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7 timely reasons we should publish my memoirs about Jesus, directly into the front line.

Special Announcement: Meet Agni and me on May 7th in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
We will answer your questions live. Find more about this inaugural event at the end of the post.

It’s time.

When everything—or at least the truth of how it really was—is lost, someone has to walk through time and space to remember the real story. As Jesus once did, I am here to start a revolution.

What we can experience together
in sharing the truth of what happened

Reality #1
Mary Magdalene and Jesus were married.

Among others NBC news and Huffington Post publish:
Scientific Tests Show ‘Gospel of Jesus’ Wife’ Wasn’t Faked
NBC news

Huffington Post

Our live memories
Mary Magdalene searched for the Son of God. She was his lover since they met, and she was there when he was crucified. She was pregnant. She was his wife. She called him back to life.

“Mary Magdalene was silent. She sat there and looked at Jesus and then she looked into the emptiness. Mary Magdalene looked at Simon and then she looked at me for help and then back into the emptiness. In her helplessness, she abruptly stood up and knelt before Jesus. “My beloved,” she said, “this is my heart’s wish and my entire soul. I would like to ask you if you would take me as your wife.” She laid her head in his lap and began to weep bitterly. I grew very calm. It was like an eternal moment that was being created within us, as we waited for an answer from Jesus.

“Arise,” he said. He took her in his arms and replied with loving words, “You shall be my wife, Mary Magdalene. It shall be so. Know that the journey by my side is one of inseparability.” He held her tightly in his arms and I could no longer hold back my tears and I only sensed how deeply profound this decision was. The four of us spent the afternoon alone. The spell had been broken; the wall between man and woman had fallen. Mary Magdalene had broken through the unspeakable, she had hunted the son of God himself and he loved her again. How can one describe lovers whose divinity finds itself in the fire in which their love burns for each other and God? There are moments in which life solidifies so densely that the beauty takes your breath away. Love is the poison of intoxication and we were drunk off each other.” Jesus The Forgotten Years in South France

Reality #2
Mary Magdalene and Jesus had a daughter, Sara.
She was reborn in 2010.

Our live memories:
Sara is born in South France 2000 years ago, while Jesus is far away.

“Mary Magdalene looked into her daughter’s eyes, “You are Sara, named for our first mother. She carries the legacy. She is a great soul. God will surely know why this child is a corporeal descendent of Jesus himself.” In that very moment, I realized how exhausted Mary Magdalene was and she fell asleep with her daughter in her arms. In her sleep, she murmured, “I so wish he could have been here. But he knows that his daughter has come into the world. I thank you all for the love you have given me.” Jesus The Forgotten Years in South France

I am in South France when Mary Magdalene contacts me on spiritual level. Since I am used to having conversations with the non-materialized world, this is not unusual for me. She tells me her daughter is soon to be reborn and showed me her mother in vision. It turns out Sara’s future mother in this life was already pregnant, but she didn’t know it yet. She conceived Sara on a holiday in South France. Later we find out her modern-day mother was Sara’s daughter 2000 years ago.

Sara is one and half years old. She is visiting me in my ashram in South France. When her Mum takes the younger bother to bed Sara uses the words she knows to say that she wants to stay with me. Outside in a hanging chair under the stars she starts to ask me something I cannot understand. Through questions and answers by nodding I figure out she wants me to take her to our Jesus prayer room. Each day before then she had opened the door to this room, she looked in and declared indignantly: “The baby is not here.” I knew she was looking for Jesus. So this night the little girl kneeled down in the room and asked me to give Jesus a rose. She asks me to chant a prayer for him. Then she sits still and turns to eternal silence. Then she sighs deeply, with heartbreaking desire.

Sara and her Mum are back for a visit in September. Sara starts to ask several times a day: “Where is my real Mum?” We ask her what she means. She is clear: “My mum in heaven.” I go deeper. “You mean Mary Magdalene?” Sara looks at me with eternal love and I lose myself when she answers: “Yes, the one like you, but not you.”

At a dinner back at home Sara tells a friend of her family: “You know my real mum lives in South France.“

2014, April 14
Sara tells her mum after waking up, out of nowhere:

“Mama, mama my other Mama died!”
Her Mum
“Which Mama do you mean?”
“The one who lived with Durga…”
Her Mum
“What? She died?”
“Yes, she is not in heaven anymore.
She is now on earth.”
Her Mum
“Do you mean she is reborn now?”
“Yeeees, she is now a baby.”

