardamom orgasm on my palate. twitter

My paradoxical thoughts smell like crystallized water, clearing my brain. twitter

My contradictory thoughts smell like geranium. I want to be seduced. twitter

“A gourmet mind protects from the poison of dark thoughts.”

Now tell me, beloved.

: I want my thoughts to feel like…



Where presence attracts,
That belongs to you.

I share my story
May it guide you to the place on earth
Where you shiver and your tears write:
“I never believed this would come true again.”

When you feel your life, you know things.
But you do not know exactly when they will happen.

When I first touched the earth of New Mexico four years ago my feet opened and channeled my soul into the earth. I poured my red light into her and connected with the fire in the center of the earth, streaming my warm blood through the genes of her body. Her fire kindles my roots and I am trusting, safe and at home in her body.

I felt healthy earth for the first time in my life.
Bow to the sacred indigenous that kept the ritual of healing.

The story

Agni and I took road trips to New Mexico, Arizona, Utah for years. The loose idea to buy land was always bearing on our mind. We drove from Santa Fe to Taos, from Albuquerque to Sedona shrugging our shoulders: No land felt like ours.

: 2014 January 24

I stand in a house for sale 15 minutes from Santa Fe, my head spinning in spaciousness of the future and I hear myself: “This place called us to come. This house wants us.” This house felt like my heart.

Two hours later I find Agni and myself on a ranch 35 minutes from Santa Fe with our brokers. “Can we have both?” I whisper in a trance. Agni walks up a little hill, and I recognize the power place of the ancestors blinking for us to come. I am on sacred land. All golden. I have come home to the vortex of my life. I am centered in my light. I am changed forever.

The land talks.
The ancestors spirit-dance and take me to an old time where they left sacred codes before leaving.

And from the hill came a voice:
“This is your land,” the earth spoke to Agni.
So he bought it.
The sacred land of the former Tano tribe, now the new beginning.

The events started weeks before.
When you come closer to the vortex of your life things align.

On Facebook, my favorite synchronicity source wherein I find everything that wants to find me, I see a post about an intricately carved cathedral cave near Santa Fe for sale. I forward it to Agni with a note: “Nice property. What about that one?”

What a beauty.

He responds with a note about another house for sale on the same website. My heart grasps the house in its imagination and pushed my head aside: “This is our house.” We recognized each other.

Some days later Agni sends me a photo of Amber, a broker: “This is our broker.” I know. Before we had even met her.

We had already planned our road trip the month before.
With no idea we had booked a new life.

We ask ourselves, what if we buy?
We answer: Then we will see.

Flash forward.

For three days after we find our home, I keep my secret.
Then a small note explodes on my Facebook timeline.

When you are centered in the vortex of your life people know it.
What belongs to you searches you out.

The new land

Santa Fe has opened my vision. It is my vision of a future society made of many tribes of different religions and beliefs that find co-existence and co-operation. It lives here already, busily bringing irreconcilables in life into a space where they all can exist in peace.

Sikhs, Buddhists, New Age prophets, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Yoginis, Muslims all in a test tube in the clouds.

We start from Zero.
My life will bind South France and New Mexico.
Both vibrant red rocks older than the Himalayas.
We bring new air.

The day before I leave my first second-homeland encounter, my new friend Navjit Kandola says:
“Here you can be Durga.”


Born on sacred land in Santa Fe, NM on a sunny day:
Agni´s Shiva-Shakti Center.

A new lifetime experience awaits us.
January 26th 2014 04.00 a.m.


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I will be speaking about “realizing you.”
22, 23 February 2013

Women Shaping the Future of India
A Woman’s Leadership Event

Meet you in India. We’ll be rocking the future.
For more details click here.


Collaborate with
the spiritual world.
Quit overwhelm.

My daily lessons in Miracles.

“You do not trust us. But you push and control.
You are disconnected and so unproductive.”

My spirit guides were right. For days I had forced myself into deadlines for my Future Book program. My worst day was now my own personal Black Thursday. It was a hustle until the shock of freezing, hitting the dead end for creative fire and joy.

“So what? I have deadlines and the download of creativity is flooding me. Each time it gets more powerful and plentiful than I imagined.”

