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I was just in India for 2 weeks. I spoke at the Win Conference and met wonderful women from cultures that are so different to mine. What do we really know about life in Afghanistan, Africa or India? Still, the commonalities are powerful. I listened to their sorrows and hopes. Me, I was born in a peaceful country full of turbulent hearts.

I want to tell you a story I learned while I was there. On the last day I was asked to jump into a modern play called Seven Women. I decided to leave my comfort zone and out there I met seven women activists coming alive on stage as we walked in their shoes.

I came out of the play with respect and love for those who really change the world by creating their own power of faith.

teach us.

Farida Azizi teach us
the Siddhi powers that carry you through night and fear. You deliver medical supplies to women giving birth at the potential cost of your own life amid and in defiance of the terrible jungle psyche of the Taliban. Teach me your fierce fearlessness in knowing what is right to do, what must be done. (She fights the marginalization of Afghani women under the Taliban. Under death threats, she now lives in the US with her 2 daughters and her undying mission for peace and human rights.) Watch her video here.

Inez McCormack teach us
to raise our hearts above the war of religions. Teach us the prayer of the hearts in the streets, the one that obliterates dogma. Show us the courageous heart that made you an activist where religion failed. Human rights rose in the fire of your faith. (She grew up in a protestant family in Belfast and married a Catholic. From 1960 on she was an activist for changing the lives of the most disadvantaged, for social justice and human rights.)

Mukhtaran Mai teach us
the Sutra that crowns one’s head and erases a thousand eons of karma.The forceful waterfall Sutra that made you rise and face the rapists that stole your family’s honor. Teach me the Sutra that rises above all and heals all cruel regrets, the mantra for a world of innocence that gives you the courage to fight for justice and become an advocate for healing your society. (She took her rapists to court instead of committing suicide, then decided to live and build schools for women and boys to educate both about their rights in Afghanistan.)

Hafsat Abiola teach us
to end the drama of forgiveness. Teach us the final liberation of seeing the two-faced goddess. One face forgives the enemy; the other face forgives oneself for the long-lived drama of staying small and refusing to forgive. (She became an advocate for human rights after the murder of both parents, honoring the heritage of democracy in Nigeria.)

Annabella de Leon teach us
that truth is an eternal law of order, that those who falsify the truth will be punished in the end. Teach us the strength to stay with the deepest truth we were born with. Teach us not to compromise and lose the gospel of the eternal dharma. (She raised herself and her family out of poverty by getting educated. She become a congresswoman and has received death threats for her fight against corruption and for the rights of women, the poor and the indigenous in Guatemala.)
Watch her video here.

Mu Sochua teach us
to be the Shaman who holds the secret of the broken soul. The prayer that calls the soul back into a body split by rape. Teach us the mantra of caresses that carries women through the rest of life after and closes the wound that never heals. Teach us that karma can be misused when used as an offense, as in: “This is your Karma.” Here our religions end. (She was nominated for the Nobel Price for her work against sex trafficking in Cambodia.) Watch her video here.

Marina Pisklakova-Parker teach us
to listen to the voices, the real ones, not the loud ones. Teach us to listen to the unheard voices swelled under the scared sacred. Our society swallows what we do not want to hear. Your blazing hotline in Russia saved many lives and made Russian men listen anew. (In Russia the myth still is alive that women need to be beaten to feel loved. Undercover. And silenced. So she fights a giant’s old myth that had become a religion, and her hotline has provided crisis counseling for more than 100,000 Russian women.) Watch her video here.

What these women have in common: they broke from the destiny of their ancestors and made peace with it.
Then they started to heal the dry soil they were born on.

Wherever you are in this world, you and your life have chosen this too. Rise from there. We need you right as you are. Break the karma of our parents and grandparents. Make miracles out of faith.

This world needs leaders in every corner.
If you want to be a leader, you need to be a healer.
First heal your inner world, then shift your environment.
Then lead what you want to change.
Tell your sacred story.
Travel from trauma to sacred healer.


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(*also for men who are ready to live life to its all.)


I finally found her after searching for the crème on top of feminine leadership. I met her in the wild mountains of Santa Fe. She said: “I am your forgotten Empress. I do not rule this wider world, but I do rule your world.” She completes my Gospel of feminine leadership, continued (If you have missed part 1 or 2, here are the links.)