Sara says she wants to find her Mum soon.

Reality #3
Sara was married to my son John 2000 years ago.
One year after she was born in this life, he reincarnated near her so they could meet soon.

Our live memories:
The marriage of Sara and John

“While the sun bathed everything outside in gentle, red tones, I sat silently at the window and observed Mary Magdalene combing her daughter Sara’s hair. She was performing an old ritual to sanctify her daughter for the upcoming wedding ceremony. Mary Magdalene and I had grown old, but we were still full of power and anchored in our consciousness. As I silently observed my beloved sister spirit as she caressed the shimmering, fawn-brown hair strand by strand, I admired her beauty which was marked by age; a life lived that radiated from each of her wrinkles. She was bright and dignified.

It was a very special day. Today, at Jesus and Simon’s request and of our children’s own free will – who had accompanied each other since their earliest childhood – we were preparing for John and Sara’s wedding.” – Jesus The Forgotten Years in South France, Modern-day Southern France/Languedoc

A young woman we have known for awhile comes to see Agni to tell him what nobody else knew. She was pregnant. When Agni tells me the secret on the phone I was in my kitchen, cooking, the receiver resting between my head and shoulder. As soon as we hung up, an immense light appeared to me, soft and caring. “I am John, ( my son in Jesus times ) and I am coming back. I want to be near Sara.” I was the first to know.

Sara and John live in the same city in Germany today. 4 and 3 years old today, their love story spans an arc beyond time. The first time they met in this lifetime, Sara took his hand softly and led him to a secret place. They are good friends ever since. We are signatories of an old love, 2000 years and older; they planned to come back from heaven to find themselves and recognize each other as soon as possible on earth. To be witness of this love story over time is breathtaking. Whatever they will live or how they will live it is open for us to watch.

Reality #4
People desire the lost memories of Jesus.

The keywords “Who was Jesus” get 24,900,000 hits a month in Google searches.

Reality #5
Jesus was a feminist.

The New Testament is now a collection of orally passed-down tradition. Paulus—formerly Saulus—a self-proclaimed Apostle who had never met Jesus in person became the father of the oldest part of the Testament. The four best-known gospels originated from unknown authors using partly known names of other Apostles, thus lending authority to the texts. But those who were there—true apostles and contemporaries—were already dead when these gospels were written. Women and reincarnation disappeared from the stories because the writers did not deem them worthy of making history.

Jesus asks me to travel with him. I must be around 17 years old.
“Jesus, how do you imagine something like that is going to happen? You travel everywhere around the country. How could I possibly accompany you? Don’t you see who I am? I am a woman; I can‘t just wander everywhere with you and write your story. How do you propose to solve that problem?” He said simply, “I will ask your brother whether you can go with me.” I could not imagine how Jesus’ idea could be realized. We lived in Israel, after all. A woman who is not his mother may not travel together with a man. She would only gain a very bad reputation in any towns or villages that she visited. I knew exactly what people would think; after all, we were old–fashioned Hebrew Jews. I would simply be labeled as a whore. Jesus The Book, Capernum

Jesus knows he will be crucified. One day he tells me:
“Without this love I would not be what I am. If I do not have time to tell them myself, I would like you to tell the other women this. Without these women’s love I had not been able to achieve what I have. Your love is so strong and supportive that I can plant my seed, my words and my mission in it. Every day, unconditionally, you give me this love from your hearts. You lay your love in my path, to give me security and joy on this Earth.”

I would only understand these words of Jesus much later. What I realized at that moment was that he revealed the divine, female nature to me — and he had thanked me for it. I knelt before him and said, “Lord, I was unable to do otherwise, and I don’t believe any woman who has followed you could have. I can speak for all women who are near to you. We do not know anything else than to follow you with heart and soul. That is our good fortune. That is our fulfillment.” He just looked at me and answered, “You are all true priestesses.” Jesus The Book, Capernum

There were important women around Jesus. Women will love to learn about the sacred women’s circle around Christ and to discover that three of Jesus’ apostles were women. When they hear this, they sit up and take notice.