Aha. I know this pattern too well. I am tired of myself. I want to know how to change my anti-flow, the energy moving against the universal currency of the creation.

“We know your deadline. Who do you think creates and backs you up all the time?”

“You are working on my products, from the higher source?”

“All the time. We inspire the original genius behind all creations.”

“Oops. You mean business. So what is my part?”

“Create art. Perform beauty. Turn both into manifestation.”


“Your task is pleasure. Just take care of every detail. Search for God in there. OM-Joy.”


“Flow with the creation. Wait till ideas are ripe and then pick them.”

Silence. Honestly I was shaken and felt really stupid after all these years of spirit journey. How had I gotten trapped in my old pattern without any consciousness of what was happening? Each time my ambitious business goals come along I block out all my spiritual know-how. Fucking damn bold of me.

A breath. My Universal Sadhana reminder:

Standing stunned by vastness, moved by the immense majesty of the universal beauty. The ongoing activity, exploding creativity that permits even stars into existence.
Out of the stars everything comes forth: dynamic entities, they are born and even they die.
The circle of gravitational power, collapsing and creative, explosions natural and eternal. Atomic power shines and collapses inwards to become a black hole.
Deliver. The active pattern of creation itself is intrinsic. Life blossoms forward naturally. Inevitably. (Free from the Story of the Universe.)

Quitting overwhelm

I swallowed my Super-Detox-Anti-Anxiety-Stress-Relief Remedy.
In the days after listening deeply within, I flew with my intuition. I went back into synchronicity state.
I found Right timing for 2013.
I walked in my own writings (HOW TO HAVE FAITH IN SYNCHRONICITY TIMING).
Grace and miracles aligned and I finished all my work with time to spare.
So when creative flow is emerging, why stand in the way?

There is a big misunderstanding about living our divinity in this body.
And about what God really is.
I had to figure out answers for myself.
I had to make my own journey.

For your business goals: Flow.

We need schedules and plans in times of chaos. The beauty lies in rebirth. We create the new.

“Lay your dream at your feet.” – Agni

Make a list of all the things you need to do, then put it down in front of our Temple (or altar) and give it up to The Higher Source. Pray for it to be handled and cared for. Then take the most important things and fill them with joy and love, and forget the rest. Then flow onward and forward…continue this way. God shines in details.

…and if something decides not to be ready on deadline (what a strange expression!!!!), who cares?

I have practiced it even with my clients: “I’m sorry this is the state I arrived. The rest is in process, and you know what, nothing ever was not ready in ‘the right time.’”

May I introduce you to my personal spiritual team?

BABAJI: known from the AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI. He is the incarnation of Shiva, without boundaries. Last time he lived till 1984 in the Himalayas.
He is a killer of mind ideas and focuses on heart desires. He says karma yoga work is the solution of our age. Let’s rock it.

SAI BABA: He lived in South India and went into Samadhi in 2011. He appeared to me in my room when I was 25 and since then I have seen healings and miracles.
I dive into his aura when I want to be golden. He makes you feels abundant when working.

JESUS: Memoired personally by me in JESUS THE BOOK.
He is Christlove and bliss of fire. He has the best modern ideas, guaranteed.

Each one is a real Avatar, a creator.
This is the difference between them and other guides. These are God realized.
If you want their consulting, a real desire calling is sufficient. When you reach out to their heart, they will contact you.

So now ask yourself: Who are your spiritual guides?
Contact them and see: they really like entrepreneurial business ideas.
Tell them what you are up to. Their answers will come from all directions and the inner voice.

2013. This year start the trend and prove the genius of this collaboration.



Sound the alarm:
the stars are in position.

HOW TO FULFILL YOUR DESTINY? asks Oprah. She has a 30-day plan for finding your true purpose.

Here is my version.

In my work with visions I have seen that the best business and life-fulfilling ideas are born in the universe. After reading the Akasha for years, I now follow the footprints of great ideas backwards. We dream in heaven, and bring our inspiration down to Earth. Great masters tap their heavenly resources: Steve Jobs was highly connected, Einstein received his solution in a dream. Great and inspired books, fashion and music are all insights powered by the divine genius. When the big and small AHA moments occur, we feel connected to something greater. We are excited and our soul knows: the sacred fire jams. We are living on purpose and we are on track to our purpose.