Dedicated to the forgotten empress

  1. You are a sovereign empress of your kind. You know your empire: it is an impermeable empire of authenticity. You have the power to say no and to invite. You safeguard your boundaries and borders. You powerfully protect your tribe and promote their self-realization. In your empire every soul finds its own place of bliss.
  2. You are a creative new breed. You build empires and show others to do the same. Empires of fresh content and uniquely inspired ideas, desires, glamours, magnetism. Wishcraft reigns. You harness white magic powers.
  3. You are creating a new world. Your vision: A better future our children can be proud of. Creation. Value. Innovation. You show up and shine. You are a revolutionary, life-changing force. You are the dawn of all and you know how to experience, relax and receive. No reproduction, always creation.
  4. You are a wild sister of God. You were born with a prophecy. You awaken. You become aware. You grant presence. You are clear on the purpose of your prophecy: to hold a lifelong, shameless conversation with God.
  5. Your empire’s stars shine bright and inspire others to create a better life. You are your own teacher. You know all the answers; the answers are in you. If not, you know who carries them and can find them. All happenings are part of your teachings.
  6. Embodied bliss: You embrace sensation and sensuality. You nourish the five senses. You are a mother of fiestas and pleasures.
  7. You are the maverick of evolution. Your power is divine, transforming fear and an impulse to control. Whenever you enter a new stage in your life, you simultaneously die and are reborn. Aligning with your own sacred path is salvation. Your life in all aspects is initiation.
  8. You are life: epiphany and incubation, illumination without words.
  9. You are medicine for the world. With humility you know you heal only a small wounded part of life. You grew the medicine in your soul garden and your potions are distilled from experience. Your healing comes at the beginning of each project, not the end.
  10. You are the sovereign ruler of your inside world. Wherever you walk, inside you remain untouched. From this steady space, your outward love commands respect. You embrace all you are, were and will be, and are forever rooted in light guidance. Your vulnerability is your strength. You listen carefully. It’s your secret.
  11. Grounded in your faith, you just know. In that knowing, you are connected to the source and knowing what to do *right now* is your currency. When you doubt your instincts, you know you are not snapped into your pivot point of faith.
  12. You create your own religion. Your life is your initiation path. You make your recipe: Christianity in its purest sugar with some Hindu spices and Buddhist medicine. You are a visionary, shamelessly. You take what an Empress needs. You know the sources of power. You do not reveal all your secrets. You do not deal in conventions.
  13. You plant your ideas and cultivate gardens of unmatched splendor. God is a genius and had no talent at all for repetition. Uniqueness is your authenticity. You are proud of your individuality, as it will show you who you are. When you do what you love it creates an abundant harvest. Success naturally follows.
  14. You create space for growing and thriving. You contribute love-filled spaces to others’ empires, wiping out falsity, destruction, illusion. Others look to you to create the right environment.
  15. Centered. Whispering silence. You oscillate gently in peaceful waves, receiving calm insights into the heart of the matter. Your greatest resource: listing deeply.
  16. You only leave your empire when the balance of earth and universe is in danger, and even then reluctantly. While you’re gone you crave a return to your own environment. When you walk too far away you feel in danger of getting lost, ultimately forgetting your true purpose. To do so would be like a death; you have to return to your spiritual home to be nourished to health by your tribe.
  17. You fearlessly go into the war zones: Inspiration. Artistry. Information activism.
  18. You are generous, knowing that to give yourself is to give a gift of God. Your generosity comes from your greatness. You give away love, light, community, fun, knowledge, motivation, courage, mystic, depth, focus. An Empress gives away acknowledgement, the feeling of being wanted, needed and loved.