“Through Miriam’s voice we get to know the women who surrounded Jesus and the important roles they played. Organized religion seems to have relegated women to a secondary position yet here we see women shining in their brilliance as healers and holders of wisdom (“they are a fundamental, primeval force of the universe”). Then, women healers were persecuted and down the ages the persecution has persisted. Yet how refreshing to meet a Christ in this book who is a feminist!”
—Geraldine Brown

“[I] feel like I am back to The Mists of Avalon yet it has more spiritual substance. I want to live in that world. The Marys are in it as healers and priestesses…”
—Sparrow Mattes

Reality #6
Jesus prophesies for our time. He promised Christ Consciousness would be a collective shift.

The real teachings of Jesus will take form today. His promises were for us today to witness coming true.

12 aspects of his promise for the collective

Aspect one: Love’s Realization
Truth and love merge in timelessness to an everlasting river of bliss and creation. This is the never-ending feast of love he wanted us to celebrate.

Aspect two: Bhakti-Devotion
Jesus predicted we will dream a new world. A devotion that will turn our life’s dreams into reality.

Aspect three: Heavenly joy
We will experience heavenly joy as a carrying force in our lives. We learn that living in a seventh heaven is available to us all, as is vibrating from happiness, and mastering our daily life with ecstasy and joy.

Aspect four: The light of Earth
Jesus predicted the light of the earth is a creation aspect of the Christ-Consciousness.
And that the Earth has known about the upcoming new era for a long time and prepared herself for it.

Aspect five: Freedom
This creation aspect of the Christ-Consciousness is freedom from attachment and will strip off old chains that shackle our mind and emotions. It contains the willingness to love limitlessly.

Aspect six: Salvation of the Shakti-Powers
Shakti the feminine power awakens. Shakti powers are a light aspect of the Christ- Consciousness. The feminine receives salvation from old repressions. The white Christ-Light appears as ruby light of Christ in the Shakti light, who comes into the world of creation.

Aspect seven: Leadership and Seduction
Since our expulsion from paradise we have not treated Leadership and Seduction as things that go together. These two aspects of Christ-Love are dancers in a sacred dance of creation.

Aspect eight to twelve are not visible yet. As we continue reading Book 3 of the series they are appearing.

Reality #7
It’s time for new dreams. This world craves new images.

Each year at Easter the whole collective dives into the pain body cultivated since Jesus’ crucifixion. Watching the Jesus movies, I had to switch off the TV this year.

I opened Jesus The Book and started to read. As the vibes of the book took in spheres of love, my pain body dissolved. When people are lifted into a new consciousness, the teachings of Jesus are alive and not killed year after year.

I started to dream. I had visions of Jesus The Book and Series broadcasting Christ Consciousness every year into people’s homes. What if our new images of Christ Consciousness filtered new eternal beauty into this world?

We have a great task to become brokers of a real Christ, elevating the collective consciousness, and not pulling it down.

So let’s do it now, together.

Meet Agni and me on May 7th in Santa Fe, New Mexico and ask us your questions in person.

We will surprise you with Christ-love and a fresh conversation about our travels with Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and what it means for all of us today.

Together we will christen the brand-new Agni’s Shiva Shakti Center and launch the “Tour of Wonders,” sending Jesus The Book & The Series on its pilgrimage around the world.

Come. Bring your friends. It’s free.
May 7th at 7pm

Agni’s Shiva Shakti Center
172 Los Vaqueros
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508
RSVP: moc.liargelamefehtnull@nioj


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Decipher your promise.

What the Blood Full Moon resurrects for all of us.

This is the time I have been waiting for. Seven years ago we started to write down our memories of Jesus, our memories from when we were there. (“We” includes my love Agni, me, and many who lived at the time and remember it.) Jesus always predicted that his teachings would be understood in 2,000 years. The seeds are popping now. Jesus’ prophesies are online.

The message Jesus seeded for this time is encoded in “Jesus The Book & The Series.” It is revealed upon reading. Whatever you are searching for, it is in there. But you must find it for yourself.

The story of Jesus resurrects these days from darkness. It comes not as a messenger, nor a preacher, nor a rescuer from outside. It rises within us. The promise Jesus made for our times is living in the books made for you. So when you read the books, the promise is somewhere in there and will emerge in your dreams, your insights. Maybe Jesus or one of those who walked with him will talk to you. It was locked up till now, but the blood full moon on April 16th deactivated the light code.