When you are aligned with your vision from heaven, powers are with your soul.
You follow the universal bigger picture and it comes easily. When your creative fire burns, you feel soulful: powerful, passionate, free, incredibly useful, excited, inspired, one with God and the Universe. Love in action. Your favorite song keeps you going.

Vision your dream now.
Dream big. Dream bigger.
NO. Even bigger. Go. Stretch.
Dream authentic wholeness into your life.
Dream like you dreamed in heaven
before you came to earth.
Dream uninhibited and unchecked.
Dream without frontiers.
Heaven is online. When you blast through the ceiling
you are on soul level.


The stars are favorable. It’s a good time.
Start to think in new dimensions. Imagine a parallel world where everything is possible.
Silke Schäfer interprets the movement of the stars and their influence on our life. Let her newsletter inspire you and create real waves. The future you want to belong to is possible when you take full responsibility for your purpose.

“Pure creativity and obvious self-responsibility! In particular with a view to the year 2013 this is a remarkable time!

Turbulences, visions and miracles.

It already started wonderfully! Concurrent with the sun’s entrance into Scorpio on October 23, she activated the beautiful Neptune/Chiron-conjunction between October 23 and 28, meeting Saturn on the 25th and continuing on to Pluto until November 1. There are incredibly powerful awareness processes at work, and artistic-creative, intuitive endeavors or visions can become more frequent.

All projects that are supported by a strong desire (Neptune) can come true now. This particular stable constellation can realise (Saturn) dreams and visions (Neptune)! The two activated water signs Pisces and Scorpio allow with absolute certainty that pure potentiality is manifested. There are unprecedented opportunities in the air, making it possible to create paradises, if we have not previously given up!

Do something you’ve never done before! (Uranus in Aries) No matter if local, national or global. In the next 2.5 years it is specifically about finding our very own authenticity (Pluto in Capricorn) and leaving behind everything that we do not need for this new liveliness (Lunar Node / Saturn in Scorpio). Take full responsibility for your own talents – NOW. Then the letting becomes a dance. “… whirling, resting in my centre, I am joyfully a vibrant part of the whole …. and everything that is not centered flies away….” Now up to 2015, it is the biggest wake-up call of all time: The biggest wake-up call ever!

All previous rotten compromises can be dissolved when one acts decisively and crystal clearly. You should address your life goals NOW! And a lot of feminine energy is involved, which is supposed to be steered into a clear direction, so that healing takes place. Stop and be 100% determined. Then new doors will open.”

You can find Silke Schäfer’s monthly star news here.


I am mesmerized by this bible of new business, ever since the first read. I am have now read it 3 times. This was written in heaven, amid alluring creation.

Imagine a business world wherein competition is irrelevant and you own the market because you created it. You navigate upon open waters of businesses success. You cross beyond market boundaries and look to new opportunities, to places of no competition for evolutionary growth. You look for other industries, products and services that do not even exist yet.

You’re painting your imagination, the craziest ideas you can dream, onto creative canvas, a place where business goals are all experimental and crafted with wide strokes. You’re creating great content and love marks, living organisms comprised of mutually beneficial relationships, and you don’t worry about how many followers you have. Reaching behind existing demand is creation. It’s the common vision.

This is the way forward. Head-to-head ruthlessness is out. We’re looking for growth and new economics is the future fuel.
Bombs for a New Age revolution.
Green grass growing between the toes of the giants.

I am about to develop meditations on how to blue strategize? Interest when it will be ripe?

more visions delivered
to your inbox

Your Vision is your guiding star.
Focus on the big picture.

30 days or not. Eternity or one day. This is not what matters.
The universe thrives on fulfillment. You flow with your joy. Your vision will carry you.
You will come back and understand why you do what you do. It’s not the result of being famous or being a millionaire, but the assignment of love. The path to wholeness is bliss.