  19. Your mission: to develop a concept in the service of enlightenment and good feelings. In this world money tastes like honey and business feels like worship. You turn real dreams into liquid assets. Doing something exceptional & authentically yours plants a small seed for a happy, enlightened society.
  20. You know that the size of your empire is not what’s important. It’s about YOU having the big picture in mind.
  21. You have faith in divine timing. You do things only when you want to do them, when the time is right. You know that the ripest, juiciest movement happens at the right time. So you expand time; you wait.
  22. She who cares less wins. You are relaxed. You find refuge in faith, trust, and confidence.
  23. You come together with the right people. You foster new collective leadership. You invent and innovate your industry together. Connections are the most precious jewels we share. You pray: May the Universe bless our encounter and give us both the grace to grow.
  24. To you competition is irrelevant. Your origin is your inner space, where there is no competition. You grow with and through others in your tribe.
  25. When others doubt you, you know you will change their minds. They will fall in love with you. You create vast blue oceans. You improve life for others. You are wild, you are highly respected. And your divine visions are needed. So be prepared to make opportunities, to fill them with sacred stories and trends that will change the world.
  26. Your leadership style is based on intimate, peaceful conversation. Associating. Creating acquaintance. You heal the conversation that once stopped.
  27. A master of complexity, you pick the right answer at the moment, and the solution is yours. The next moment may be the contradiction, you know this. Wholeness may be discovered in an instant, so you look to the future, not the past. And you find simplicity in every complexity.
  28. You discover new continents everywhere from your bathroom to your desk, the shopping mall, your friend’s eyes, the clothing you slip into each morning, the smile you wear.
  29. You are blessed with such expansiveness that it is no surprise the limitless number of talents and outlets through which you express it. You do not want to tame it. Harness it into a single voice or message. Meet your wildness with your purpose. Help them fall in love and work together. Create a channel in your life like the Grand Canyon to contain their force, and grant access to the sacredness, beauty, and monument of your messages.
  30. You weave your soul’s dress. Honest, truthful, ethical. Live long and remain curious. You maintain your stainless ethical core inside and love the wider world passionately. Bow to birth and death in every single moment.
  31. You acknowledge the sacred in the ordinary. You can see the connecting force between all living things, and ordinary rituals take on great meaning. Simply sharing the ordinary wonder of daily existence, taking time to experience life becomes your second nature.
  32. You find spirituality everywhere and in everything: in a scent, a touch or a sphere, in a color as much as in a journey. You make the spiritual in everyday life visible and tangible. You touch on the rare, suspended moments of bliss in which we know why we are alive and celebrate our own existence.
  33. Your future is moldable. You rest in a cradle of opportunities. An eternal dream activator, you fiercely protect your sacred inception times. You embrace the magic of the moment and the fluid currency of bliss.
  34. You write the script for your life’s movie. You are the actor, not the re-actor. Enjoy the costume, the scenery, the sensory explosion. Give in to seductive enjoyments. Everything you learn you turns into wisdom when you are a conscious participant.
  35. You trust that the universe works for you and you reciprocate with forgiveness. At the end of every single day, you come back to human kindness. You can have it all, but you will never own it. Life’s passion for love dictates the economics.
  36. You are a universal dreamer. Success is a your path of enlightenment. It is the final fulfillment of the dream we were born with. The Universe is abundance. We each carry a pattern inside of what we want to fulfill. You make the ordinary extraordinary.