The Blood Full Moon resurrects
& The Story of Jesus

Easter, April 2014: These weeks are the probably the most intense and most powerful of the year 2014. A big cardinal cross of initial planets intends to initiate us into higher enlightenment. The blood moon calls out to the red Shakti powers of the Universe dancing in wild ecstasy. And Easter, the feast of resurrection, charges the air with powerful energies. Reaching backward we touch long-ago planted seeds of divine wisdom and rebirth them into prophesies come true.

Recently Bono, the singer of U2, declared he prays to Jesus, the personal one. He believes Jesus made promises that will come true. He and many more: the collective spirit of optimism is more powerful than ever.

We have written our memories.
So you can remember.

Decipher your own promise
for the new heaven and new earth.

How to open your miracle yourself

Get your books for free as PDF download.

Start to read.
The promise for you is in there.
Read and trust it will find you.
Be open for the miracle.
The book will talk to you in a scene, in a sentence.
Images will stir your soul.

When you finish the books for the first time, start again.
I promise it will be different the second time.
The light in you is now activated.
You will find what you are searching for the second time through.

Then join the community that’s collecting now.
Post and tell us what happens in your life.
Our promises are important now.

Tell us what comes to you.
We enter the collective Christ Consciousness together.

Join the communion.

Here is more about Jesus The Book & The Series

The books are free to download for 21 days from now.

Your personal message in there is infinite.



Redefine your feminine leadership.

12 SPOTS. 5 DAYS. 

Universes of possibility.


in La Lumière, South France

Your time has come to rise
as a feminine leader.

From June 7th to 11th we are gathering an exclusive group of visionary women to open a sacred symposium of new feminine power. Together we articulate and co-create feminine leadership. We seed our own permaculture to synergize money and real embodied spiritualty.

Are you a leader with a new idea, a souldream, a mother, a boss, an entrepreneur, female, male or divine? We need you.

my INVITATION is for you.

: Get initiated into Shakti powers of this Universe and learn how to bring them into your leadership: Durga, Lakshmi, Kali in rituals for daily life.

: Tell us about your life dream and present your visionary work.
Meet other visionary leaders.

: Receive inspiration for your personal wholeness and wellness in the 100% organic Nature Spa and cooking classes. We care for you, lavishly.

: We will reframe patterns of leadership in sacred conversations.

I will guide you through these days. I offer my sacred communication to the world of spirits to ferry answers about new patterns of time and soul presence.

We begin our experience together online, when you will receive a sacred journey workbook and it will continue 14 days after you leave to integrate your new leadership into your life.

This program is yours.

The cost: 3000 Euros
For more information please click here.

Bring your best friend

We think BFF-ship is divine. We invite you to dive into feminine leadership with her by your side. You know who we mean: she who is there when you cry, when you are lost and when you triumph. We believe women friends must raise each other up, and in honor of that we offer a twin set.

4.500 Euro for both of you. That’s 2250 Euro apiece, a 750 Euro discount.

This offer is open through May 1st.

Read here about the creative, the inspirational, and the sensual experience that’s waiting for you.

To sweeten the pot, I will offer you personalized spiritual readings that inform your leadership style and awareness. (All readings are completely optional, only if you wish.)

I’m offering a reading to identify and describe…

Who are your power animals?
: For your leadership
: For your wisdom
: For your feminine power

Which 3 past incarnations most influence your leadership today?

What Goddess accompanies you in your current life situation? How can you contact her more deeply to lead?

The feminine leader initiated:
timely and crucial.

We must do better. Our world is masculine-dominated in terms of money, leadership, the steep gaps between rich and poor, between the sustainable and destructive. No longer can we rely on safety nets to catch us. The crisis of the world is everywhere, but it opens fields of possibilities.

What is the missing link to turn this world around?

The feminine voice of leadership. She has not yet evolved in her power to create change. That’s where we come in, together.

What can you expect?

This is where spiritual leaders and business mavens gather to give birth to new visions of feminine leadership. We ignite a sacred communication about nurturing the baby roots of empowerment. Together. We want to spark impactful change, not by fighting the status quo but by building parallel worlds.

You want to reconnect with yourself and the right people?
You want more spirituality and creativity for your soul?

: Is it mine?
: Is it my time?