Born in heaven, she invites your genius to shine. She’s the one you wake up with and cannot wait to start the day. Yes, there are times when we have to navigate resistance, procrastination, blowbacks, obstacles and challenges.

Your vision is your GPS through the jungle of thoughts and emotions that hold you back. Your vision and your bliss will be your strength handbook when you are close to abandoning your dream. She will be the goddess who raises you up when you fail.

Reframe. Distill the essences.

Re-adjust. Improve. Let die. Redesign.
Even when you cannot know the great calling and see the big picture of success, flow with the calling of the instant. It’s enough to know only the next essential steps; the universe will carry the bigger picture. The universe is your business partner amid the joy of manifesting something greater.

Your visions will take you home.
Your soul’s dream is sacred.
The power is with you.

Write your future book now, and join me as I create mine alongside you. We’ll take the voyage across oceans together.



What if deadlines and “to-do-lists” are just the fossils of competition and strategic maps actually distort our control of the future?

Don’t get me wrong. Challenge is still our growth. Ambition is a fertile ground of passion. Our drive for improvement is current.

But what if the universe has a different steam of evolution?
When we try to force it, the universe usually comes up with something different. Yep.

What if daydreams, rather than deadlines, grow divine seeds?
Breeding ideas in stillness, dreaming from the infinite down to realization. What if staring senselessly into a hole in the trees and losing ourselves in the sky’s ocean of blue heavenly strategies is the source of creativity. Look, big ideas grow at the edges. When we stop wanting it all, it all begins. Vision takes shape in wild silence.

I tried it the other way. I perfected my planning tools and ran my agendas and appointments with rigorous discipline. I was on a superhero’s goal schedule. I ran this way for a month until I had to admit that I’d hit a dead end. I had nearly extinguished my creative fire. I had been more effective and immensely more productive before, when I was in the power of now and flowing with the universe.

Constant improvement exhausts our creativity. Get out of the way, I reminded myself. Better to make it even better than it needs to be.

Spaciousness is far more nourishing than “all.” Spaciousness is my soul’s currency. It’s the place where all art is born. “All” is cumbersome. KRIS CARR

For highest results,
slow precision.

Breath. Surrender means ‘to trust.’

To connect with something greater,
create something greater for yourself.

What if we choose to move with synchronicity? To stretch beyond the imaginable, to the wonder.


Your antennas have grown sensitive. You have learned to sense the signals.

What is difficult is to decrypt the message. Perhaps synchronicity timing could guide us to meaning.

Seasoning the rhythm. Current.

Maybe ideas think themselves when they’re set free, only to come back to us as completed, coherent thoughts. We just need to grasp them and read them upon return. This is thinking without thinking. The voice without voice speaking to us in our dreams. The inspiration. Waiting for the right time.

Answers will come. Always. Promised. When ripe, the answers admit the stars.

Quality timing. For quality.

What if we don’t need to post endlessly on Facebook and Twitter, but go online precisely when the fate of real connection is also online. At a synchronized moment of great encounters, divinely-appointed timing that creates a whole world of possibility.

What if we do not have to pitch millions of times, but just once, at just the right time? The one pitch that is real and meant to be. We simply wait until our time has come, and then act and enter the greater space of meaningful manifestation of big dreams and making business with friends.

What if we already know how to create and prepare in sync with the universal energy flow? We wait quietly while ideas gestate in silence. We do not deliver before quality arrives. And we know our tribe waits too, patiently. Beyond rush. For the surprise of wonder you are followed, while your tribe awaits your prophesy.

What if we learn to coordinate our business strategic plan with the cosmic flow? The unshakable peace inside, a river knowing the ocean will never refuse her.

What if we wait for the right moment of revelation? Unripe action is wasted preparation.

What if we have patience for the ideas being thought by the spirits and accept that when the time comes, we will know? Then we will express great ideas in grace and gratitude. Easily.
Then we will win over cheap and worthless. We create meaning and a rhythm for quality success.

You get what you want: If not now, later.

I challenge myself to get better, great.
But no hustle, no thank you.
Swim against the stream.

Knowing my time will come.
Knowing our time will come.

The choice is as always yours.


W.I.N. 2012: I AM THERE.

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Make Space: Find Possibilities

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