Om namah shivaya. Endlessly.



The wonderful Ronna Detrick and me in powerful conversation about the Sacred Feminine…and much more.

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The hour of change has come; it strikes us like a hurricane. In this field of wave-like force we rise.

Nothing is impossible if we conjure it up with our prayers: our blue heavenly strategy, our fantasy, our creative expressions, our genius, our personal Hollywood movies, our poem, song or speech are each waiting for incarnation through our own desires.

If you miss this wave, it evades because you do not believe in it hard enough.

We are spiritual beings searching for human expression and experience on this planet, not humans searching for spiritual experience. We are here to find out about ourselves.

Failure is not a real option.
We simply seek recollection of our soul’s roots.
Not a discovery, but a return to the artistic essential of our Self.

To design a response wherein God’s creation is reflected.

I want to cultivate my life like a garden that teaches me devotion and humility.

Never to be “like” anything.
Always to be me.

It does not have to be easy.
It just has to happen.

Spirituality is art.

I am writing this from Santa Fe, where I’m honored to be with Gail Larsen and other amazing souls on our transformational speech voyage. I am on my adventure-journey of irritation and leaving the places to which I do not belong. I will be brave. I want to find the future that really belongs to me.

With wild love,
Your #cosmicnomad



I turned 47 last week. (Deep breath.) It’s the way it is. I had to turn my desire towards a dignified feeling of embracing it. No blah-blah about our society and standards of beauty here. We all know it.

It will always stay strange to feel like a wild young horse inside while watching my skin molding its texture. Nature is my wise woman, she takes me to each flower again and again. I stumble, enchanted by the beauty of blossoms fading. Beauty has no revenge. “Once a beautiful girl always a beautiful girl,” the courage under fire gives birth to another earth. Deeper. The power of the plants never vanishes in vanity.

I started to stare into faces
of old women when I was 17.

Meret Oppenheim exiled me into my mystery-woven stories. I reached a dark place where art and the war of fire ends and knowing grows magic mushrooms for the future.

Spent. Experienced.

This gallery is my honor to real sacred stories. It’s one of womanhood and femininity.
The content of each wrinkle is a sacred story woven by the master of life.
A story only the person beyond knows how to tell. If you are willing to listen, then you will enter life.

Photos: bloom by trendunion

“Any woman who has a positive attitude about herself and carries herself with class, but doesn’t try too hard to and says, ‘Hey look at me I’m a bombshell,’ is basically a bombshell. It’s just a woman with a positive, strong attitude who knows she has it going on.” – Miranda Kerr

Ageless beauty: Jane Goodall. Beautiful.
Ageless: Beatrice Wood, artist. Her most productive years: from age 80 to 105.

Inner beauty. Inner beauty
Shining from inside.
Soul and experience emerge
into a irresistible seduction.
Beautiful and without essence
No way I deny myself.

Reversible beauty

The new natural order remembers the grace of natural progression for little private pockets of sanctuary for the spirit.
As I learned from the generations before me, the generations after me will also be inspired by me.
Nourishing the little birds in the nests and the old wrinkled trunks.

Beauty comes into existence already aging.



continued (If you have missed part 1, here is the link.)

In India people say the divine mother has 108 names through which she expresses her wildness and abundance. A Japamala is a prayer chain that flows over the fingers when reciting mantras to shift body, mind and soul. It has 108 pearls for each beautiful, eternal aspect of the divine, plus one for the Guru, symbolizing the oneness of everything.

As my Gospel of feminine leadership continues, it forms itself into 108 steps honoring the sacred numbers and rhythms.

I have tried it out, now it’s your turn: just recite the steps as loud as you like, or mix them up, or just pick one as an affirmation. My flow organized these into their current alignment. Create your own flow. Be in-spirit!

The prayer chain continues, just as our generation will succeed by moving forward. We are the change we have been waiting for.

36 more steps

For the balance of the feminine.