Yes. We are so looking forward to seeing you.

For more information and for booking your place please click here.




The Beta testing stories proofread by my life.

: 20 years ago

My friend Gangaji and I were early fans of Indian Bhajans and Kirtans. Imported from trips to India we were convinced of the recharging energy of singing Sanscrit. (Today everyone knows Satyaa and Pari, and Krishna Das was nominated for the Grammy.) We started a Bhajan group, and when nobody else showed up we began in my living room, just the two of us for two years with endless passionate devotion.

4 years later people were lining up to join the now-official Bhajan singing group in my center once a week. It’s filled with a hundred passionate chanters.

: 16 years ago

I am a fresh baked Alpha Chi Feng Shui Consultant. I want to sell my passion. I organize talks everywhere possibility shows up. One night I arrive for my talk in a spiritual bookshop, and I wait. Not one soul shows up. Eventually the owner leaves, pointing at the computer guy solving a problem in the back office: “He will lock the door after you.”

I sat for a bit reading, just in case anyone showed up late.

“So what do you talk about?” the computer first aid guy asked me.

“I talk about Feng Shui.”
“So give the talk for me.”

One day later I had a big Feng Shui contract with a head Microsoft Manager in Germany. It turns out the computer guy helped out his friend. He later fills my seminars with many people. My firestart for a very successful business had started.

Do it for one soul.
Change one life at a time.
Give it all.


: one week ago

We launched our #SOULGATHERING. That’s not really true. We launched last September without making a big racket.

A new movement starts now.
Get ready to claim your place in it.

I believe we must gather for small revolutions to change the world. We inspire grassroots movements and create hot networks.

I invite you to a life-changing experience with Ann Moller, Erin Giles, Celyne Lila Nicholson, Sun Ya Fischer, Michael Spiridon, Aliana Devi Schafferer, Parasi Wirbeleit et moi.

We started with one soul.

I bow to my Beta Test Driver and now dear friend Kelly Lynn Anderson.

I was blessed to do an exquisite wellness retreat in South France at La Lumiere recently, when I first saw the invitation I thought, this looks so amazing and as it turned out it was even more beautiful that I had hoped. It was a life changing event for me and now a few months later the sprouts we began together are ripening into a wonderful new creative time in my life. I especially loved doing puja and meditation with the group twice daily, the synergy helped me to easily drop into my happy relaxed self. The food was exceptional, in many ways the finest meals I’ve ever had. Helping with the preparation was a highlight, cooking lessons with Michael were delightful and informative. I fell in love with the whole team, they gave so much love, wonderful sincere conversation and great spa treatments outside in the Nature Spa with all organic magic earth infused goodness. The best part was all the laughter that only stopped to have a deep discussion or some sacred tears, it was an absolutely delightful journey, I so look forward to coming again.” Kelly Lynn Anderson, CA

I am so looking forward to meeting you.

Wild love


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My Christmas carols.

No way out.
The angels shower sequins and glitter.
Of course they intend to bewitch us.

Don’t take things personal.
Hugs are free. You know the heart wins in the end.

I can’t move around to unpack all the kitsch without sentiments
When unpacking the Christmas decoration from last year.

I murmur little charms.
Hoping God is online.
May all the worlds be happy.
May all worlds be peaceful.
May all worlds be home.
May each soul have a warm place of understanding.

My Christmas wishes are for you.
For your families, your beloved ones.
For you. Deeply.

My Christmas present for you is our first video recipe with Michael Spiridon our soulgathering Chef.

I hope you love it. We are full of new ideas for the #soulgatherings in 2014. I want to inspire you: Cook with your friends and have some red wine from France or green juices, do what you love most.

Where love and food meet, the world peace starts.
Sweets will win. Generation heart food.

Merry Christmas from

I love you very much


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Remember why you are here.

Why now?

Because the stars are in the best position for living our soul’s desires and creating success on our own terms. When the soul infuses what we do, our business becomes soulful.

People who live and create according to their destiny are different. The collective power of the universe is omnipresent in their lives and pops out in perfect moments that manifest purpose. They seem to flow on an invisible current of their life’s vision. Surrounded by a magic aura, their life goes beyond chasing goals to an implicit knowledge that everything they desire is ripe for fulfillment. With a heavenly pulsing of electric joy, they boldly meet challenges, fear and setbacks.