  1. Read the signs.
  2. Business is a dance. Are you a passionate tango lead or a graceful ballerina? A drummer or softly flowing leader? Each of us has her/his own rhythm of succeeding and flowing with the universe. We continue to work on new forms of work and flow with each other. The universe is our dance teacher through the evolution.
  3. Effortless is surrender.
  4. Hunting for authenticity, not for celebrities. Knowing that hidden among our shadows lives the light that we shy away from (and thus our embedded power), we challenge our weakness to polish our potential and our envy to love our own genius.
  5. God is our best business advisor.
  6. Learn to read the inner map. Remember we were all born with a perfect master plan, our celestial mission. We have engraved knowledge about it in our inner map. We remember the decoder. We trust the miracle to … Flash!!!!
  7. Travel your inner landscape. Open new rooms. Integrate. All life form starts within. It will never be perfect, but will always be whole.
  8. Curiosity. Never stop learning. I always say the day I end my curiosity to master what I Iove, I will die. Not physically, but in my passion. Not learning is dying.
  9. Right timing: Sense timing like temperature. Our skin knows. Time freezes, warms up, gets hot when the time is right. We can sense it in our ovaries, its flow, all based in synchronicity. (synchronicity timing)
  10. Emotional leadership is continuously hooked into the source of all power. Within its reaches, we trust (rather than doubt) and our impulses are welcomed as essential tools of the progress.
  11. R-evolution.
  12. Generosity is gold.
  13. We are connected. Connected to collective knowledge is a pool. A divine master plan enrolls itself. Step by step. Trust each step.
  14. You do not know the ending. Just know the next step with excitement. The universal master plan is always fortuned and favored.
  15. Experiment is investment. Risk failure and success.
  16. Follow the process, not the result.
  17. The path is the joy. This moment is the fulfillment.
  18. Forgiving is our daily ritual. We are humans and we will make mistakes again and again.
  19. Knitting teaches us how to create meaning. Weaving teaches us how to connect.
  20. Be brutally honest. Honor the other one with respect and truth.
  21. We are mothers of business. We give birth to ideas. We grow them inside first. Then we deliver them, nourish and protect them. We have no goals or wishes of our own; we know that divine seeds grow organically into perfection. We are just the gardeners and fairies. We stay open to receive. Openness is our highest resource.
  22. Tolerance is our dignity. The future we belong to investigates the creation of new life forms beyond dogma and fanaticism. All religions are extensions rather than limitations.
  23. Divine laws of creation: We break rules. We do not make them.
  24. Qualities: We allow our genius to shine, our divine gifts to be shared, and our resources to be nourished and connected.
  25. We share proudly the state of continued growth, not the end result.
  26. Beauty is the essence of our purpose.
  27. Abundance for everybody. The universe knows better than we do.
  28. You have a magic sword. Use it!
  29. Say no when self-love demands it. Even to the divine.
  30. When ego wants to interfere, we need to break through love’s barriers even more gently.
  31. We live in seasons. We know them and feel their energies. Transitions are passages that allow us to let go of what’s dying. We give birth to the new in the midst of the breakdown of the old.
  32. Devotion is fuel. Give without asking.
  33. Ritualize: Your work space is your temple. Your heart is an Altar.
  34. The soft and the tough attitudes unite the contradictions. Whatever is needed, we have learned enough to know when to dissolve in surrendering softness and when to rally with pointed toughness.
  35. Reaching out for the stars! A fresh take on ambition.
  36. A culture of independent, self-determined entrepreneurs. Building up independent cultures, greenhouses of creativity, uniqueness, authenticity and just being who we are.

As a mantra prayer is continued,

the Gospel will be accomplished too…

In wild Love



Things are changing right now: I can feel the energies move. The feminine was absent for a long time. She is awakened now. With great speed, she rises up to the surface of the collective consciousnesses, eager and willing to co-create.

Feminine leadership can heal this world.
But carefully! Not without cooperating with the masculine. Not as opponents, whose task is to eliminate one another. The new era will be characterized by a balance of yin and yang. It’s the balance of Shiva and Shakti – Shiva is the creator and Shakti is the creation.

I am still convinced that women’s leadership without a profound spirituality of the empowered self is impossible. You see, feminine power in its source is not associated with human personalities or gender. It’s the primal energy of cosmic creation.

I have taken my 36 beginner steps towards true leadership in business, and I’d be honored to show you my path.

Avant-garde femininity, it’s our call!

36 steps

For the balance of the feminine.