Why now?

Because it’s your time. You are here and reading this. The cosmic fire is burning. For the record, let’s talk about the origin of the universe. A big silent fire from the beginning of time filled all it brought forth. The Vedic scriptures call it Agni. The fire of Agni is powerful creativity that nothing resists. In the unfolding of the universe, creativity is essential. And so it is for you. Without creativity, the fire of the universe goes out. Without the creative fire, we extinguish like passing stars in the endlessness of a black hole.

Listen. You are meant to matter.
You crave aliveness. The fire is burning. You want to create business and lifestyle with impact. You want to unite heaven and earth.

The creative fire kindles with your visions. You are made of fire. It’s a matter of calibrating our dream of the universal fire with our creative pattern of conception.

The secret is:

each creation is dreamt twice. You dreamt in heaven, where God dreams creation. Your story was written in the Universe. On earth the magic GPS that guides us along our vision is…


Creativity is inherent in the fireball of this universe, it is for you too.
You were created by all elementary particles of the universe.

What we have to do is imagine, rekindle. The fire of imagination and consciousness is the key to visualizing the as-yet uncreated. Stretch back to the stars to the beginning of all, to the primeval fireball. Walk the path of ancestry and embrace the creative potential. Let fire pour the creative powers into you. I can help you do this.

In Write Your Future Book, I lead souls back to the cauldron of creativity, the fireball called Agni.

Remember your universe.
Remember yourself.
Remember the dream that brought you to earth.

We talk about creation, baby.

Spirituality is our greater context. Authenticity is a space without concurrency. Walk with me. Remember your soul plan.

Meditation to the origin.
Your bigger vision for this time.

Dream from heaven to earth. Stoke the creative fire. Take a fire bath. You have an appointment with heaven. Now. It’s your time. Find healing. Because you want to be big.

Script: Download the script here.

After a moment of quiet, will you please share with me what you have seen? I will hold your dreams with respect and tenderness.
Tell me 3 things, love.

(1) What is your soul’s dreaming for this life?
(2) In what way does your soul compel you to serve?
(3) What is the first small step or change you will make in your daily life to harness the energy of your vision?


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iced hearts 
sweet chestnut hearts with chocolate glaze.
both melt.

broken hearts
united hearts 

so much
almost everything 

tribe of sacred hearts
golden web of all

cosmic héroïnes & heroes 
brave hearts
funky hearts

trademarks of wildness
activists of passion

a red christmas tree ball glittered gold
a kiss blown

antidote for hate

the heartbeats stand still 
and marvel

my christmas wishes are for you. 

all woven in one love. 


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Darkness gives birth.
Turns nightmares into lost dreams: war, torture, contamination of nature, the exploitation of lands and earth.

There will never be a blank page.

We have traveled so far.

Our pages are overfilled with sacred stories
Of love and loss.

Instead of writing them anew,
We pray mantras:

Now I feel.
Now I taste.
Now I see.
Now I read.
Now I listen.

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3 things inspiring my summer.

They say summer time is the element of fire and the living is easy. Inspiration is the expression of fire. When I am inspired I dance in the joy of life. Impressions on my soul that set me on fire nurture and support my life force. Fire adds the lost fragment to the whole, making natural sense. After all, fire is the element nearest to God.

1. Firehead

My younger sister put a cuckoos’ egg into my nest when she gave me the new André Heller biography. Heller was my hero when I was 16. He is a modern genius, the master of fantasy. I learned his poems-turned-chansons by heart. His pop collages of words dared my mind to fly high. His is a life’s journey from cynicism to climbing into the minds of the establishment, disturbing it with expressionism until life approves.

This book rekindled long-forgotten fires in my soul’s garden.

Heller was one of the founders of CIRCUS RONCALLI, a revolutionary world’s circus started in Germany. Later the creators of Cirque du Soleil would draw their inspiration from here.

The FIRETHEATRES in Lisbon, Berlin and New York; LUNA LUNA, an amusement park where artists like Keith Hering and Roy Lichtenstein created wondrous booths that dazzled peoples’ inner children; a SEA OF LIGHTS planted against cruise missiles; the CRYSTAL PALACE in Innsbruck, Austria: these are just some babies of André Heller’s life as an creative expressionist and spiritual searcher.