  1. Believe. There is higher source guiding us in visible and invisible ways. Call it God, call it Universe or call it Goddess. The source is what we have in common. The source is within you and within me and within all of us. We all have an indigenous spiritual guidance.
  2. Dress up in Love.
  3. Stay rooted in heaven. Stay grounded on the earth. Knowing where we come from is our ultimate destination.
  4. Everything is alive. Do not allow things to veer into the abstract. We need to feel the sensuous texture of business and life. It has its own perfume, its own style, own mood, own light and sound and taste.
  5. Queens and Princesses of the heart: true leaders create leaders. As a leader you are one of a kind.
  6. Money is energetic flow. Money is not virtual; money is energy. Money is value creation. It is a masterful teacher in learning about the universal oneness of giving and taking.
  7. Handmade is soulful. What was crafted (and touched) by hand is luxury.
  8. Our leadership grants awakening to our tribe and associates. Follow your heart and guide others to do the same. Encourage, support, foster, stimulate, inspire, nurture, deliver and extract. Give it all. Be the grace. Sponsor.
  9. You give your business a name, but you do not own it. It belongs to a greater supreme ideal serving all, loving all.
  10. Prayer is our language. Prayer has a higher purpose: it’s our business evolution. We talk to each other in prayers.
  11. Success is the new enlightenment. Our spiritual path is embedded in living our dreams. Cause “Self-realization rocks.” Danielle LaPorte
  12. Flowers are feminine teachers in how to succeed: With innocence, seeding, growing, blossoming, harvesting, withdrawing, receiving, silence and vacancy. These are all threads weaving a fabric of enlightenment.
  13. Observe nature for help with making decisions.
  14. Seduce. Attract like honey.
  15. Community: Do it for yourself first. Then you can serve all around you.
  16. Mutually empower each other. We grant mutual permission to be who we are.
  17. Mission: We each have one one. Know and feel that others have their own.
  18. Heal what you want to rule. This is the calling of true leaders.
  19. Charm is a weapon. The real conversation is rooted in kindness, respect, love and tolerance. Overfill the world with joy. She will trade up.
  20. Create new space. Build space for new opportunities and workflow possibilities. Give space for each individual to earn his own life and human dignity. Create space for your dream project. The more creative spaces we grow, the more territory we have for change.
  21. Compassion in companionship. When our colleagues are lost in self-doubt, fear or speechlessness, we build support teams for them. We also build promotion teams to support them in times of strength.
  22. When you’ve tapped into the real essence of things, there is no competition.
  23. Acknowledge the strengths of each other. We are cheerleaders for each other. Know their strengths; feel their power in your bones.
  24. Mutually empower each other, rather than weakening each other. We grant mutual permission to be who we are.
  25. We bow to each other with one aim. We serve a higher source. And purpose. There we are one.
  26. Evolution is the aim of our business. For a better world. We innovate our industry, naturally.
  27. Our past is sacred. Our wounds are too.
  28. Synchronicity is the power tool.
  29. “Enough” is a magical mantra. You already have all you need, no more and no less. Start here. Be grateful and generous. The mantra of having enough will fill up the reserves of abundance.
  30. Find your Self in your center. The inner voice is eternal and wise. And the glow comes alive when we pray and love.
  31. Do not search. Trust you will find it.
  32. Christlove forever. Whenever one searches out the source of everything, she will find the inner Christ in the cosmos and in herself.
  33. Surf on the divine flow and on Universal timing. Everything you really need comes in its right time. Every question posed in the right time will provide healing, and every answer is delivered in its right time.
  34. We flow with each other. The river, knowing the sea, bows to embrace him. Each soul has a unique rhythm. Open up to study the rhythm of others; their soul’s song. Each one is meant to sing in the divine orchestra.
  35. Cooperation: it’s neither domination nor submission. Trust that others are flowing with you. When she/he procrastinates, know the time is not ripe. Remember to hold steady: those who are overpowered by others can never find their own work flow.
  36. Knowing our roots. Never deny were you come from. Grounded in our own mother culture we tolerate the differences of others. Your mother tongue and freedom are your birthright.

As a prayer is continued,
the Gospel will be continued too…

In wild Love



asked my friend Pema Teeter.

“Can you teach what is natural?” I wonder in reply.

Let’s presume intuition occurs naturally.
We muddle and jeopardize our natural intuition with endless “how to’s” and lists of ways to feel the ways we miss feeling, or know what we don’t dare to understand.
Instead of creating another glittering “How To” or “100,000 Ways to …” by promising Credos, let’s go back to the essence. Let’s bravely jump right in the middle of the flow.

The essence of intuition
is nature

The 5 Element teachings of Chinese medicine teach us that the CHI flow (flow of life, the natural way) will come back naturally by strengthening the element of the mother. The fire nurtures the earth, the earth nurtures metal, the metal nurtures water, the water nurtures wood, the wood nurtures fire. These are the official rules of creating life. But when the circle is disturbed, a cycle of de-naturalization begins and lays the ground for destruction. According to Chinese wisdom, the mother element is the cure for this disruption.

In a similar way, natural cycles of intuition need to be fed and nurtured.

Intuition is often misunderstood as a safety net protecting us from life’s troubles or a follower of the easiest, safest path. No: she is the contrarian. She is the troublemaker.

Intuition lives in the core of change. She is a sea without boundaries, unlimited communication of the creation. She is evolution. She will lead you to power. She is a navigator to the place where your soul wants to meet you.

Courage is the mother
of intuition.
“To know” is the cure.