My mind is infected: How can we change the world with art? I am shaking new imaginings from heaven down to earth. Inklings. Wisdom.

The book (right now only available in German, with hopes for future translations)

Inspired by my beloved sister’s gift for my birthday.

2. Kundalini Yoga
with Maya Fiennes

A journey through the chakras

This practice pulls the life force back into my chakras, lets me dance in joy in yoga poses. It is a revitalizing inspiration for my tired body to drink in the energy, pouring in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple. It is a flow with sacred music to wake up the soul and mantras to calm the jumping mind. Magic glowing guaranteed afterward.

I started with the heart and climbed my chakras up and down.

Courage, Creativity, Willpower, Love, Truth, Wisdom and Bliss.

Available on Amazon or YouTube.
Also inspired by my beloved sister’s gift for my birthday.

3. Transformational speaking with Gail Larsen

Inspired by Holy Spirit. Fire talks. *****

You say you are a speaker, messenger, idea maker, trailblazer, leader? Do not miss this. Gail Larsen and her workshop team changed my life.

Inspired by Danielle LaPorte and my dear friend Runa Bouius.

Now I want to hear from you.
Let yourself give in to the summer’s burning embers and become infected too. Around which sacred fires are you dancing in the joy of life? Please, tell me.


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How to turn your deepest fear into lightness

In your most persistently fearful weakness lies your greatest potential, teaches The Path into Light, an amazing transformational seminar by Agni Eickermann that I also teach from time to time. The teachings say: Your signature strength is where you are chronically burnt.

I will let you in on a spiritual secret. You do not actually fear what you think you fear. You actually fear your own power. The illusion can be tricky and create a lot of drama, but let’s straight go back to the teachings for clarity.

Your negativity is the key to your potential
to motivate others in your field.
Your fear is the key to your potential
to show up and confidently shine.
Your being burnt is the key to your potential
to rise again.
Your dark power is the key to your potential
to lead with love and wisdom.
Your failures are the key to future wins.
Your introversion is the key to becoming a leader
for change.
Your broken heart is the key to your potential to unite.

The secret of winners is simple. They have the courage to go there – even into the dark places and weak spots. They find courage to set up powerful, bright lights that illuminate weakness, escape dead-ends, transform refusal into action. Winners also usually have a strong orange chakra that leads them where they need to go.

The bigger the barrier, the bigger the incentive to shy away from our light and our universal power to create and shine. But the power of light is a muscle that grows stronger with training. The Path into Light says: Resistance encourages growth.

I just did it one day ago. My frustration grew large and looming again, having swooped over my inner lands of my soul. Admittedly, I still hide my spirituality when I’m in intimidatingly-cool, mesmerizing business districts. Then I remembered the secret of the winners’ 2nd chakra, the navel chakra I taught for many years in The Path into Light. I wanted this groovy feeling of powerful, juicy orange light. I wanted to get back to my core!

I blasted my orange light chakra through the velvet and went forward. I landed on Marie Forleo’s very cool B-School Facebook page and said publically, finally, simply:

“Hi. I want to be a bridge between spirituality
and business.”

You want to know what happened?

The universe immediately answers our clear choices. Go to my last blog post and read the first comment. It was there 1 minute after my decision was made. See, clearing the inner space is the platform to begin your manifestation, and then the people who will help you to shine can find you. The method is simple: Boost your light!

Here is the meditation that helped me to shift my frustration into action. It’s my gift to you.

Now close your eyes and take a deep breath.
Join me in my encourage-ing mediation.

Audio meditation
navel chakra meditation

Script: Download the script here.

(By the way you just listened to my encourage-ing coming-out of my language barrier.)

The navel chakra:

(Just in case you need to know)
Location: Your second chakra is located three finger-widths
below your belly button.
Color: Orange
Qualities: Power, courage, movement.
Physical and mental strength, optimism, joy of living, inspiration, creative power, integrations of information, centering, inner tranquility, regeneration, power to show up, social competence. Here you connect to flow within the energetic ethers of the world.

If you enjoyed this encourage-ing meditation please leave your comment below and share what bravery you just put into action or soon will.

• What is the first small step you will take?
• In what way will you transform refusal into action?
• What joyful and powerful new reality will you create with your next steps?

Support for your soulful ambition is on its way!