When returning to the center of ourselves, we know intuition has never left us. The bliss of the moment of recognition will remind us to enter life fully and to dare bravely. We will win and we will lose. We will live in challenging earthly clothes and die in heavenly bliss. The heavens are open when intuition is our passport.

Intuition is remembering.
She knows when to stick it out and when to quit.
She confidently trusts you no matter what.
She knows procrastination is friction against real evolution.
She knows the way through when everything is against it.
She knows.

Intuition knows when to wait and when to push.
She knows when you push without discernment you create deficiency
rather than abundance.
She receives instead of dominates.
She has a hot liaison with miracles.

Intuition perceives truth directly.
She does not believe in needing reasons to justify.
She is independent.
She has immediate comprehension.
She wins competitions of keen and quick insight.
She has quality and values.
She is untangled.
She knows learning is understanding, and knowing is fuel.

Intuition stops the train.

She is a wake up call.
She is pleasure and revolution.
She creates what comes naturally.
She waits.
She refuses to be controlled and loves knocking you out.
She is a master of beauty and seduction.
She likes to live everywhere.

“Can you teach intuition?”
asked my friend Pema Teeter.
I do not think so.

I think we already have a perfect internal guidance system: speak your truth and time will expand. How much is possible if we expand the moment? Nature knows best. Just one moment of shifting is enough to come back to the pool of intuition and miracles.

There is no such thing as a work-free transformation. We must burn to the ground one way or another, and then sit right in the ashes of who we once thought we were and go on from there. We need to act and live and take the risk – and also to fail our intuition. (The only way to learn is to gain confidence that we can always return to intuition when we do fail her.)

Customize your our own credo. Write your own life handbook. Or fake it till you make it!

And for the praise of intuition, Tastasta.

Danielle LaPortes credo for making it happen

(Klick to download the PDF)



I know.
It has been 4 weeks.
I was out of space.
That happens to me from time to time.
But I am not sorry.

Dyana Valentine about not being sorry.

One thing you should know about me:
Have you heard about mystic visionaries?

Reminder of shining lights!

A mystic visionary is a seismograph for energies and universal waves. Spiritual themes that come from beyond our worldly boundaries. The visionary listens. She surrenders to the higher dimensions. She is a translator. She is a channel for the spiritual worlds. She works continuously on new translation programs to communicate the new energies. She knows that spiritual planes break through in unpredictable ways.

People think she is erratic. But in reality it’s her way of universal devotion. She loves God. She is a translator for the people, her wildness has to be untamable. She is rebellious and unconventional. It’s in her nature.

I am a visionary channel for our time.

I am a translator. It’s my life. I am grounded in heaven. I am constantly searching for a form to communicate a synchronic message and to transport multidimensional thoughts into linearity.

This journey has taken me far.

The signs of Now:

Mother Earth is right in the middle of a contraction.
She rebirths herself. The Earth gives birth in waves and Heaven is delivering in rhythms.

Gold is delivered to you:
The “dolce far niente” (Sweet doing nothing).

When Heaven meets Earth: just relax.
It’s a huge chance for our society if we are willing to open up to a new dimension. Right now we experience Earth’s labour. We are rebirthing with her. Flow with it. Rock with Earth’s waves. You don’t have to do any more.

My mystic visionary tool is stillness.
When I am gone, I listen.

The shift is on.
The vibration rises.

But I’m not idle while on my rollercoaster trip through the dimensions.
I can accomplish quite a lot:

: I bought a new Earth.
: I made some sacred Shakti fires to help the transformation of this new space
  and Mother Earth. I cried with witches and the collective pain of women.
: Through healing the land and a part of Mother Earth, I healed my self.
: I have set the wheels in motion for the creation of a Nature Spa.
: I have built several pages to give La Lumière a new home
(to be reveiled very soon).
: I redefined my relationship with La Lumière. Now we are clear.
  We have visions what future we want to belong to.
: I dreamed about spiritual leadership and Zeitgeist.
: I was in heaven: lost & found.
: I melted with Earth.
: I worked on a translator for my cosmic language.
: I received and I collected.

Darling, I love you more than ever.
Remember: We are one.
Even though, now and then I am not here.
Nobody home.

But take this promise:
I will always come back.
With fierce love.
And a new vision.